Release 21.11.602

Published on 2022-07-18

This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.


  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022


  • XAN-3285 - Monitoring parameter TimeOutMIIConnect not changeable

  • XAN-3283 - System parameters are deleted and recreated again and again in some scenarios

  • XAN-3276 - New Avantra installations on 21.11.601 not working

  • XAN-3262 - Links in Dashlet Text do not open when clicked directly

Release 21.11.601

Published on 2022-07-06

This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.


  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022


  • XAN-3258 - SQL Migration errors when upgrading to 21.11.600

  • XAN-3254 - SQL errors are shown when creating a maintenance window

  • XAN-3253 - Maintenance Tab hanging or shows errors when maintenance windows are defined

  • XAN-3143 - Dummy changes are detected

Release 21.11.6

Published on 2022-06-30

This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.

New features

  • XAN-3246 - [Transports] New process to remove all transported Avantra objects

  • XAN-3245 - [Automation Template] BDLS Logical System Change

  • XAN-3196 - [Automation Template] SAP Profile Maintenance

  • XAN-3193 - [Automation Template] SPAM/ST-PI Patch

  • XAN-3186 - [Automation Template] System Refresh for SAP HANA based systems

  • XAN-3178 - Export feature for the SAP HotNews List

  • XAN-3142 - [Automation] New permissions concept for Automation

  • XAN-3136 - New monitoring parameter RUNJSAllowDBWrite to more finely control which systems Avantra can perform database changes on

  • XAN-3108 - [Automation] Activate/Deactivate individual workflow steps that are effective for all executions

  • XAN-3103 - [Automation] JavaScript API to read Avantra Agent and Server version

  • XAN-3098 - [Automation] Allow selective steps to be executed in a workflow

  • XAN-3092 - Enhance VMware sync when server name in Avantra and VCenter is not the same

  • XAN-3076 - New web.request API to accept invalid SSL certificates

  • XAN-3057 - Only an administrator can change User ID in user settings

  • XAN-3053 - Downloadable help documentation

  • XAN-3046 - New log file with error summary: master-error-summary.log

  • XAN-3015 - MEMORY: Use memory available for applications instead of 'free' memory

  • XAN-2990 - Kernel Upgrade: should be executed for Java systems also

  • XAN-2972 - Kernel Upgrade: Rollback of a kernel will trigger a full check

  • XAN-2905 - [Automation] New SOAP API to start and manage automation workflows

  • XAN-2823 - [Automation] JavaScript: Debugging support for RUN_JS and Automation Step Library

  • XAN-2725 - [Automation] Resume a workflow after a failed step

  • XAN-2715 - [Automation] UX Improvements for workflow building

  • XAN-2685 - [Automation] Management of credentials for automations

  • XAN-2684 - [Automation] Management of files for use in automations

  • XAN-2651 - Perform an Agent install (not an update) if only internal JREs exist in the install folder

  • XAN-2554 - [Automation] JavaScript Step Library where-used feature

  • XAN-2286 - [Automation Template] SAP Job Maintenance

  • XAN-2223 - [Automation] Support simple scheduling of workflow automations

  • XAN-2146 - [Automation Template] SAP Transport Import

  • XAN-1577 - Improve table display of daily check SSLCertificatesValidity


  • XAN-3200 - Update com.fasterxml.woodstox:woodstox-core to mitigate a potential XML External Entity (XXE) Injection vulnerability

  • XAN-3162 - Improve default timeout settings for MII_DataServers check

  • XAN-3120 - Update com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphql-java-tools to mitigate CVE-2020-36518 and CVE-2020-25649

  • XAN-3119 - Update Spring frameworks to mitigate CVE-2022-22978, CVE-2022-22970, CVE-2022-22968 and CVE-2022-22976

  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022

  • XAN-3052 - Resolver API util.getServerStatusByFQDN(servername) supports FQDN/IP address

  • XAN-3036 - Improve performance when loading of Business Services

  • XAN-3014 - Update org.graalvm.sdk:graal-sdk to mitigate CVE-2022-21476 and CVE-2022-21449

  • XAN-2704 - When global.AGENTLISTENERPORT is modified set as the default value for agentlistenerport monitoring parameter


  • XAN-3177 - [Automation] Start / Stop of SAP Sybase ASE DB automation fails because of wrong service name

  • XAN-3172 - Server Administrator and Deputy cannot be modified

  • XAN-3171 - SAP_JOB: Maximum time since last job start doesn’t work if job is cancelled

  • XAN-3169 - Exception handling blank documents in Web JavaScript API

  • XAN-3161 - Exception in some notifications sent to mobile devices

  • XAN-3152 - Kernel Upgrade: Post step - wait 3 seconds after restart of sap control service

  • XAN-3148 - PI_AEMessagesStat wrong timezone set in SOAP call

  • XAN-3133 - MS SQL server exception when syncing data with SNOW

  • XAN-3096 - Improve VMware VM recognition for Windows 2012 R2 and older

  • XAN-3091 - VMware Integration: Server Details VMware info not shown when sync job does not find VM info

  • XAN-3072 - Agentless HDB with blocked ports causes all other HDBs on that agent to become CRITICAL

  • XAN-3070 - AgentAlive CRITICAL after master restart on big installations

  • XAN-3058 - [Automation] Invalid return in Workflow step will create a timeout

  • XAN-3048 - Too many installed product version could cause an issue with the daily check

  • XAN-3047 - RTMOverviewStatus Dashlet. GQL returns cached data

  • XAN-3004 - [Automation] Variants with special characters can’t be imported

  • XAN-2989 - [Server – UI/UX] Move Avantra UI info page to require user authentication

  • XAN-2976 - [Automation] SAP Business Object Stop Automation says it is stopped, but it is not

  • XAN-2963 - [Agent] Incorrect warning if security tools path not found on Java systems

  • XAN-2924 - Sybase stored procedures cannot be executed with JavaScript DB API

  • XAN-2918 - Avantra UI render issue with Predictive Analytics

  • XAN-2911 - [Automation] Creating a new step library step fails if your description is too long

  • XAN-2900 - [Automation] Database API reference error when SAP monitoring is offline

  • XAN-2881 - [Server] Additional information of ServiceNow event API channel is not shown

  • XAN-2833 - [Server] SAP backbone password is stored in plain text

  • XAN-2830 - SAP MII: Connection not closed

  • XAN-2821 - Empty Customer in RTM Overview

  • XAN-2762 - Kernel Upgrade: Stop the process in case of errors in a separated step schedule

  • XAN-2749 - SYB_Backup: Produces a sorting error in some scenarios

  • XAN-2745 - [Automation] Restart SAP System step does not work in workflow engine

  • XAN-2719 - AgentListenerPort can’t be changed for Agent behind a route

  • XAN-2707 - [Automation] Workflow and Workflow Steps "modified by" field is not updated

  • XAN-2626 - Schedules Dialog causes an exception in some scenarios

  • XAN-2376 - Kernel Upgrade: Missing start date in runs table if scheduled

  • XAN-2043 - Database size daily metrics missing

Release 21.11.501

Published on 2022-06-10

This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.


  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022


  • XAN-3048 - Too many installed product version could cause an issue with the daily check

Release 21.11.5

Published on 2022-05-05

New features

  • XAN-2998 - Kernel Upgrade: Support Kernel Make Versions (EXT, EX2 etc.)

  • XAN-2997 - Kernel Upgrade: Disable version compatibility check for BRTools

  • XAN-2988 - Kernel Upgrade: Allow bundle modification in pre-requisites phase

  • XAN-2980 - Kernel Upgrade: Additional bundle consistency check (SAPEXE.SAR + SAPEXEDB)

  • XAN-2970 - Kernel Upgrade: Cleanup of sap_kernel_download folder during [POST] phase or after 30 days

  • XAN-2942 - Kernel Upgrade: Allow use of links in bundle definition

  • XAN-2925 - Kernel Upgrade: Rollback post action - execute

  • XAN-2923 - Kernel Upgrade: Add option to define a sudo user

  • XAN-2922 - Kernel Upgrade: Allow creation of file bundles from local file system

  • XAN-2899 - Kernel Upgrade: Allow use of the same bundle for multiple OS and Database

  • XAN-2852 - [Automation] Add option to define a timeout for Workflow Steps

  • XAN-2835 - BO_Logs: New monitoring parameter BoLogGroupsExclude to exclude logs from check

  • XAN-2829 - J2eeConnectHttp: Support customized login pages

  • XAN-2798 - JavaSSLCertificatesValidity: Add check for private key expiry

  • XAN-2782 - Kernel Upgrade: Make the location of the SAP Kernel backup clearly visible

  • XAN-2780 - Kernel Upgrade: Make "inform users" step optional

  • XAN-2763 - [Automation] Limit repeat retries of unexpectedly failed workflow steps

  • XAN-2758 - [Automation] New JavaScript API to use stored basic credentials with Web API

  • XAN-2753 - SAP HotNews: New "In progress" status and automatic status change when fixed

  • XAN-2739 - [Server] Introduce new log file: alertlist.log

  • XAN-2729 - [Automation] Step Library Documentation

  • XAN-2726 - [Automation] Allow manual steps within a workflow

  • XAN-2698 - Add option "NOTES" to AutoChangeDetectionIgnore to disable change recognition for SAP Note implementations

  • XAN-2677 - Download SAP Security Notes with SAP HotNews

  • XAN-2546 - [Automation] New notification channel to trigger new automation workflow from a notification

  • XAN-2544 - Kernel Upgrade: Allow SAP DBATools to be added to a bundle

  • XAN-2517 - Retrieve SAP Notes from an SAP system with the 'Can be implemented' status

  • XAN-2454 - [Automation] Support automation with HANA SSL enabled

  • XAN-2424 - SAP HotNews: Allow systems to be manually assigned to a SAP Note

  • XAN-2339 - Monitoring switched ON with a delay for DB and SAP System

  • XAN-2270 - Allow custom parameters on the command line during agent auto-registration

  • XAN-1803 - Allow copying of a system selector

  • XAN-1473 - USER_PROFILES: Exclude inactive and blocked users from being monitored


  • XAN-2993 - Update org.postgresql:postgresql to mitigate against CVE-2022-26520

  • XAN-2950 - [Server] Update Spring components to mitigate against CVE-2022-22965

  • XAN-2901 - Update com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind to remediate CVE-2020-36518

  • XAN-2882 - Update org.liquibase:liquibase-core to mitigate CVE-2022-0839

  • XAN-2751 - Alter Azure automations to only check status every 60 seconds

  • XAN-2733 - Update net.sourceforge.htmlunit:htmlunit to mitigate against CVE-2022-23437

  • XAN-2627 - Update com.h2database:h2 to mitigate against CVE-2021-42392, CVE-2021-23463 and CVE-2022-23221

  • XAN-2468 - Kernel Upgrade: Kernel copy timeout increased to 30 minutes


  • XAN-2985 - Kernel Upgrade: Only check the exit code of call

  • XAN-2961 - Improve MII system detection when additional authentication is required

  • XAN-2937 - SAP_Notes: NullPointerException when SAPNotesExclude contains a valid SAP note for the SAP system

  • XAN-2930 - [Server] SAP Cloud Connector Connection Dropped

  • XAN-2927 - Agent self-registration --srtype="…​" with spaces not working

  • XAN-2915 - Incorrect detection of VMware virtual machines in some installations

  • XAN-2913 - VMware disconnect throws exception

  • XAN-2908 - Kernel Upgrade: Navigating to SAP Kernel Bundles then to another tab and back shows an authorisation error

  • XAN-2904 - SAPLicense data is sometimes not retrieved correctly

  • XAN-2892 - [Automation] Workflow import wizard shows 'nothingSelected'

  • XAN-2871 - JavaScript: Passing an array as an API argument causes incorrect behaviour

  • XAN-2849 - [Automation] Incorrect permissions required to edit workflow details

  • XAN-2842 - [Automation] NullPointerExceptions in some situations when working with workflows

  • XAN-2831 - BO_Logs: Context menu for configure check missing

  • XAN-2809 - Unable to delete server that is monitoring a cloud service

  • XAN-2788 - Kernel Upgrade: Exception if SNC encryption is used

  • XAN-2781 - Kernel Upgrade: Execution of should stop the process

  • XAN-2779 - Kernel Upgrade: Fails when another file instead of disp+work determines the version

  • XAN-2778 - Kernel Upgrade: Archive soft links during backup and restore in case of rollback

  • XAN-2759 - [Server] Large number of systems can’t be synchronised to ServiceNow

  • XAN-2746 - Kernel Upgrade: Check if the <sid>adm has access to the kernel files provided in ../agent/sap_kernel_download/x/

  • XAN-2730 - [Automation] Workflows with legacy steps can’t be started

  • XAN-2709 - WD_Connect: Incorrect status reported on some cluster environments

  • XAN-2703 - Start/Stop of SAP System only available with Edit Permissions in Avantra UI

  • XAN-2686 - [Transports] TMS_Status short dumps when checking TP

  • XAN-2683 - Restrict DigitalNotesCompliancy by System Change Options (SAP_BASIS)

  • XAN-2681 - Number Range Check causes errors on older systems due to missing CX_SY_CONVERSION_ROUNDING class

  • XAN-2666 - [Agent] Execution of JavaScript has no timeout

  • XAN-2616 - Agent silent installation fails on Windows

  • XAN-2611 - SAP HotNews: Filter not working in Relevant Systems list

  • XAN-2564 - Change collection: Duplicate key error when storing to database

  • XAN-2563 - Renaming a custom check causes the old check result to reappear sporadically

  • XAN-2479 - java.lang.NullPointerException shown in SLR report

  • XAN-2321 - BO - Start Icon not enabled after stopping the system

  • XAN-2157 - [Server] Creating customising on a new PostgreSQL installation fails when there is also delivered content

  • XAN-2118 - Kernel Upgrade: Temporary handshake errors should not be considered as critical

  • XAN-1923 - Performance of named transactions in dashboards not visible

  • XAN-1835 - SLR: Availability "ignore downtime less than…​" not working

Release 21.11.401

Published on 2022-03-22


  • XAN-2920 - [Server] SAP Instances created on mismatch between profile and RFCSI

  • XAN-2885 - SAPInstance are created over and over again

  • XAN-2859 - Selfcheck WARNING: Previous cycle still running

Release 21.11.4

Published on 2022-03-09

New features

  • XAN-2773 - JavaScript Notification Channel: New API check.resultHTML

  • XAN-2691 - Automation: New API to execute to DB queries asynchronously

  • XAN-2690 - Automation: New API to execute database queries using a different user

  • XAN-2689 - Automation: New API to execute commands using SSH

  • XAN-2688 - Automation SSH step: Add a timeout option

  • XAN-2675 - Support remote monitoring of SAP Java Instances without knowledge of SAP control user

  • XAN-2672 - Implement Import/Export for workflow(s)

  • XAN-2647 - [Server – UI/UX] New System Selector based on DNS Domain Name

  • XAN-2610 - SAP_Notes Check: Exclude notes that are Completely Implemented & obsolete from check results

  • XAN-2605 - [Server] Notifier JavaScript Output Channel: new API to access threadId

  • XAN-2557 - Encrypt http_response custom check password

  • XAN-2556 - New Custom Check Macro %%SRV_FQDN%% and %%SRV_DNSDOMAIN%%

  • XAN-2525 - [Agent] Improve display of error messages from SAP checks

  • XAN-2518 - [Agent, Server] Predictive Analytics: Implement flag to support RTM history entry creation on predictive analytics decision

  • XAN-2472 - [Server – UI/UX] Predictive Analytics: Show predictive analytics in check history

  • XAN-2415 - Update Check: TMS_Imports include non-imported transports

  • XAN-2367 - Integrate SAP Notes and SAP HotNews to Service Level Report

  • XAN-2340 - PostgreSQL 13 Support

  • XAN-2313 - Notification Trigger for new SAP HotNews

  • XAN-2282 - [Server – UI/UX] Proxy for update check now uses activation license proxy if defined

  • XAN-2252 - Allow DBConnectJdbcUrl to be used with standalone databases

  • XAN-1995 - Automation Step Library

  • XAN-1719 - Monitoring Parameter Usage: option to select custom monitoring parameters

  • XAN-1391 - Add new filter for "DNS Domain" in "Servers" List Overview

  • XAN-1125 - [Agent] ORA_ALERTLOG check: Change default parameter of ORAAlertLogExprCrit/Warn


  • XAN-2700 - HTTP_Response custom check: show 'real' error message in log file

  • XAN-2646 - Export agent database on shutdown of agent to support future upgrades

  • XAN-2609 - Update Log4j to 2.17.1 to mitigate against [CVE-2021-44832]

  • XAN-2331 - Automation: Simplify email to remove duplicate output


  • XAN-2820 - JavaScript: String.includes is not a function

  • XAN-2794 - Message Server check is unknown for some ASCS

  • XAN-2736 - DigitalNotesCompliancy: note numbers leading zeroes cannot be parsed

  • XAN-2697 - E2E Checks are no longer carried out in certain circumstances

  • XAN-2658 - Dashboard must be part of Standard edition

  • XAN-2649 - Agentless monitoring w/o SAPControl creates duplicated instances

  • XAN-2629 - On distributed SAP Systems, checks are removed and created periodically

  • XAN-2625 - HotNews detection wrong patch-level recognition on JAVA

  • XAN-2601 - Agent Java update: move operation fails for unknown reasons

  • XAN-2595 - VMware metadata not visible in UI

  • XAN-2584 - SNOW Service Graph Connector doesn’t sync SAP clients

  • XAN-2578 - Virtual server version not updated

  • XAN-2572 - %%I_PATH%% - doesn´t work on ASCS instances

  • XAN-2567 - Central instance marked as Dialog Instance, SystemAlive turns Critical

  • XAN-2566 - Parameter_value Check (etc.) does not run anymore on instances ASCS, ERS, etc.

  • XAN-2559 - Agentless monitoring does not allow the same instance number on different hosts

  • XAN-2541 - Number of Concurrent Users not correctly calculated on time zones west of UTC zone

  • XAN-2537 - MII_Connect on https causes certificate errors

  • XAN-2526 - [Agent] JOBS check with ' in name and using RUNMON interface cause errors

  • XAN-2483 - Mislabeled "Number of Update Errors" Legend in SLR Reports

  • XAN-2477 - Business service shows error 500 if any check in it is deleted

  • XAN-2467 - Allow a Kernel Update when the Control User is a Domain user

  • XAN-2445 - Improve timeout handling for Azure calls

  • XAN-2396 - Selecting servers by SAP System not working when cluster servers are involved

  • XAN-2390 - Problem with SLR jobs reports filename encoding

  • XAN-2387 - HDB_ExpSQL Check: HDBExpSQLExclude should affect the check status

  • XAN-2305 - Add all of a list to selected list shows all as available when opened again

  • XAN-2196 - Patch of Java Component recognized as downgrade

  • XAN-2044 - 500 Error when creating Server with name greater than 32 chars

  • XAN-1822 - Downloads from Avantra Master "AgentUpdate" inconsistent

  • XAN-1663 - Exception in DB2_DIAGLOG check in some circumstances

  • XAN-1511 - Java Checks JavaJobStat and JavaJobs show Unknown due to J2EEConnect

  • XAN-1506 - DB Connection Waiting

Release 21.11.3

Published on 2021-12-20


  • XAN-2593 - [Agent, Server] Update Log4j to 2.17.0 to mitigate against [CVE-2021-45105]

Release 21.11.2

Published on 2021-12-15


Release 21.11.1

Published on 2021-12-12

This release was for the Agent only to allow customers to quickly roll out an automatic mitigation for the Log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228.

This release was superseded by Release 21.11.2 for Agent and Server.


  • XAN-2570 - [Agent] Update Log4j to 2.15.0 to mitigate against CVE-2021-44228

Release 21.11.0

Published on 2021-12-07

New features

  • XAN-2419 - Provide setting Security.RUNJSEnableTestExecution to disable RUN_JS test execution

  • XAN-2403 - New Check: Transport Management Status (TMS_Status)

  • XAN-2402 - New Check: SAP Service Preparation Check (RTCCTool)

  • XAN-2401 - New Check: SAP Digitally Signed Note Compliancy (DigitalNotesCompliancy)

  • XAN-2383 - [Agent, Transports] Support independent transport releases

  • XAN-2374 - New login screen background images

  • XAN-2372 - Script Based Output Channel

  • XAN-2371 - Provide cloud/hypervisor information to RUN_JS in os.cloudMetaData

  • XAN-2368 - [Agent, Server] VMware Detection over Mac Address

  • XAN-2366 - Show SAP HotNews from a SAP system perspective

  • XAN-2344 - Login Screen Re-theming

  • XAN-2337 - Prevent clickjacking - X-Frame-Options (UI Server)

  • XAN-2335 - Allow database objects in RUN_JS for automation

  • XAN-2323 - Allow use of mail servers for parent customers in Automation

  • XAN-2319 - Simplified JavaScript API for Web Requests

  • XAN-2300 - [Server] Provide a stateful storage location for Notification Output Channels

  • XAN-2273 - [Server – UI/UX] VMware: Add link to vCenter

  • XAN-2247 - [Server] Add support to disable the certificate check, for VMware vCenter.

  • XAN-2239 - [Server] Automatic detection of the correct VMware account for servers in Avantra.

  • XAN-2233 - Simplified JavaScript API for SAP RFC Calls

  • XAN-2225 - [Server – UI/UX] Smart Prediction: Show prediction for CPULoad Check

  • XAN-2219 - [Server – UI/UX] Visualise auto detected SAP systems

  • XAN-2218 - [Server – UI/UX] Visualise auto registered servers in UI

  • XAN-2210 - [Server] VMware Support for Sync

  • XAN-2209 - [Server – UI/UX] Start configuration for automation workflow

  • XAN-2191 - Ability to execute RUN_JS checks directly on an agent for testing

  • XAN-2187 - Make AUTOMATION_EXEC_KEEP_DAYS configurable

  • XAN-2155 - [Agent] Smart Prediction: Add model calculation service to the agent

  • XAN-2154 - [Agent, Server] Smart Prediction: Add optional forecast part to check results

  • XAN-2141 - [Server] Time Series Analysis: Ensuring forecasts stay within limits

  • XAN-2058 - New Check: Solution Manager Detection (ServiceDataCCN)

  • XAN-2006 - Open new UX from Classic UI

  • XAN-1920 - SAP HotNews Advisor Calculation of affected systems

  • XAN-1855 - Background download of SAP HotNews to Avantra database

  • XAN-1850 - Add integration to SAP support backbone

  • XAN-1775 - Write an entry to logbook when master and ui are started

  • XAN-1680 - New Check: Solution Manager Landscape Consistency (LMDB_Consistency)

  • XAN-1679 - [Agent] New Check: Solution Manager Setup (SM_SolmanSetup)

  • XAN-1670 - [Server] Show Check results in the notifier messages

  • XAN-1584 - VMware Detection

  • XAN-1559 - Agent self registration: user interface

  • XAN-1558 - Agent self registration: Master creates self registered servers objects

  • XAN-1557 - [Agent] Agent self registration: agent registers itself to Avantra Master

  • XAN-1547 - Create UI to display SAP Notes information

  • XAN-1546 - New Daily Check: Collect and store SAP notes information (SAP_NOTES)

  • XAN-1545 - [Server] Store SAP notes information of Daily Check SAP_NOTES in inventory and implement change processing

  • XAN-1464 - Implement VMware Start/Stop VM

  • XAN-1459 - Introduce monitored system independent performance counters, global or per customer

  • XAN-1263 - [Server] Change Master to not allocate the checks which depend on the ABAP transport if transport is not installed

  • XAN-1262 - [Agent] Change Agent to not deliver the checks which depend on the ABAP transport

  • XAN-1255 - Implement predictive analytics for HDB_CPU Load

  • XAN-1213 - Introduce new UI framework as foundation for UI/UX renewal & improvement

  • XAN-1158 - [Agent] Agent on Linux creates systemd service file during installation

  • XAN-1068 - [Mobile] Add support for TLS 1.3 in Avantra Mobile App


  • XAN-2458 - SAP System Composite Checks: SAP Instance selector - change wording for DEPRECATED option

  • XAN-2281 - [Transports] New Avantra dynamic code transport

  • XAN-2102 - Improve performance of getting last RTM History record

  • XAN-2054 - [Server] Add RtmStatusId to CheckTransaction

  • XAN-2001 - [Server] Change Check DB Layer to Hibernate

  • XAN-1526 - CPULOAD check: report check as UNKNOWN after start of agent and not as OK


  • XAN-2515 - Duplicate SAP instances appear causing false alerts

  • XAN-2370 - Avantra Server updater should not replace Java VM path in rc script

  • XAN-2299 - [Transports] SAP_JOB Custom-Check Shortdump due to Start date

  • XAN-2192 - [Transports] Missing authorisation for S_XMB_AUTH