SAP Profiles, Database Profiles and Components

Comparing SAP and Database Profiles and Components

Within each Daily Check, the Avantra Agent sends all SAP Instance and Database profiles and component information to the Avantra server.

"Compare Profiles" and "Compare Components" are very powerful tools to find configuration differences in case of trouble. The feature can as well be used to improve the overall configuration consistency of your SAP Systems and Databases.

Perform the following steps to compare profiles:

  1. Choose Systems  SAP Systems or Systems  Databases from the top-level menu.

    Use the filter options to have two or more Systems you want to compare on the same page. If that is not possible, choose two arbitrarily. You still have the choice to adapt your selection in the next step.

  2. Select More  Compare Profiles or More  Compare Components (for SAP Systems) or push the Compare Profiles button (for stand-alone Databases).

  3. Choose one of the options:

    For Profiles

    Choose the Type and select two or more Profiles from the list using the and icons.

    For Components

    Choose the Type and select two or more SAP Systems from the list using the and icons.

  4. Push the Compare button.

  5. Set the All Parameters flag if you want to see all parameters in the result list (instead of only the ones that differ).

  6. For Profiles, you also have the option to Export the data.

You need the View Systems Permission in order to compare profiles and components.