SAP Cloud Platform Neo

Prepare SAP Cloud Platform Neo

To enable Avantra to monitor applications in the SAP Cloud Platform Neo, some settings must be made in Neo.

Create OAuth Api Client

To enable Avantra to connect to Neo, an API Client is required. This must be created for each sub-account in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

SAP Cloud Platform Neo: OAuth

It is important that the scope is set to Read Monitoring Data. The easiest way to do this is to select the Monitoring Service Api.

SAP Cloud Platform Neo: Scope

As soon as the client is created, you get the Client ID and the Client Secret. These are later required for configuration in Avantra.

The Client ID and Client Secret are only displayed to the user once. As soon as the window is closed, the user has no possibility to display these two important information again. So it is best to save both immediately.

SAP Cloud Platform Neo: Client ID and Client Secret

The configuration in Neo is now complete.

Prepare Avantra

Create OAuth Credentials in Avantra

After we have configured the Api Client in Neo and received the credentials, we must now configure these credentials in Avantra. For this purpose we create new credentials under Integrations  Credentials.

Avantra: OAuth

It is important that the Credential Type is set to OAuth (Client Credentials).

Create Cloud Service in Avantra

The next step is to create a cloud service for SAP Neo.

Avantra: Create Cloud Service
Avantra: Cloud Service Properties

It is important to configure the Subaccount and the Region. Without these two pieces of information, Avantra cannot communicate with the SAP Cloud Platform..

Next, the individual Java applications belonging to the subaccount can be configured under the SAP Neo Applications tab.

Avantra: Neo Java Applications

The application names can be found in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

SAP Cloud Platform Neo: Application Overview

Once the configuration has been saved, Avantra takes care of the rest.

Each application gets its own status check.

Avantra: Application Checks

Each application also gets its own metrics entry.

Avantra: Application Metrics