Import and export

To share workflows between systems the export and import buttons can be used.


Select all workflows that should be included into the export and click on Export. Specify a filename and select whether sub-workflows, Step Library steps and/or variants should be included and click on Export. After that the export file is created and is downloaded.

File format

The export will create a zip will with the following folder structure.

  / <namespace>
    / <step_name>.js
    / <step_name>.json
  / <namespace>
    / <workflow_name>
      / <variant_name>.json
  / <namespace>
    / <workflow_name>.json

Each exported step consists of two files. One contains the meta data (.json) and the other one contains the JavaScript code (.js).

It is possible to change names and namespaces and repack it to a zip file to change them before an import.


To start the import wizard click on Import. If a workflow consists of sub-workflows and steps and if they are included in the file they can be selected in the import wizard. If steps or sub-workflows are not imported steps or workflows with the corresponding names must be present in the system.