Installing the Avantra Agent

Before you start an Avantra installation, please ensure to read the release notes for Avantra 23 and use the latest software versions and patches from Avantra.

The installation of the Avantra Agent is not a complicated task to complete as the agent is designed to be light weight and require minimal dependencies.


Before you install your Avantra Agent (on any platform) there are two main dependencies to check:

Java Runtime

We recommend using Java runtime version 8 only. In the near future, Avantra does plan to support Java 17 however for now all customers must continue to use Java 8.

We recommend the use of the Temurin JRE as provided by Adoptium from the Eclipse foundation (formerly known as Adopt OpenJDK). As per the support matrix from Adoptium, Temurin 8 currently has an announced support timeframe that is longer than all other Temurin versions (at least May 2026 at time of publication).

Your Java runtime can either be installed system-wide for all applications to use or you can specify a Java location that is non-standard for your Avantra Agent process to use. This is particularly useful when working on a system that already has a version of Java in-place that is not compatible for running Avantra.

Verify Network Connectivity

Network communication diagram showing a server communicating with an agent and the reverse.

By default, the Avantra Agent contacts the Avantra Server on TCP port 9050. The other way round, the Avantra Server connects to the Avantra Agent on TCP Port 9051 (unless you have changed either of these in your environment).

Before starting your installation on the remote server to be monitored, we suggest verifing the connectivity from the Avantra Agent to the Avantra Server. For example, you can use telnet` as follows:

telnet <your-avantra-hostanme> 9050
Connected to <your-avantra-hostanme>.
Escape character is '^]'.
You have reached Avantra Server version 23.2.0 (Build:1106-fc922) running on <your-avantra-hostanme>
Good bye.Connection closed by foreign host.

Note that once the connection was established in the example above, we typed the word hello to verify that we were connected to the right server. All Avantra network services will introduce themselves in this way when sent a hello command and this is useful for verification.

The telnet tool will report an error if a connection cannot be established.

If network restrictions are in place on your network, please contact your network staff to enable the communication in both directions, from the Avantra Agent to Avantra Server on port 9050, and the other direction on port 9051.