Automation Templates

This function is only available with the Avantra Enterprise Edition. For more information about editions please see the Avantra Editions Matrix.

Avantra Automation Templates are designed as accelerators for common automation scenarios and can either be executed out of the box or altered to meet your business needs.

Currently Automation Templates can be downloaded via our Support Portal at Introducing Avantra Add ins

Available Automation Templates

SAP Kernel Upgrade

SAP Kernel Upgrade was our first automation template and is enabled directly in Avantra. SAP Kernels for ABAP and Java systems can be updated automatically across your landscape.

See Automated Kernel Upgrade for more information.

SAP System Refresh

The system refresh automation template performs a full NetWeaver ABAP system refresh (from the source system to the target system). Customers can influence which data should be preserved using the configuration utilities and the workflow performs a full post copy automation task list to ready the new environment for use.

See SAP System Refresh Automation Template for more information.

SAP Job Maintenance

The SAP job maintenance automation template provides workflow steps for scheduling, deleting and checking the status of SAP Jobs (SM36, SM37 etc.) that can be used as a standalone workflow or as part of larger workflows to complete a business task.

See SAP Job Maintenance Automation Template for more information.

SAP Profile Maintenance

The SAP profile maintenance automation template automates changing profile values through ABAP to the required settings. Useful for rolling out new secure standards or to ensure parameters are maintained consistently throughout your landscape.


This automation template allows for rapid patching of SPAM or installation/patching of plugins like ST-PI or ST/A-PI across your SAP landscape.

Due to the complexity of the procedure we recommend that you first run it on an isolated / sandbox system before running it on a productive environment (SAP Software release and DB should also be as far as possible similar).

See SAP SPAM/Plugin Patch Automation Template for more information.

SAP BDLS Logical System Change

The SAP BDLS automation template provides steps to control the SAP BDLS process to change the logical system in an SAP system. This is used as part of the System Refresh automation template and can be performed as a standalone activity for different copy/refresh/rename scenarios.

SAP Transport Import

The transport import automation template provides a workflow to copy a transport file bundle to a specified SAP system, add the transport to the import buffer and import the transport into the ABAP system.

See SAP Transport Import Automation Template for more information.