Ansible Collection

The Avantra Ansible Collection is intended to work with Avantra from Ansible playbooks to complete an end-to-end automation scenario. Ansible is the leading automation platform for infrastructure that integrates with Avantra to complete an end-to-end automation scenario. Our collection makes it easy to integrate with Avantra. The technical reference is hosted together with the open-source project. Use case examples are described below.

Set up an existing Ansible playbook and deploy an SAP system

For registering the SAP System in the same playbook, you can use Avantra’s Ansible Collection avantra.core. It offers tasks to create the SAP System in Avantra.

Register an existing server in Avantra using the Ansible collection

Afterwards, the server will be available in Avantra for automations and will automatically be monitored. The newly registered server can be input into your automation workflows using system selectors.

Get specific information about SAP systems

With our Ansible collection, you can receive detailed information about an SAP System registered in Avantra.

Remove an SAP system from your landscape

You can automate removing the SAP System from Avantra using the Ansible collection.

Set up the passwords

Ensure the SAP Systems use the correct user password combination for the RFC user. Iterate over all your SAP Systems and set the passwords.

To use Avantra from Ansible playbooks, the Ansible collection is described and documented at Ansible collection documentation.