CCMS Alerts

Avantra can interface with the SAP CCMS (Computing Center Management System) and include CCMS Monitoring Tree Elements as RealTime Monitoring Checks.

The definition can even be on the “CCMS Monitor” level, integrating all the “Monitoring Tree Elements” below as single Checks.

CCMS Alerts

CCMS Alerts will be acknowledged automatically in the SAP System (optional) once they are imported into Avantra. You can verify them using Avantra UI, forward them using Notifications, and delete them afterwards. In addition, “CCMS Monitoring Tree Elements” can be read and configured centrally. Integration and configuration are implemented by means of Custom Checks.

Displaying and Deleting Imported CCMS Alerts

Avantra works perfectly well without SAP CCMS. But of course you can activate the integration if you desire.

CCMS Alerts are available if you have configured a CCMS Custom Check or a CCMS_MONSET Custom Check with the Report CCMS alerts of this MTE to Avantra option selected.

In order to display imported CCMS Alerts perform the following steps:

  1. Select Monitoring  More  CCMS Alerts from the top-level menu.

  2. Select one or more items from the list and push the Delete button in order to delete CCMS Alerts.

    Deleting CCMS Alerts is the Avantra way of acknowledging.

You need the Permission Delete CCMS Alerts in order to view and delete CCMS Alerts.