Service Levels, Hours and Reports

Service Hours

Service Hours in Avantra define certain parts of the week, like 24x7 or from 8 am to 6 pm every working day, etc.

They can be used in Service Level Agreements, Filters, and Parameter Sets.

Service Level Agreement

You can define Service Level Agreements and assign the agreements to servers and/or SAP Systems. A Service Level Agreement primarily consists of a definition of Service Hours and a Committed Availability Rate.

For Systems having a Service Level Agreement assigned, the Service Level Report generation process considers Availability Data within the Service Hours (instead of the default 7x24) and compares the computed availability rate with the Committed Availability Rate.

For Service Level Agreements, you can also choose whether the Service Hours are defined in local system time or in UTC. If they are in local system time, then each of the System’s TimeZone settings is considered to compute the availability rate.

Service Level Report

You can easily generate a Service Level Report for each Customer. If, for example, you schedule the Service Level Report generation at the beginning of each month, your Customers can easily download the monthly reports. But you can also generate the Service Level Reports manually using Avantra WebUI in order to select content, reporting period, etc.

Service Level Reports can be customized. It is possible to change language, colors, fonts, page size, images, etc. to suit your specific needs and requirements.

All Service Level Reports are generated in PDF format and stored in the Avantra Database. Service Level Reports are generated automatically based on a schedule and can be sent to email addresses.