Basis Releases Supported for SAP Systems

Supported SAP Basis Releases

The Avantra Agent monitors the following SAP Basis Releases:

  • Releases 4.6C, 4.6D

  • Release 6.40

  • Releases 7.0x, 7.1x, 7.2x, 7.3x, 7.4x, 7.5x, 7.7.x

Unicode Kernels are supported as well.

SAP BusinessObjects System

The BusinessObjects system type in Avantra lists systems which are SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence systems. We support BOBJ systems from version 4.2 onwards. These systems include checks to manage system uptime, performance, and job execution. A stand-alone database system type must be defined before adding a BusinessObjects system.

The Business Object system type does not include SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS). These systems are quite different as their underlying technology does not allow the same methods for monitoring.

Business Service

A Business Service is a cross-system (and even a cross-customer) Composite Check. In other words, while input checks of a Composite Check must be executed on a system for which the Composite Check is defined, a Business Service can have arbitrary input checks.

And although every Business Service is “owned” by a customer, it may have input checks from other customers as well. Input checks for a Business Service can be a Built-in Check, a Custom Check, a Composite Check, a System Status, or another Business Service. Business Services also record Availability Data.

An example for a Business Service would be to correlate all SystemAlive Checks of all productive SAP Systems. A Business Service is a Managed Object as well as a Check, so you can apply Maintenance Windows to it, for example. And, of course, a Business Service has a Check Status.