Business Services

A Business Service is a cross-system (and even a cross-customer) Composite Check. In other words, while input checks of a Composite Check must be executed on a system for which the Composite Check is defined, a Business Service can have arbitrary input checks.

And although every Business Service is “owned” by a customer, it may have input checks from other customers as well. Input checks for a Business Service can be a Built-in Check, a Custom Check, a Composite Check, a System Status, or another Business Service. Business Services also record Availability Data.

An example for a Business Service would be to correlate all SystemAlive Checks of all productive SAP Systems. A Business Service is a Managed Object as well as a Check, so you can apply Maintenance Windows to it, for example. And, of course, a Business Service has a Check Status.

Using the Business Service Overview

The Business Service Overview provides a detailed view of Business Services.

There is a rotating view of each active Business Service that displays not only the overall Business Service check status, but also the check status of the inbound Checks several levels deep, as well as the inbound Systems (if any).

  1. Select Monitoring  Business Service Overview from the top-level menu. A new browser window opens.

  2. Choose Pause or Continue to pause or continue rotation through the defined Business Services.

  3. You can choose Levels and Systems/Checks in order to reduce the amount of information displayed on the page.

You need the Permission View Composite Checks and Business Services in order to use the Business Service Overview.