Release 23.3.8

Published on 2024-05-13


  • XAN-5559 - Provide a switch to change the MSSQL database driver used for monitoring

  • XAN-5365 - Update Spring libraries to mitigate CVE-2024-22243

  • XAN-5280 - Update org.postgresql:postgresql to mitigate CVE-2024-1597


  • XAN-4756 - SCS_MSGSRV turns to UNKNOWN when AGENTALIVE shows a WARNING which does not work during a cluster switch

  • XAN-4583 - HDB_MemoryPeak - Internal error: invalid key PEAK_USED_MEMORY_KB of record 1

Release 23.3.7

Published on 2024-01-24

New features

  • XAN-4774 - Support RUN_JS custom checks for ASCS type instances


  • XAN-5159 - Check list dashlet shows data when logged in user doesn’t have correct authorisations

  • XAN-5158 - Chart dashlet shows data when logged in user doesn’t have correct authorisations

  • XAN-5149 - Systems from customers where the user doesn’t have permission are accessible in the mobile app/graphQL API

Release 23.3.6

Published on 2023-12-14

Avantra Agent release only


  • XAN-4996 - [Agent] Update org.htmlunit:htmlunit to mitigate CVE-2023-49093

Release 23.3.5

Published on 2023-11-13

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-4761 - GraphQL: Newly created SAP System not available for further API calls

  • XAN-4749 - Email with a content type of text is not sent

  • XAN-4584 - Very large custom check responses sent from agent are not interpreted correctly

Release 23.3.4

Published on 2023-10-03

Please refer to the release notes for Avantra 23.3.0 as well as the Upgrade Notes: 23.3 before installing this update.


  • XAN-4715 - [Notifier] Periodic resend with email output channels causes duplicates

  • XAN-4714 - [Server – UI/UX] Improve slow check search performance with the NOT keyword

  • XAN-4707 - Alternating RUN_JS custom check result when "run on DB host" is selected

  • XAN-4702 - [Notifier] DB Session is not closed when interpolation is resolved

Release 23.3.3

Published on 2023-09-13

Please refer to the release notes for Avantra 23.3.0 as well as the Upgrade Notes: 23.3 before installing this update.


  • XAN-4649 - [Automation] Workflow executed through scheduler hangs when input is a System Selector

  • XAN-4645 - In some situations the daily check details are not refreshed in UI

  • XAN-4644 - [Automation] Error 500 when editing a 'Wait for system status' step in a workflow

  • XAN-4639 - Multi RTM Status dashlet stopped showing daily check data after 23.3 upgrade

  • XAN-4602 - [Notifier] HTTP output channel: log the payloads of HTTP request/response to the message log

  • XAN-4596 - [Server – UI/UX] SAPHostAgentStatus cannot be filtered in a check list

Release 23.3.2

Published on 2023-08-16

Please refer to the release notes for Avantra 23.3.0 as well as the Upgrade Notes: 23.3 before installing this update.


  • XAN-4582 - [Notifier] Output format (JSON,XML) not applied automatically for interpolations used in HTTP payloads

  • XAN-4580 - Custom Check "FILESYSTEM" not working as expected

  • XAN-4578 - [Notifier] HttpProxyBypass setting is ignored by output channels after update to 23.3

Release 23.3.1

Published on 2023-08-10

Please refer to the release notes for Avantra 23.3.0 as well as the Upgrade Notes: 23.3 before installing this update.


  • XAN-4567 - Upgrade of MSSQL based Avantra Servers could fail during DB migration of namespaces

Release 23.3.0

Published on 2023-08-08

Please refer to Upgrade Notes: 23.3 before installing this update.

New features

  • XAN-4415 - Improve performance of workflow step callbacks

  • XAN-4392 - Performance improvement for refreshing RTM checks

  • XAN-4380 - BCS Checks: Email information hidden by default with new monitoring parameter to re-enable collection

  • XAN-4332 - [Automation] Support loops in workflows

  • XAN-4313 - [Notifier] New JavaScript API to call other output channels from JavaScript based output channels

  • XAN-4311 - Support for Java 17 for Avantra Agent [Beta]

  • XAN-4307 - [Notifier] New Notifier APIs to manipulate check results during in Javascript based output channels

  • XAN-4279 - New check SAPHostAgentStatus to monitor SAP Host Agent installations

  • XAN-4278 - SAP HotNews: Respect SAP Host Agent information in calculation

  • XAN-4269 - New system selector criteria to find agents which are not on the latest version

  • XAN-4265 - SAP Host Agent detection

  • XAN-4214 - Custom-Checks: Allow deactivation of notifications

  • XAN-4213 - [Automation] Export multiple workflow execution logs in a zip

  • XAN-4190 - [Automation] Workflow execution log level display with new JavaScript logging API

  • XAN-4164 - New Interpolation for SAP HANA System DB

  • XAN-4151 - SLR: Choose which system types to include

  • XAN-4021 - Introduce new namespace permissions concept

  • XAN-4020 - Namespaces configuration moved to Configuration → Integrations menu

  • XAN-3916 - [Automation] Add a Type to a workflow

  • XAN-3915 - SAP_IDOCS: Support showing segment fields to expedite resolution

  • XAN-3876 - New warning when deactivating a custom check

  • XAN-3865 - [Automation] Improve auditing of schedules for automation

  • XAN-3570 - [Automation] Show system name in node Inputs/Outputs in a workflow

  • XAN-3560 - New JavaScript API (sapHostControl) to provide native access to the SAP Host Control web service

  • XAN-3109 - Allow predefined system selectors in a check selector

  • XAN-2999 - Kernel Upgrade: Sort bundle files by patch number

  • XAN-2868 - New daily check to monitor the SAP PSE certificate validity for SAP systems and SAP Webdispatcher

  • XAN-1981 - Generic Start/Stop/Restart Automation Action


  • XAN-4553 - Stop HANA Database Workflow does not execute

  • XAN-4506 - Update Spring components to mitigate CVE-2023-34034

  • XAN-4424 - Update Firebase libraries to mitigate CVE-2023-2976, CVE-2023-34462

  • XAN-4423 - Update Spring components to mitigate CVE-2023-20863

  • XAN-4373 - Deprecated TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 still active by default on agents

  • XAN-4371 - Update org.json:json to mitigate CVE-2022-45688

  • XAN-4362 - Kernel Upgrade: Use DIR_EXECUTABLE as first location for SAPCAR

  • XAN-4359 - Update org.xerial:sqlite-jdbc to mitigate CVE-2023-32697

  • XAN-4353 - Spanish translation for SLRs

  • XAN-4325 - [Automation] Introduce new parameter max_steps_triggered_per_minute to limit concurrently executed workflows/steps

  • XAN-4319 - [Notifier] Implement new dropdown for pre-defined check selectors on notification Action

  • XAN-4259 - Log Avantra user and group permission changes to the Logbook

  • XAN-4238 - Add detailed logging for all web API calls

  • XAN-4175 - Show help tooltips on click

  • XAN-4153 - Check SM_SolmanSetup is RTM and should be daily

  • XAN-4096 - Exclude DBCONNECT from SystemAlive for unsupported databases

  • XAN-4035 - Limit the number of displayed charts in one Chart dashlet

  • XAN-4003 - New parameters to rate limit API requests per user/ minute

  • XAN-3427 - New configuration options to set UI HTTP security headers


  • XAN-4552 - System selector fails to list system if used in optimised variant for SAP system databases

  • XAN-4548 - USER_PWD_AUDIT short dumps on systems when 731 mode selected (COMP_CODE = 3)

  • XAN-4545 - SAP Job maintenance inputs should be in uppercase and support other job users

  • XAN-4518 - [Notifier] Notifier UI: Notification messages for daily check details are not visible

  • XAN-4501 - Go to monitoring server greyed out without edit permission

  • XAN-4496 - [Notifier] ServiceNow automatic incident management handles not accessible incident incorrectly

  • XAN-4490 - ABAP_DD_DB Check should refer to SAP Note 2371466

  • XAN-4449 - NPE when rendering workflow executions

  • XAN-4448 - System refresh: ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO text limited to only 62 characters

  • XAN-4439 - HDB_DeltaMerges critical with HANA 2.0 SP7

  • XAN-4406 - Wrong count in Multi RTM Status dashlet

  • XAN-4401 - Exception when file bundles don’t have a namespace

  • XAN-4389 - Prevent the setting of an SAP HANA database as a HANA SystemDB

  • XAN-4375 - QRFC_OUT Cannot parse "00000000 000000"

  • XAN-4368 - Non default Agent port not accepted for new servers

  • XAN-4358 - Custom Check SAP_WEB_SERVICE_MONITOR excludes instead of includes receivers

  • XAN-4355 - SCC_CertificateStatus does not show up in list of daily checks in SLR

  • XAN-4345 - Kernel Upgrade: SAPControl User credentials is checked even for when using client certificates

  • XAN-4340 - Checks not visible under Daily tab within SAP System

  • XAN-4333 - [Automation] Step information not logged when workflow is executed for selected steps

  • XAN-4330 - Automatically detected changes in SAP notes are incorrectly dated causing duplicates

  • XAN-4329 - Custom ports with SMTPS messaging configuration are ignored

  • XAN-4328 - HDB_TenantMemoryPeak: Sometimes returns an invalid number

  • XAN-4322 - ServiceNow service does not close db session

  • XAN-4321 - SAP backbone configuration not migrated to the new encryption algorithm in 23.2

  • XAN-4320 - Improved logging for monitored system lookup exceptions

  • XAN-4314 - MemoryCollector: Timeout occurred during data collection on Windows

  • XAN-4308 - Error handling: error message not clear when credential is missing

  • XAN-4302 - [Automation] Prevent automatic retry after 4 hours of start/stop when triggered from the UI

  • XAN-4273 - Detection Failure on BO systems not reported in Selfcheck

  • XAN-4257 - Avantra Server Installer does not work in silent mode for Windows

  • XAN-4252 - Remove too long possible values for daily check keep time (unit is months)

  • XAN-4234 - Workflow names starting with numbers cause exceptions

  • XAN-4223 - Built-in Service Hours are ignored by notifications

  • XAN-4188 - HDB_MemoryPeak shows incorrect values on some SAP HANA versions

  • XAN-4181 - [Server – UI/UX] Daily checks do not open check result tab when opened by a Check Selector

  • XAN-4173 - Duplicate SAP system credentials can be saved

  • XAN-4169 - Exception while rendering the Daily Check Overview when some daily checks are absent

  • XAN-4161 - HDB_License: Could cause an exeception during execution

  • XAN-4149 - Database system selector doesn’t select SAP System Database

  • XAN-4126 - Availability Records cannot be accessed due to MS SQL 2100 parameters limit

  • XAN-4099 - FileSystem check reports 100% usage and negative used values on nfs sporadically

  • XAN-4038 - SCC checks for unsupported SCC versions should be disabled

  • XAN-4008 - [Automation] Using the SOAP API to start workflows could cause an exception when parameters are not passed

  • XAN-3974 - No information logged for hana system-db servers in log during restart

  • XAN-3972 - SelfCheck is WARNING when monitoring Oracle system remotely

  • XAN-3926 - Monitoring parameter set does not work for databases

  • XAN-3911 - Moni param MIIFailedMessageTimeSpan can’t be found in moni params for MII_FailedMessageStat check

  • XAN-3831 - [Notifier] Output Channels: <#outputformat "JSON"> does not produce proper JSON

  • XAN-3815 - Incomplete Daily Checks after SAP system DB migration

  • XAN-3647 - [Automation] Not possible to change workflow name during import

  • XAN-3314 - [Server – UI/UX] Exception when adding some relevant systems manually to SAP HotNews

Release 23.2.6

Published on 2023-07-12

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-4485 - [Notifier] Customer filter in output channel has no effect

Release 23.2.5

Published on 2023-06-12

Avantra Server release only

New features

  • XAN-4365 - Configure execution customer of workflow output channel

Release 23.2.4

Published on 2023-06-05

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-4344 - Kernel Upgrade: IGS version check is disabled but version number is still highlighted in red

  • XAN-4338 - Outdated JVMs could cause the credential migration to fail when updating to 23.2

  • XAN-4324 - Credential migration with certain cloud authentications could fail when updating to 23.2

Release 23.2.3

Published on 2023-05-10

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-4298 - Upgrade fails to re-encrypt SAP system/database passwords if upgrading from 23.0.x to 23.2.x

  • XAN-4297 - [Notifier] Exceptions in notification handling are not outputted correctly to the logs

  • XAN-4296 - [Notifier] Notifications not created properly on MSSQL based Avantra installations

Release 23.2.2

Published on 2023-05-05

New features

  • XAN-3804 - Active Directory: Support user ID mapping


  • XAN-4293 - [Transports] ZAVANTRA role missing auth object for SAPOpModeConsistency check for some 7.3x systems

  • XAN-4290 - Start/Stop of SystemDB fails with encryption error

  • XAN-4276 - [Notifier] Disabling/Enabling the notifier doesn’t update the UI after upgrade to 23.2

  • XAN-4274 - DBCONNECT failure on Windows with Oracle after Avantra Update to 23.2

  • XAN-4228 - [Notifier] Notification system not recovering after DB errors

Release 23.2.1

Published on 2023-04-28

Avantra Agent release only


  • XAN-4271 - J2EEConnectHttp is CRITICAL after 23.2 update with sysinfo page is NOT ok

Release 23.2

Published on 2023-04-26

New features

  • XAN-4232 - [Automation] Enable search, filtering, and sorting for workflow executions

  • XAN-4107 - [Automation] General UI improvements

  • XAN-4104 - [Automation] Larger input fields for Workflows and Steps

  • XAN-4103 - [Automation] Allow collapsing of JavaScript step UI tabs to free up more space

  • XAN-4095 - [Automation] Require a confirmation when starting a workflow

  • XAN-4084 - [Automation] New API field to set the customer of a workflow execution

  • XAN-4083 - [Automation] Validate customer of execution while executing a workflow

  • XAN-4082 - New caching mechanism between UI and server services

  • XAN-4078 - Performance improvements on sending configuration to agents

  • XAN-4074 - Enhancement to SSLCertificatesValidity check with new fields

  • XAN-4032 - [Automation] Improve performance of starting many workflows in parallel

  • XAN-4028 - [Automation] Support feature to completely stop the workflow engine

  • XAN-4011 - Global enhancement of MONXAN5 error message displays

  • XAN-3973 - [Automation] Reduce queries on Workflow tables to improve performance

  • XAN-3958 - Support new script editor for RUN_JS, SQL_QUERY and JavaScript Notification Channels

  • XAN-3957 - Add Cloud Services Service Type to available system selector filter options

  • XAN-3927 - PostgreSQL 14 & 15 Support

  • XAN-3908 - License view only dedicated permission

  • XAN-3899 - Show External ID in SAP Application Log Custom check output

  • XAN-3784 - Support notification triggers for RUN_JS custom check type

  • XAN-3523 - Improve ServiceNow server CI Class Mapping

  • XAN-3054 - Performance: reduce selects on properties and property_types table

  • XAN-2889 - Allow predefined system selectors in an SLR Template

  • XAN-2427 - Improve Avantra Database Encryption level

  • XAN-1746 - JavaScript code completion for Avantra APIs in the editor

  • XAN-1745 - Show RUN_JS code snippets to help users create custom checks


  • XAN-4187 - Add project to generated Google Cloud URLs

  • XAN-4163 - Update net.sourceforge.htmlunit:htmlunit to mitigate CVE-2023-26119

  • XAN-4147 - Update Spring components to mitigate CVE-2023-20860 & CVE-2023-20861

  • XAN-4113 - Kernel Upgrade: Allow multiline selection in bundle & keep focus on selected item

  • XAN-4088 - Enable Autocomplete functionality on dropdown lists

  • XAN-3986 - Enable shared connection usage on routes to improve performance

  • XAN-3982 - Improve JavaScript error handling on custom checks, automation steps and JavaScript output channels

  • XAN-3906 - [Automation] Show the system name instead of ID in executions

  • XAN-3800 - Use named user as default user in Windows Installers

  • XAN-3676 - Server installer should use JAVA_HOME environment variables to detect Java VM


  • XAN-4162 - View password permission restriction does not work

  • XAN-4134 - BO_Logs shows "null" error

  • XAN-4129 - Connection timeout for SAP Kernel Upgrade is too short

  • XAN-4127 - OSHI: incomplete tasks:COL.MEMORY

  • XAN-4118 - Composite channel reports OkSent while all child-channels are OkBlocked

  • XAN-4108 - Deadlock occurs sometimes during agent cycles

  • XAN-4101 - [Transports] TMS_Status ABAP short dumps in 73X systems

  • XAN-4092 - Avantra server doesn’t use the right port to send to agent

  • XAN-4086 - [Server] ERS_CONNECT stays on status OK even if the ERS instance is stopped

  • XAN-4080 - [Automation] Changing customer of variant will not reset assigned systems

  • XAN-4072 - Use proxy in new ServiceNow output channel

  • XAN-4059 - SAPControl Auth: PEM Private key w/o public key not recognised, causes 401 errors

  • XAN-4055 - [Automation] Executions are not filtered for user permissions

  • XAN-4053 - Exception shown when creating a role/permission set

  • XAN-4045 - [Transports] UpdateRecErrStat & UPDATEQUEUE checks are not working as expected

  • XAN-4033 - [Automation] No feedback after starting workflow with system selector

  • XAN-4030 - [Automation] Improve error handling in Automation Executions UI

  • XAN-4027 - ServiceNow Incidents custom attributes not set with Avantra server 23.1.1

  • XAN-4025 - AIX Filesystem check fails on AIX with JFS2

  • XAN-4010 - Exception during loading environment payload

  • XAN-4006 - Remove double backslashes in path in the Windows installer

  • XAN-3998 - RUN_JS test run does not work on agentless SAP System

  • XAN-3996 - [Notifier] Action import causes exception if it contains more than one subchannel

  • XAN-3995 - Changes on Password Policy settings are not logged in logbook

  • XAN-3963 - HDB_TenantMemoryPeak not reflecting the same values as in HANA Studio

  • XAN-3934 - [Automation] Created by user of copied workflow is not changed

  • XAN-3913 - Exception when applying changes to SNOW auth without customer

  • XAN-3900 - SAP application log custom check can’t filter for lower case external ids

  • XAN-3872 - script corrupts agent.cfg during settings sync

  • XAN-3868 - "Not Composite Check" missing in check selector

  • XAN-3864 - Improve Predictive Analytics (FIT) to avoid overlapping ALIVE responses from agent

  • XAN-3842 - Agent port does not work in command line agent installation on Windows

  • XAN-3828 - PI messages performance: Losing interface information after restart

  • XAN-3641 - [Notifier] REST based output channels with GET/HEAD/OPTIONS methods do not work

  • XAN-3480 - Restrict where SXMB_MessagesStat check runs to prevent exceptions on unsupported systems

  • XAN-3394 - Use correct role for ServiceNow import user

  • XAN-3337 - [Automation] Workflow execution variant not shown if default is used and not changed

  • XAN-3298 - Email notifications sent and Checks updated after Server receives AgentList for unmodified checks

  • XAN-3043 - Kernel Upgrade: BRTools version check is disabled but version number still highlighted in red

Release 23.1.3

Published on 2023-03-29

New features

  • XAN-4081 - Evaluate workflow execution systems against the selected customer


  • XAN-4141 - Improve ServiceNow Service Graph sync robustness

Release 23.1.2

Published on 2023-03-02


  • XAN-4049 - Workflows executed with System Selectors don’t take into account user permissions

  • XAN-4037 - Agent File System exclude ignored on Linux based OS

  • XAN-3997 - Notifications are sent for AgentConnect every 5 minutes

  • XAN-3810 - Memory check runs for too long

Release 23.1.1

Published on 2023-02-09


  • XAN-4001 - Avoid agent configuration requests being queued multiple times


  • XAN-4009 - Check list shows Avantra services not running for all non admin users

  • XAN-4007 - Stop of ASE DB does not work after 23.1.0

  • XAN-3999 - [Notifier] Notification testing doesn’t work always when filters are used

  • XAN-3992 - Opening job executions is not possible after 23.1.0

  • XAN-3991 - FILESYSTEM "Exclude" does not work on Windows after 23.1.0

Release 23.1

Published on 2023-02-01

New features

  • XAN-3856 - [Automation] New advanced editor for JavaScript Workflow Steps

  • XAN-3848 - Add support for sapControl JavaScript API on SAP Java systems

  • XAN-3837 - New daily check to monitor ASE SAP Configuration

  • XAN-3836 - [Automation] Remove system selector input type

  • XAN-3823 - Support for monitoring parameter TimeOutFullCheck on Server

  • XAN-3807 - Show server/agent version in Connectivity page

  • XAN-3806 - [Notifier] Add support for credentials in JavaScript Output Channel

  • XAN-3788 - [Notifier] Add support for ServiceNow to the JavaScript Output Channel

  • XAN-3786 - UX improvements for Monitored System Credentials tab

  • XAN-3774 - Choose units for Predictive resource planning display and export

  • XAN-3773 - Provide export of list of systems relevant for an SAP HotNews feature

  • XAN-3768 - SLT_Status: Allow sub-checks to be turned off

  • XAN-3764 - UpdateRecErrStat: Show detail information for failed records

  • XAN-3746 - New monitoring parameter to disable cleanipc execution in start/restart of an SAP System

  • XAN-3741 - [Automation] Enforce workflow variant names are unique in a workflow

  • XAN-3736 - New JavaScript API to control SAP RFC Contexts and SAP XMI API natively

  • XAN-3684 - SCC_TopTimeConsumers: New monitoring parameters to customise warning and critical latency thresholds

  • XAN-3683 - SAP Cloud Connector: New monitoring parameter SCCSubaccountsExclude to ignore subaccounts on all SCC checks

  • XAN-3680 - Support SAP APIs (sap and sapControl) with Web Dispatcher SAP System types

  • XAN-3674 - SAP Cloud Integration (SCI): New check for JMS Message Queues

  • XAN-3673 - [Automation] UX improvements for automations that need manual interaction

  • XAN-3669 - SAP Kernel Upgrade: improved detection of Java SAP systems

  • XAN-3666 - Extend JavaScript API sapControl to HANA SYSTEMDB

  • XAN-3665 - Support new Automation dashlet in new UI

  • XAN-3664 - Support new Quick Link dashlet in new UI

  • XAN-3663 - SAP Cloud Integration (SCI): Enhance CPI_MessageLogs check with additional information

  • XAN-3649 - [Automation] Support file bundle and tags as parameter types for Step Library steps

  • XAN-3645 - [Automation] Log manual step confirmation user

  • XAN-3640 - [Automation] Replace SSH commands with sapControl API in start/stop and Kernel Upgrade

  • XAN-3629 - Update MII_FailedTransactions & MII_FailedTransactionsStat to exclude transactions with valid TERMINATE status

  • XAN-3628 - New RTM check for monitoring replication slots on PostgreSQL

  • XAN-3591 - Kernel Upgrade: UI improvements for the user to call

  • XAN-3574 - [Automation] Workflows: Make step result transmission to server more robust

  • XAN-3529 - SLT UnprocRecs: New monitoring parameter to ignore not active configurations

  • XAN-3492 - Start/Stop feature can now require a comment for audit reasons if enabled in settings

  • XAN-3430 - Validate passwords against commonly used / known password list

  • XAN-3384 - [Automation] Support system selectors starting a workflows for each monitored object

  • XAN-3311 - SAP Cloud Connector(SCC): Add version to Properties tab (For SCC v2.14.0 and above)

  • XAN-3287 - Add proxy support for Cloud Services

  • XAN-3270 - [Automation] Notification users for Workflows

  • XAN-3230 - Allow an Avantra Agent to be a Gateway/Proxy for VMware Integration

  • XAN-3201 - SAP Cloud Connector(SCC): New check for memory status (For SCC v2.13.0 and above)

  • XAN-3189 - [Automation] Execution log for Workflows

  • XAN-3115 - Secure Error Messages

  • XAN-3111 - SPOOL: New monitoring parameter SpoolOutStatusInclude to filter specific spool statuses

  • XAN-3095 - New custom check for the Webservice Message Monitor (SRT_MONI)

  • XAN-3074 - New RTM Check to monitor CRM BDOCs

  • XAN-3050 - New edit window in RUN_PROG custom check to allow you to edit and save the script

  • XAN-2948 - New custom check to monitor SAP Workflow errors

  • XAN-2946 - New custom check for SAP Workflow event queue monitoring

  • XAN-2561 - [Automation] Improve the logging when starting/stopping the HANA tenant database

  • XAN-2404 - SAP Cloud Connector(SCC): New check for certificate expiry (For SCC 2.13.0 and above)

  • XAN-2171 - SYB_Backup/-Stat: Support EXTERNAL_DUMP backup type

  • XAN-2105 - SYB_Backup/-Stat: Support CUMULATIVE backup type

  • XAN-1931 - Improve message for HDB_License


  • XAN-3850 - Update Spring components to mitigate CVE-2022-25857 & CVE-2022-38749

  • XAN-3844 - Update Google Firebase & GCP libraries to mitigate CVE-2022-3509 and CVE-2022-3510

  • XAN-3776 - Update Jackson data libraries to mitigate CVE-2022-42003

  • XAN-3744 - SAP Kernel Upgrade: Default options can be set in Avantra settings

  • XAN-3737 - SAP Kernel Update: Improved logging

  • XAN-3735 - MII_DataServers: Order servers with an error on top

  • XAN-3724 - Add more possible values for parameter DB Clean Up Service.DAILY_CHECK_KEEPTIME

  • XAN-3624 - Default secure application cookie flags

  • XAN-3561 - Show a message in the Checks list when check information cannot be read from the server

  • XAN-3546 - [Automation] Errors in Ansible playbooks are detected and passed on to the Automation Engine.

  • XAN-3361 - Update org.json:json to mitigate potential security vulnerability with malformed JSON

  • XAN-3322 - Show user IDs in all user dropdown lists

  • XAN-3080 - SAP_REPORT: New message when a program is not allowed by configuration

  • XAN-2713 - Disable ability to use TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1


  • XAN-3964 - Slow performance when setting monitoring On/Off from the UI

  • XAN-3898 - Unable to Stop/Start Hana Tenant if hostname doesn’t match to the real HANA hostname

  • XAN-3861 - Respect SAP HotNews affected operating system in system calculation

  • XAN-3830 - Setting MASTERPORT on agent auto-registration is ignored by installer

  • XAN-3816 - ShortDumpStat performance improvement when large amounts of short dumps occur

  • XAN-3814 - [Transports] SLT_SrcTrgt could error when large number of records are affected

  • XAN-3812 - SCC_Subaccounts: Only mark relevant columns with a status colour

  • XAN-3809 - Disabling a check doesn’t always prevent it from running

  • XAN-3797 - OS Architecture appears as unknown in some situations

  • XAN-3796 - Service Hours are ignored by notifications after 23.0

  • XAN-3778 - [Automation] Step input type can’t be changed after the wf input assigned to it

  • XAN-3772 - [Notifier] Workflow step action can’t send to channel if type added later

  • XAN-3743 - Kernel Upgrade fails in Windows with Service runs with administrative privileges: OSExecute disabled

  • XAN-3734 - Resetting settings in Administration → Settings doesn’t work as expected

  • XAN-3721 - [Automation] Confusing workflow step error message while agent is starting

  • XAN-3705 - [Notifier] Export of notification action with spaces in name fails silently

  • XAN-3704 - [Automation] Schedule can’t start workflow with system selector in variant

  • XAN-3699 - [Automation] Manually stopped workflow execution remains in stopping state

  • XAN-3696 - AGENTALIVE CRITICAL due to agent running twice

  • XAN-3695 - Changing a tunnel from reverse to direct, the port is displayed as -1

  • XAN-3694 - Avantra Server installation on Windows should force choosing a service account

  • XAN-3685 - Show nicer message when an automation turns off monitoring

  • XAN-3672 - Mail notification for daily checks not working if no timezone set

  • XAN-3671 - [Automation] Import fails if zip file includes unknown files

  • XAN-3648 - Exception found in AxScheduledStatisticsCollector

  • XAN-3644 - [Automation] File Bundle last modified and modified by are not updated when only changing files

  • XAN-3643 - Custom Daily Checks are not visible within "Daily Check Overview" in some situations

  • XAN-3630 - [Server – UI/UX] SOAP API - Worfklow Start: Argument with no value element

  • XAN-3620 - MII_Schedules shows CRITICAL erroneously when failed schedules are executing again

  • XAN-3619 - Avantra Server upgrade pointing to Custom JVM does not work

  • XAN-3618 - Daily Check WORKLOAD ignores moni param DialogPerfMinStepCount

  • XAN-3616 - Ignore pages which cannot be restored after login

  • XAN-3611 - Activating/deactivating custom checks does not write an entry to the logbook

  • XAN-3610 - SAP Instance Type JAVA_SCS+WD is not available for selection in UI

  • XAN-3607 - Agent updates do not consider systemd

  • XAN-3606 - Agent diagnostics port listener active on port 9058 after self registration

  • XAN-3605 - Windows self registration fails when no system role is specified

  • XAN-3600 - [Server – UI/UX] Not installed product versions are shown in the installed products tab

  • XAN-3592 - LogAdapter: Certain configurations cause invalid regular expressions

  • XAN-3588 - [Automation] Import of workflows with some steps not possible

  • XAN-3585 - HDB_LogBackup shows complete data backup as well

  • XAN-3573 - SPOOL / SPOOLSTAT: Check doesn’t show data in some situations

  • XAN-3559 - [Automation] workflow-start is not listed under help section of CLI

  • XAN-3550 - No Sound notifications on Avantra app on IOS

  • XAN-3539 - Maintenance Scheduler doesn’t default to the system’s timezone

  • XAN-3532 - Do not send factory-reset when deleting virtual servers from GUI

  • XAN-3531 - Changing only the default value of a workflow step doesn’t enable the Apply button

  • XAN-3525 - [Automation] If an agent restarts during step execution it is marked as a failure

  • XAN-3517 - [Automation] Duplicate input parameters on input type change

  • XAN-3512 - [Automation] Renaming a workflow to have the same name as another workflow causes an exception

  • XAN-3489 - Copying a Parameter Set does not copy the set of disabled checks

  • XAN-3486 - [Automation] After a server restart, long running workflows are not handled correctly

  • XAN-3483 - SHORTDUMPS check details bar always shows as OK

  • XAN-3473 - [Notifier] Multiple alerts fired to channel for a custom check in some situations

  • XAN-3465 - Changing the monitoring parameter AgentListenerPort does not work correctly

  • XAN-3390 - WEB_DISP detection issue when dialog instance over take the default profile setting of WD

  • XAN-3389 - Update CLI grammar to remove unsupported fields

  • XAN-3368 - Some Daily checks only detect errors since 07:00

  • XAN-3302 - [Automation] Last modified timestamp not updated after workflow modification

  • XAN-3286 - HDB_Backup Alert shows a wrong Message Text

  • XAN-3280 - [Agent] Windows Installer does not update and deletes agent

  • XAN-3204 - [Automation] Show workflow output for all retries

  • XAN-3170 - Daily Check Runtimes are wrong for certain daily checks

  • XAN-3137 - Stop/Start server using Mobile App

  • XAN-2969 - [Transports] ShortDumpStat doesn’t work when more shortdumps than the ShortDumpCountMaxSelect limit occur

  • XAN-2692 - [Server – UI/UX] License: Sending activation data through a proxy may not work

  • XAN-2650 - [Notifier] Using filters in notification actions list containing special characters causes an exception

  • XAN-2624 - Windows Installer: delete old xangui-x.x.x.jar version when a new version is installed

  • XAN-2462 - Unable to set root customer in a Composite Check

  • XAN-2416 - [Server] Wrong Interpretation of Mail Server Debug Flag

  • XAN-2330 - J2EEConnectUrlSuffix should not be shown as available to configure the J2EECONNECT check

  • XAN-2276 - [Server – UI/UX] Prevent ServiceNow synchronisations without a system selector

  • XAN-1846 - [Notifier] Handle deleted/removed users when adding recipients to an Output Channel

Release 23.0.5

Published on 2023-02-08

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-4001 - Avoid agent configuration requests being queued multiple times

Release 23.0.4

Published on 2022-12-21

Avantra Agent release only

SAPTemSeConsistency consistency check, which was introduced with Avantra 23.0.0, is deactivated with Avantra agent 23.0.4. This was because SAPTemSeConsistency regularly took too long and ran into timeouts, which resulted in incomplete daily checks. Our engineering is investigating alternative solutions for the TemSe check.

New features

  • XAN-3736 - New JavaScript API to control SAP RFC Contexts and SAP XMI API natively


  • XAN-3825 - SAPTemSeConsistency daily check causes timeouts

Release 23.0.3

Published on 2022-11-23

New features

  • XAN-3722 - New permissions to control view and editing of SAP HotNews

  • XAN-3688 - Add custom customer labels to XML version of Service Level Reports

  • XAN-3686 - Change minimal password length to 8 characters but set default value to 12

  • XAN-3268 - New View/Edit permission for SAP HotNews


  • XAN-3700 - Cloud Connector SSL connection is now supported on JDK 9+


  • XAN-3697 - Fixed Java NullPointerException in Check Result Dialog

  • XAN-3693 - Fixed sending OK notifications after Avantra restart/update and DOWN in SAP systems

  • XAN-3687 - [Agent] Fixed SAP Control Alerts Custom check type which does now work for Java systems and for ABAP transport is not required

  • XAN-3662 - ActiveDirectory: fixed password change request for every successful logon

  • XAN-3646 - Java NullPointerException while updating checks in Avantra UI

Release 23.0.2

Published on 2022-11-03


  • XAN-3654 - Generation of Service Level Reports not working anymore

Release 23.0.1

Published on 2022-10-31


  • XAN-3621 - Update net.sourceforge.htmlunit:htmlunit to mitigate CVE-2022-42889 in org.apache.commons:commons-text


  • XAN-3639 - Notifier REST/Web OutputChannel does not use correct proxy

  • XAN-3637 - Daily Check notification to external command not working

  • XAN-3636 - RFC User migration fails for some systems

  • XAN-3633 - Exception when using notification filters

  • XAN-3615 - Avantra server service does not start when OAuth 2.0 notification channel are configured

Release 23.0

Published on 2022-10-19

New features

  • XAN-3514 - [Automation] UX improvements for step import with global overwrite option

  • XAN-3513 - [Automation] UX improvements for workflow execution window

  • XAN-3501 - New log file with start and stop events for Avantra Server

  • XAN-3449 - Remove deprecated selections from system selector under SAP systems and instances

  • XAN-3444 - Performance: reduce database load on moni_params, check_properties, moni_params_ex1,moni_params_mba tables

  • XAN-3440 - Performance: create database index on maint_history, active_from and active_until

  • XAN-3439 - Performance improvement to ZIP large check results in memory

  • XAN-3436 - Write Composite Checks/Business Services check results/rtm_status via RtmChecksManager (and not with MyBatis Mapper)

  • XAN-3434 - [Automation Template] Operating System Updates

  • XAN-3418 - [Automation] Ansible Library for Avantra

  • XAN-3411 - [Automation] Improved UX for adding a step to a workflow

  • XAN-3406 - [Automation] Change workflow variable values during execution

  • XAN-3398 - [Automation] New built in workflow step to call an Ansible playbook

  • XAN-3380 - [Automation Template] Oracle database support for SAP System Refresh

  • XAN-3377 - [Automation Template] New step library steps to call Ansible Controller in an Avantra workflow

  • XAN-3373 - Performance: Enable UI sharing of backend check cache

  • XAN-3359 - New separate permission to edit maintenance window schedules

  • XAN-3332 - [Automation] Create Automation as a new top level menu

  • XAN-3328 - [Server – UI/UX] Show only latest SAP Installed product version support pack in SLR Reports

  • XAN-3303 - Kernel Upgrade: Set path instead of searching for it

  • XAN-3290 - [Automation] New "On Failure" option to completely stop the workflow

  • XAN-3274 - Show number of logged in users in xangui.log

  • XAN-3273 - [Server] Add global parameter to bypass global proxy for a list of customer defined domains

  • XAN-3249 - [Automation] Workflow variants can be marked as exportable/local

  • XAN-3228 - [Automation] New JavaScript API for interacting with the SAP Control API

  • XAN-3226 - [Automation] Stop workflow executions

  • XAN-3187 - Show only latest SAP Installed product version support pack

  • XAN-3131 - PostgreSQL supported on Avantra Standard

  • XAN-3130 - New RTM check for highlighting deadlock scenarios on PostgreSQL

  • XAN-3129 - New RTM check for highlighting temporary file usage on PostgreSQL

  • XAN-3128 - New RTM check for identifying bloated tables on PostgreSQL

  • XAN-3127 - New RTM check for highlighting long transactions on PostgreSQL

  • XAN-3126 - New RTM check for monitoring connections to PostgreSQL

  • XAN-3123 - Enable RUN_JS test execution and automation steps on Java Systems

  • XAN-3118 - New check TRFCInStat to monitor TRFC in records with details. and updated TRFCOutStat to display more information

  • XAN-3104 - [Automation] New built-in step to send a notification message from an automation

  • XAN-3029 - [Automation] Table parameter types for Automation Steps & Workflows

  • XAN-3003 - Kernel Upgrade: allow parallel execution of multiple SIDs on a single server

  • XAN-3001 - Kernel Upgrade: Use SAP Control API instead of SSH to support more scenarios

  • XAN-2981 - Kernel Upgrade: Check the availability of the system in the prerequisite and scheduled phases

  • XAN-2979 - Kernel Upgrade: Make the backup optional

  • XAN-2964 - Kernel Upgrade: Modify backup/restore & prerequisite checks for Kernel files

  • XAN-2960 - Kernel Upgrade: Make system Stop/Start optional

  • XAN-2949 - Enhance daily check TMS_Status with import overview

  • XAN-2931 - Timezone support for maintenance window scheduling and viewing

  • XAN-2921 - New daily check for SAP Spool Consistency report

  • XAN-2917 - New daily check for SAP Active Server Profiles

  • XAN-2909 - New daily check for CCMS Segment Overview

  • XAN-2907 - New daily check for Internal RFC Connections

  • XAN-2906 - New daily check SAP Operation mode consistency

  • XAN-2903 - New daily check SAPInitialInconsistency to run transaction SICK

  • XAN-2902 - New daily check SAPTemSeConsistency

  • XAN-2870 - Agent Installation - Multiple confirm

  • XAN-2783 - Kernel Upgrade: New global parameter to change the SAP kernel backup retention time

  • XAN-2776 - Support timezones for Service Hours in Notification Action List

  • XAN-2767 - New daily check SAPBufferSummary to monitor buffer swaps & hit ratio

  • XAN-2750 - [Automation] Complex selection criteria for "Schedule" of automations

  • XAN-2657 - Enhance "SAP Control User" Authentication in SAP Systems and Instances to support certificates

  • XAN-2655 - New daily check to validate SAP licenses

  • XAN-2599 - Multi Clients credentials for SAP System

  • XAN-2450 - [Automation] Enable JavaScript Steps, test execution & debugging for Cloud Services

  • XAN-2432 - Enable RUN_JS Custom Checks for non-Generic Cloud Services

  • XAN-2190 - GraphQL/SOAP API key for user login

  • XAN-2055 - Support of standalone WebDispatcher

  • XAN-1948 - New monitoring parameter SLTSrcTrgtRecordDiff

  • XAN-1869 - New check HDB_TenantMemoryPeak for HANA 2.0

  • XAN-1232 - Kernel Upgrade: Implement Rolling Kernel Upgrade


  • XAN-3474 - Update Jetty libraries to mitigate CVE-2022-2047

  • XAN-3471 - Update com.onelogin:java-saml to mitigate CVE-2021-40690

  • XAN-3470 - Remove Alibaba cloud support

  • XAN-3469 - Upgrade org.jsoup:jsoup to mitigate CVE-2022-36033

  • XAN-3468 - Update Camunda libraries to mitigate CVE-2020-26945

  • XAN-3467 - Update Jackson libraries to mitigate against CVE-2022-25857

  • XAN-3426 - Use more secure JSON web token signing algorithm

  • XAN-3425 - Set minimum password length allowed

  • XAN-3407 - HDB_ExpSQL: Exclude monitoring of SYS_STATISTICS* statements

  • XAN-3402 - Update ckeditor to mitigate multiple security vulnerabilities

  • XAN-3391 - Improve performance of the check for updates dashlet

  • XAN-3360 - Update org.postgresql:postgresql to mitigate CVE-2022-31197

  • XAN-3349 - Update com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp to mitigate potential information exposure vulnerability

  • XAN-3320 - Upgrade OSHI to include AIX OS support

  • XAN-3317 - Update net.sourceforge.htmlunit:htmlunit to mitigate against CVE-2022-29546

  • XAN-3289 - Kernel schedule improvement for Timezone and 24h format

  • XAN-3288 - Add System Selector in Configure SAP Kernel Upgrade

  • XAN-3264 - Update ZK to mitigate potential security vulnerability in file upload

  • XAN-3239 - Kernel Upgrade: Execute oraroot script for Oracle if present

  • XAN-3211 - Allow number of notifier runners to be configured in the UI

  • XAN-3198 - Kernel Upgrade: IGSHelper should be treated as version independent

  • XAN-3183 - CLI command chgserver - Java error without monitored_systems record

  • XAN-3153 - Update to mitigate CVE-2021-22573

  • XAN-3150 - Set JDBC ApplicationName for Avantra UI and Server connections

  • XAN-3124 - Parameter global.log-files cannot be set more than 50

  • XAN-2873 - Kernel Upgrade: Change user notification message

  • XAN-2816 - Remove support for running on Tomcat server

  • XAN-2640 - Upgrade google-cloud-compute to 1.7.0 to mitigate multiple CVEs

  • XAN-2297 - Rename Cloud Services, Service Types to SAP BTP naming

  • XAN-1494 - Performance: ChecksMapper.selectCheckIdsBySystem, implement a new query for DCD only

  • XAN-1493 - Performance: ChecksMapper.selectCheckIdsBySystem, implement a new query for RTM only


  • XAN-3593 - Daily Check TMS_Imports: Selection of non-imported transports differs from day to day

  • XAN-3582 - Kernel Upgrade - show detail message on multiple lines, implement line breaks

  • XAN-3541 - Sporadic Avantra Setup UI on existing installation

  • XAN-3510 - Field WP_SEM_LOCKING not always found in SAP_BASIS 731 all SP’s

  • XAN-3506 - NPE in NewAgentConfig.fillInCredentials

  • XAN-3503 - NPE in MySapInstanceListItemRenderer.render

  • XAN-3494 - XandriaTimer: Timer already cancelled (Error when generating a new SLR Report)

  • XAN-3490 - Big timeouts for JavaScript steps break agent-master communication

  • XAN-3458 - Incorrect documentation link for SLT_IUCJobs and SLT_SrcTrgt checks

  • XAN-3448 - SOAP Output Channel: details not visible when many customers are selected

  • XAN-3442 - [Server – UI/UX] UI: NPE when sap system has an unknown / not yet known SAP note implemented

  • XAN-3401 - JavaScript debugging fails on agents with routing

  • XAN-3387 - [Transports] UPDATERECERR - No Records Found

  • XAN-3375 - CheckDetailsHistoryComposer: IndexOutOfBoundsException

  • XAN-3362 - "View Passwords" permission no longer works after 21.11.600 update

  • XAN-3358 - [Server – UI/UX] CCMS Checks should only require credentials and not a transport

  • XAN-3356 - [Transports] Custom check for workflow event queue short dumps in S4

  • XAN-3352 - [Agent] JavaScript Engine: Executor is terminated right after creation

  • XAN-3351 - Creating credentials incorrectly uses a default name

  • XAN-3334 - [Agent] RTM Check TRFCOUTSTAT has intermittent exception

  • XAN-3319 - [Server] Sometimes an SAP Instance is created without a customer

  • XAN-3301 - [Server – UI/UX] Avantra CLI 21.11.601 reports InvalidPathException on Windows

  • XAN-3300 - Avantra server cannot reach service although it is started.

  • XAN-3285 - Monitoring parameter TimeOutMIIConnect not changeable

  • XAN-3284 - [Transports] JOBSTAT: Aborted jobs triggered by events are not considered as CRITICAL

  • XAN-3282 - Custom monitoring parameter for databases shows as SAP System

  • XAN-3278 - [Server] Customer Application ID/Value is not available in SLR XML

  • XAN-3277 - Agent update does not work and gives a consistent error message after 21.11.600 update

  • XAN-3269 - Communication: SSL handshake timeout after 10 seconds despite connection timeout is 30 seconds

  • XAN-3256 - Unclear check details for AgentAlive

  • XAN-3252 - [Automation] Unable to remove a customer on a step library step

  • XAN-3240 - Ambiguous DB mon server prevents instance from being marked as 'seen'

  • XAN-3238 - Agent/server communication: Alter connection close to better support some network devices

  • XAN-3209 - Authentication bug for SAP Cloud Neo Monitoring

  • XAN-3190 - [Agent] Java exception in BW_PROCESSCHAINS check

  • XAN-3185 - CCMS Check shows a java.lang.NullPointerException

  • XAN-3156 - [Server – UI/UX] Selecting a dropdown element by typing will not select the element

  • XAN-3122 - Parameter 'global.log-file-size' under server settings doesn’t work

  • XAN-3009 - Check for free space before agent db compression

  • XAN-2995 - Performance data in SLA

  • XAN-2984 - Duplicate hostname causes wrong host to be inserted in route

  • XAN-2962 - RUN_JS: test action does not support macros

  • XAN-2910 - Scheduled SAP HotNews download fails after DST switch

  • XAN-2837 - Number of Transport, Shortdumps, Update Errors not reported in SLR

  • XAN-2822 - Security Audit Log: Detail mode not functional

  • XAN-2735 - New JVM path is not detected by agent after JVM update

  • XAN-2717 - Check help links are not opening the correct check documentation

  • XAN-2586 - [Server] global.log-level does not work for everything

  • XAN-2294 - JavaSSLCertificatesValidity not available

  • XAN-2262 - PI Messages Dashboard Performance Data missing