End-to-End Application Monitoring

Avantra usually performs management and monitoring locally on the Systems. But there is also an option to monitor SAP Systems and, for example, web servers from a user perspective.

So-called End Points can be defined on any physical server that has the Avantra Agent installed, allowing system monitoring, availability and performance recording from a user perspective (even from remote sites).

In contrast to some other system management products, and in order to keep things really simple, you should not define End Points on End-User PCs, but have a single Physical Server with Avantra Agent installed on every remote site. There is no SAP GUI or web browser instrumentation with Avantra.

End-to-End Application Monitoring includes RealTime Monitoring checks, performance monitoring of connection response times, availability recording (from the End Point perspective). It can be defined for both, ABAP and Java stacks, but also for general purpose web servers. For ABAP stacks there is also the opportunity to run ABAP reports that may simulate certain typical user transactions.

Every End Point needs to have an Avantra Agent installed to execute End-to-End Application Monitoring. You can either use any existing Avantra Agent you may have placed in the remote site already, or you install another one.

Externally Managed Checks

Externally Managed Checks are Checks within Avantra that have their Check Result pushed from an external source by means of the Web Service.

There are two different incarnations of Externally Managed Checks: External Status and External Event. An External Status is created once and must be updated periodically, at least every 90 minutes. An External Event is created once and lives within Avantra for a period of time defined during its creation (by default 60 minutes). It is removed automatically afterwards.

Like usual Checks, Externally Managed Checks can be used within the Notifications.