Step Library

The step library contains JavaScript based workflow steps. They can be used as steps inside Workflows.

The configuration of a step consist of a JavaScript editor which is on the left side and the other properties. It must have a unique name and namespace combination.


A step can have input and output parameters. They can be found in the Parameters tab. There are some built-in parameters:

  • Input

    • systemId: The system the step should run on

  • Output

    • success: true, if step was executed successful

    • message: short message of step execution

    • details: detailed message of step execution

These built-in parameters are pre-defined and must not be added. Apart from that any custom parameter could be added. The names of the parameters must be unique.

Parameters can be accessed in the JavaScript code:






The Test tab can be used to test a step. A value for each input can be selected. After clicking on Execute test run the result can be seen in the result text field.

Import and export

To share steps between systems the export and import buttons can be used.


Select all steps that should be included into the export and click on Export. Specify a filename and click on Export. After that the export file is created and is downloaded.

File format


To start the import wizard click on Import.