Welcome to Avantra, the industry-leading AIOps SAP Landscape management solution bringing you on your journey to becoming a self-healing enterprise. Avantra pairs in-depth and full-stack SAP landscape management with robust automation.

This documentation is designed to guide you through the setup process of Avantra and to get you started with your first steps on the road to complete SAP Landscape management.

We start by helping you to get a minimum Avantra environment, consisting of the Avantra Server and a single Avantra Agent installed on the host of an SAP System, up and running.

To get access to the Avantra download, you will need a user name and a password for the Avantra Support Portal. If you have not received them yet, please contact your sales representative for access.

Planning the Installation

In order to install and run the Avantra Server software, you will need a low to mid-range server system as the requirements to run the server are not significant. The server can be running either Microsoft Windows or Linux. Common virtualization products based on x64 hardware and all of the major Cloud providers are supported as well.

For a complete list of supported Avantra Server operating systems see Avantra Server Operating Systems.

You will also need to monitor the Avantra Server by running the Avantra Agent. Ideally, we recommend trying this on a system hosting an SAP System or a Database. The Avantra Agent supports the common Unix operating systems and Microsoft Windows (see Agent Operating Systems for more details on supported types and versions).

Getting in Touch with the Avantra Support Team

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Avantra support team by raising a ticket through our help desk system or emailing the team at

Installation Steps for Avantra

For the recommended installation procedure, please select from the following: