Adding an SAP BusinessObjects System

Defining SAP BusinessObjects

To monitor an SAP BusinessObjects you need to define the CMS database as a standalone database in Avantra first. See Defining stand-alone Databases on how to do this.

Perform the following steps to define a new SAP BusinessObjects:

  1. Choose Systems  SAP BusinessObjects from the top-level menu and push the New button.

  2. Fill in the name of the SAP BusinessObjects in field SAP Business Object.

  3. Select the Customer and a System Role.

  4. Push the New button.

After this, the SAP BusinessObjects configuration is created and appears in the list. Please open the new SAP BusinessObjects by double-clicking it to complete the setup.

  1. As Monitoring Server choose the Avantra Agent installed on the SAP BusinessObjects host.

  2. To determine the Base URL do the following:

    1. Log on to the SAP BusinessObjects Central Management Console (CMC).

    2. Click on Applications.

    3. Right-click RESTful Web Service and click on Properties. A window appears.

    4. Retrieve the base URL from the Access URL text box.

  3. On Windows installations determine the Windows service name from the Windows Services dialog:

    1. In the Windows Services list, look for the Server Intelligence Agent (<HOST>) entry.

    2. Right-click the entry and choose Properties from the context menu. The service properties will be shown.

    3. Copy the value from the Service Name and paste it to the Service Name (Windows only) field in the SAP BusinessObjects properties in Avantra.

  4. Choose the corresponding CMS database in the Database selection menu.

  5. Enter a valid CMS user and password in the CMS User and CMS User Password fields.

  6. Optionally configure an OS User for SAP BusinessObjects automation purposes.

  7. If you want to assign certain users being responsible for this business object, you may select the corresponding values for the Administrator and Administrator’s Deputy fields in the Responsibilities block.

  8. Press Apply to save your configuration.