Check Selectors

A Check Selector can group either RealTime Monitoring Checks, Daily Checks, or both. The group of Checks to select from the Check Selector can be defined by attributes as defined by you.

Is also possible to limit the selected Checks to a well-defined set of Monitored Systems using Check Selectors.

Defining a Check Selector

A Check Selector can be used to define a group of Checks for use in RealTime Monitoring, Notifications, and Business Services.

Creating a Check Selector

To create a new Check Selector, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Monitoring  More  Check Selectors from the top-level menu and push the New button.

  2. Select the type of the Check Selector. Select either RTM Checks, Daily Checks, or RTM Checks and Daily Checks. The type cannot be modified after a Check Selector is created.

  3. Define a Name for the new Check Selector.

  4. Define an optional Customer. If a Customer is defined, only Checks executed for Systems of this Customer are selected. If no Customer is defined, all Checks of all Systems are selected. The Customer attribute is also used to verify User Permissions. Only Users who have access to the named Customer can see this Check Selector.

  5. Click New to continue.

  6. A new dialog is opened. You can define an optional Description.

  7. Verify the search criteria for the Checks. You may select one or more from the available attributes and define corresponding values.

  8. You can verify the current selection by pushing the Test button.

  9. Set the Define monitored systems checkbox in order to restrict the Checks to a set of Monitored Systems. You may want to verify the current selection by pushing the Test button again.

  10. Click Save & Close button to save the Check Selector.

Modifying Check Selectors

Select Monitoring  More  Check Selectors from the top-level menu to see the available Check Selectors. Click Open to view or edit a Check Selector. Click on the green arrow to display the selected Check in a new tab. The tab showing the Check returned from the Check Selector may be used as an Avantra WebUI favorite.

Any modification to the underlying Check Selector of a favorite will affect the values displayed by this favorite.