Avantra Command Line Interface

How to use the Avantra Web Service by Command Line Executable

Avantra WebUI includes a command line executable called avantra to access the web service and to read and write data. To get it, follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to About, then press Download Avantra CLI Package.

  2. A dialog will open and show a command-line example of how to display the help screen of the Avantra CLI. Press Download 'avantra.zip'.

  3. Unpack avantra.zip. The package includes 3 files, avantra.jar, avantra.cfg, and either avantra.bat on Microsoft Windows operating systems or avantra on Unix-like operating systems.

    avantra or avantra.bat simply call java, so you might need to add the full path if Java cannot be found in the path.

  4. The file avantra.cfg is pre-configured and contains the complete URL of Avantra WebUI so you do not have to provide it on the command line. Call avantra to get a usage overview of the command.

    You can as well include options user= and password= to your config file so you don’t have to specify them on the command line.

For more information on Avantra CLI, follow this link

Syntax of the Web Service Command Line Executable

The syntax is simple: avantra [options] [command] [command options]. If you have specified the URL, user, and password options in the avantra.cfg config file, the syntax is even more simple and just avantra [command] [command options].

The examples below show the options:

Display the usage

avantra or avantra help

Display help of a command

avantra help [command]

To show the complete syntax of the ls command, use avantra help ls

Show list of servers

avantra ls servers

Show a table of SAP systems of one customer only

avantra ls -l sapsystems@customer

Turn off monitoring for 120 minutes of monitored object ‘mozart’

avantra moni-off -name mozart -duration 120