Post Installation Steps

Obtaining and Installing the License

To run Avantra, you need a license. Until you have received a valid license, you can only run Avantra in DEMO mode with a single Avantra Agent only.

At the end of the installation, you will switch to the Avantra WebUI web login page. Use the application root user and password created during the installation process to log in.

To got to the license administration area, select Administration  Licenses from the Avantra WebUI top-level menu. The Licenses page opens. Click the Request / Install Avantra License button.

If you do not yet have your license file, click Request License. A dialog box will open showing your Activation ID and some fields to fill in the number of licenses required. Press Continue.

This will create an email to using the email program of your system with the data entered in the form. Please feel free to modify this email and to add any notes, then submit the mail.

Once you have received your license, return to the Licenses page (Administration  Licenses) and click Request / Install Avantra License. Then copy and paste the license key including the lines marked as -----BEGIN/END XLIC BLOCK----- to the corresponding text box and press OK.

A message should appear that the license was installed. Verify the Status and Status Message are Ok.

Avantra UI Post-Installation Steps

In order to automate the setup as much as possible, the Avantra Server tries to determine the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the host it is actually running. This information is used for communication between the Avantra Server components, as well as for communication between the Avantra Agents and the Avantra Server.

To verify if the settings are correct, follow these steps:

Verify your Avantra Server published hostname

Remote agents connecting to Avantra (note this is NOT the Avantra WebUI) need to know where to connect to and if this setting is not correct it can cause issues when adding agents. To verify the hostname and port configured for your Avantra server:

  1. Select About from the top-level menu.

  2. Click on Avantra Master.

  3. Verify the values of Masterhost, Masterport, and Bind Address.

    • The Masterhost should contain a host name, Fully Qualified Domain Name, or IP address of the Avantra Server that can be connected to from all, or at least most, Avantra Agents.

    • The Masterport can be used to configure a different listening port of the Avantra Server. There is usually no need to change this setting unless there is another application already using the default port 9050.

    • The Bind Address can be used to restrict the listening port of the Avantra Server to certain IP addresses in case the Avantra Server has multiple network interfaces. The value means the Avantra Server is listening on all network interfaces.

Verify your WebUI port and settings

  1. If you chose a different communication port during installation, you can later configure an HTTPS port or HTTP → HTTPS redirection, which is what we recommend. The connection parameter redirectHttpToHttps can be set as redirectHttpToHttps=true in the xangui.cfg file which is found in your Avantra Server installation directory under the xangui/cfg folder.

  2. You can restrict Avantra UI listening on ports 8080 and 8443 to bind to a specific IP address. To configure the bind address, use the xangui.cfg file and add the appropriate line, for example, bindAddress=

  3. Verify the value Avantra UI host.

    • Select About from the top-level menu.

    • Click on Avantra UI.

      • If the values determined automatically are not suitable for you:

        • Push the button.

        • Enter the appropriate value and push the Apply button.

If you have made any of these changes above, please proceed to restart the Avantra Server and/or Avantra WebUI.

Setup Avantra Server backup policy

The encryption key, automatically created during installation, is generated during the Avantra setup process and is stored by default in the keystore avantra.ks in the security folder .xandria/security/.

The key store file must be backed up and stored safely. If you lose access to it, all previously saved credentials in Avantra will be unavailable, so every credential must be retyped into Avantra again.