Avantra SOAP Service

Setting Up and Configuring the Avantra Web Service

The Avantra Web Service provides access to your Avantra environment using the well-known Web Service technology. It is distributed as part of Avantra WebUI.

Enable/Disable the Avantra Web Service

By default, the Avantra Web Service is disabled. To enable the Web Service you have to enter Avantra WebUI. Go to the Avantra WebUI Properties (Administration  Settings) and set the property webservice to true. Afterward, an Avantra WebUI restart needs to be triggered.

When Avantra WebUI has finished restarting, the Web Service’s WSDL is accessible at http(s)://avantra-server[:port]/xn/ws/xandria_webservice.wsdl. If you open this URL in a browser you will see the content of the WSDL file.

To disable the Web Service just set the Avantra WebUI.

How to use the Avantra Web Service in a Java Project

Knowledge base document Using the Avantra Web Service in a Java Project shows a procedure for how to set up your own Java project to access the Avantra Web Service programmatically. Other popular program languages provide standard libraries to interact with the Avantra Web Service, which uses standard SOAP, as well.

How to use the Avantra Web Service in an ABAP Project

The Avantra Web Service can be called from ABAP systems as well. Knowledge base document Accessing the Avantra Web Service from an ABAP system describes a detailed procedure, how to create and test the Web Service from an ABAP system.