Operational (System)

The life cycle of a system comprises a phase when the system is operational. However, there is a time span before the System becomes operational, and there is one after the system is operational. As a general rule, every system defined in Avantra is considered operational, unless it is changed manually.

For this purpose there are two properties for every System Type in Avantra: "Operational since" and "Operational until". If none of these is set (which is the default), the system is operational, and hence it counts for the license.

If there is an "Operational since" date set in the future, or there is an "Operational until" date set in the past, the system is considered not operational.

A system that is not operational is not monitored by definition.

A not operational system will still require a license for 40 days after being set to "not operational". This "not operational" state is also called Retired. After 40 days the license is released and the "not operational" state is called Decommissioned (see also License).

ui system not operational

A SAP Instance inherits the operational status from its SAP System.