Monitoring Overview

Monitoring & observation (Checks and Reporting) is key to understanding the health of your SAP world. Avantra has had monitoring at its core since the start. Avantra is designed from the core to excel at landscape observation across 5 types of monitored objects:

  • Server (foundational object for all others)

  • Database

  • SAP System

  • SAP Instance

  • Cloud Service ( and/or 3rd party API endpoints)

A grouping of monitored systems including any or all of the above is called a System Selector. System selectors can be dynamic where the contents of the group are based on criteria (e.g. all systems that are running a Windows operating system) or they can be static where you decide which systems are included.

Each of these monitored objects is monitored and observed across:

  • Standard Checks (Out of the box)

  • User-defined Checks (custom checks)

  • Dashboards and Reporting

  • Business Services (technical mapping of processes across multiple systems)

  • Monitoring Parameters (dynamic thresholds)

  • Parameter Sets (collections of configuration applied dynamically)

Monitoring Concepts

Standard Checks

Out of the box, Avantra provides over 260+ standard checks. These checks are applied to relevant systems depending on what is included on that system. For example, if you are running a WebDispatcher, then the 5 checks specific to WebDispatchers will be auto-applied and checked.

User-defined Checks (custom checks)

Avantra is a platform that is designed to be extended to match your business needs. Users can create their own custom checks to be applied to a single system or groups of systems that meet certain selection criteria. Avantra custom checks range from no-code (e.g. check if process 'X' is running or not) to low-code and right through to pro-code with Javascript.

Check Selectors


Dashboards and Reporting

Having a real-time view of the status of your landscape is a key part of the Avantra platform. You can create real-time dashboards in seconds or schedule detailed reports about system status and changes via the SLR (service level report) functionality.

Business Services

Critical business services are usually not contained within one system. They use multiple systems in a chain that allow the business to function. Avantra allows for the creation of a technical schematic for the systems that make up a business process and then visualize that business service as one monitored object. So you can see, at a glance, the health of your key business services and even give that status to the business.

Monitoring Parameters (dynamic thresholds)

Different landscapes (dev/QA/prod) and different system types will have different needs and requirements. This is why Avantra provides the ability to adjust the thresholds and configuration that makes up your system monitoring across the landscape. You can easily adjust the thresholds for specific systems using Monitoring Parameters. You can even create your own monitoring parameters specific to your needs within your user-defined custom checks.

Parameter Sets (collections of configuration applied dynamically)

Parameter sets are how you group together logical configuration items (monitoring parameters) and apply them to groups of systems. For example, perhaps you want lower CPU and MEMORY alert thresholds for PROD systems versus DEV systems OR perhaps you have custom checks that apply only to Windows systems. Parameters sets allow you to dynamically apply configuration based on rules YOU define.