System Selectors

System Selector is a user interface element to define a Dynamic Group or Static Group of Systems for use in Parameters Sets, Custom Checks, Composite Checks, and Business Services.

The group can be defined either by attributes of the corresponding System Type (like described in Dynamic Group) or by further restriction to hosted or hosting Systems according to the following paths:

  • Server → Database or Server → SAP Instance → SAP System

  • SAP Instance → SAP System or SAP Instance → Server → Database

  • SAP System → SAP Instance → Server → Database

  • Database → Server → SAP Instance → SAP System

This allows subtle selections, like returning all productive SAP Systems that have a Java SAP Instance. You can even exclude particular Systems from the selection.

System Selectors can be defined ad-hoc, in which case they are only available for the CustomCheck, Composite Check, etc. they are defined for. Or they can be defined generically, in which case they can be shared across multiple objects.

Defining a System Selector

To create a new System Selectors perform the following steps:

  1. Select Systems  System Selectors from the top-level menu and push the New button.

  2. Fill in a Name and choose the System Type.

  3. Choose a Customer if desired. In case you select one, only the Systems of this Customer (and its descendants, in case a Customer hierarchy is used) are considered. Also, a User needs to have the Permission View Systems / Edit Systems for the named Customer in order to use or modify the System Selectors.

    If you leave this field empty, Systems of all Customers can be selected, but one needs the Permission View Systems / Edit Systems for all Customers in order to use or modify the System Selectors.

  4. Push the New button in the pop-up window.

  5. Fill in a Description, if desired.

  6. If you want the selection to contain all Systems (or all Systems of a given Customer and its descendants), push the Save & Close button.

    Otherwise, set the flag next to Criteria. You can choose several criteria for the selected System Type and select appropriate values for each of the criteria.

    Criteria can be either defined as must match, or as must NOT match. The latter ones are used to exclude Systems from the selection.

  7. You can also add selection criteria for other System Types, for example, you can select Servers hosting an SAP Instance that has to fulfill certain criteria itself, or a Database, etc.

  8. Push the Test System Selector button to verify the selection criteria. If you are satisfied with the result, press the Save & Close button.