GraphQL Service

The Avantra GraphQL API is available from Avantra version 24 and above. GraphQL is a data query and manipulation language with open source clients pre-written in many languages and frameworks. GraphQL allows the caller to specify exactly the information required to improve query and transfer times. Within Avantra, the GraphQL API is designed to perform two functions:

  • Allow you to interact with Avantra from third party systems

  • It powers the enhanced user interface starting from Avantra 24 and above

Getting Started

There are two methods to understand what is available within the API on your version of Avantra:

Postman or Insomnia

The Avantra GraphQL API supports introspection which allows tools to provide assistance in generating queries. You can access this by using a utility like Postman or Insomnia. Once you provide the Avantra GraphQL API endpoint for your server, it will list all available functions.

Using Postman to show available GraphQL queries

API Documentation

You can also read our comprehensive GraphQL API documentation available here.