Sizing Avantra

Sizing your Avantra components correctly is very important to ensure system stability as your landscape grows and your use of the product increases. The recommendations listed here are considered the minimum sizing requirements and where possible, we recommend implementing Avantra in an environment that can be adapted to the landscape over time i.e. easily add or remove resources as required.

Avantra Server Sizing

For the Avantra server and WebUI we recommend the following minimum sizing be adopted.

If you plan to host the Avantra database on the same host as the Avantra application services, please combine the sizing requirements of the two components.

  • A reasonably modern CPU

  • Minimum 8GB Memory (consider 16GB+ for managing more than 100 systems)

  • At least 30GB disk space for the application installation data.

Avantra Database Sizing

For the Avantra database we recommend the following minimum sizing be adopted.

  • A reasonably modern CPU

  • 4GB - 8GB Memory

  • At least 50GB disk space

Avantra Agent Sizing

The Avantra agent is designed to be a light-weight application that runs on monitored systems. Typically as long as the Agent is supported by the operating system and there is an average of 1GB of memory available then this should be fine. The exception to this recommendation would be:

  • If the agent is performing a high number of custom checks that are memory intensive.

  • If the agent is monitoring a large number of remote systems e.g. SAP Systems and/or databases in remote mode.

  • If the agent is acting as a Gateway agent through which other agents communicate to contact the Avantra server.

Gateway Agent hardware recommendations

We suggest the following when sizing the hardware for an Avantra Gateway Agent as well as the associated JVM memory allocation in the file /[avantra-directory]/agent/cfg/jvm.options

SAP Systems handled




JVM Setting

up to 300

dual-core 2GHz




301 - 1000

quad-core 3GHz




1001 - 3000

quad-core 3GHz





quad-core 3GHz