A (Relational) Database Management System of the following types:


  • SAP ASE (also referred to as SAP Sybase ASE)

  • SAP IQ

  • SAP SQL Anywhere

  • SAP MaxDB (also referred to as SAP DB)

  • Microsoft SQL Server (also referred to as MSSQL server)

  • IBM DB2

  • Oracle

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL and MariaDB

This can either be a stand-alone Database or a database instance of an SAP System‚ or a liveCache, etc.

A Database is hosted by exactly one Physical Server or Virtual Cluster Server, but multiple Databases can be hosted on the same server.

If you want to manage or monitor a Database, you need to manage or monitor the Physical Server or the Virtual Cluster Server the Database is hosted on.

From a license perspective, it depends if a Database is the primary Database of an SAP System or not. If yes, the license is included in the SAP System’s license. If not, a separate Database license is required. The only exception is the System DB of an SAP HANA database which does not consume a license.