Release 24.1.3

Published on 2024-05-13


  • XAN-5365 - Update Spring libraries to mitigate CVE-2024-22243

Release 24.1.2

Published on 2024-04-05

New features

  • XAN-5419 - Improve robustness of SAP system waiting phase after executing a start/stop action

  • XAN-5368 - Added feature to extend the automatic restart interval for agents during periods of stalled data collection


  • XAN-5402 - External checks cannot be updated with CLI

  • XAN-5398 - [Notifier] Resolver now correctly interprets millisecond timeouts instead of seconds

Release 24.1.1

Published on 2024-03-20


  • XAN-5367 - Security vulnerability fix for dashboards

  • XAN-5362 - Service Authentication configurations don’t respect customer user restrictions

  • XAN-5355 - [Agent] Agent installer fails on Windows in some scenarios

  • XAN-5310 - [Automation] Workflow import/export does not export all inputs/outputs

  • XAN-5273 - [Agent] HDB_License daily check does not work from 24.0

Release 24.1

Published on 2024-02-29

New features

  • XAN-5196 - [Automation] Enhance workflow import/export compatibility handling between Avantra versions

  • XAN-5165 - [Automation] Namespace validation errors should contain the affected namespace name

  • XAN-5163 - Support RUN_JS custom checks for Web Dispatcher instances

  • XAN-5150 - Provide an option to disable collection of specific information from the agent

  • XAN-5131 - Improve performance of the SAP HotNews calculation

  • XAN-5099 - Improve download of Avantra Server logs according trace level

  • XAN-5098 - [Server – UI/UX] Increase number of entries in list views

  • XAN-5079 - Enforce retry limit of daily checks when server is unavailable

  • XAN-5049 - New server fields for cloud region, zone and project in lists and selectors

  • XAN-4987 - Include installed product versions in ServiceNow Service Graph synchronization

  • XAN-4972 - [Automation] Simplified workflow loops

  • XAN-4971 - [Automation] Workflow conditional flow logic (if and else branching)

  • XAN-4869 - [Agent] Use default port 30013 for SAP HANA system DB instead of 30015

  • XAN-4847 - TMSImport: Enhance monitoring parameters TMSImportReturnCodeCrit/-Warn to support more return codes

  • XAN-4845 - Enhance SAP version information gathering using SAP Control

  • XAN-4778 - SLR Report: new options to filter included changes in the report

  • XAN-4670 - SAPPSECertificates: New monitoring parameter to ignore historic expired certificates

  • XAN-4669 - CPI_KeystoreExpiration: New monitoring parameter to ignore historic expired certificates ignore expired certificates

  • XAN-4547 - [Server] Improved error handling for Maintenance Window synchronisation

  • XAN-4544 - [Automation] Support JavaScript Steps running on the Avantra Server

  • XAN-4519 - SAPPSECertificates: New monitoring parameters to include/exclude specific PSEs

  • XAN-4509 - New system selector criteria to select databases/SAP systems hosted by a SAP HANA System DB

  • XAN-4454 - SIQ_Cache: Rework use of monitoring parameters to prevent false alerts in normal scenarios

  • XAN-4452 - Clean forgotten workflow executions from the database after some time

  • XAN-4361 - TMS_Import: New monitoring parameter TMSIncludeNotImported to control if not imported transports should be checked

  • XAN-4354 - TMS_Imports: New monitoring parameter to set the threshold of not imported transports for a CRITICAL alert

  • XAN-4304 - PI_AEMessagesStat: New monitoring parameter to exclude specific receivers

  • XAN-4258 - New password policy options to require specific cases and limit consecutive characters

  • XAN-4057 - Support use of system selectors for the HotNews dashlet

  • XAN-4004 - SLR Report: New option to truncate check result tables after X lines

  • XAN-3522 - New custom check for monitoring connectivity to a Content Server Repository

  • XAN-3164 - New custom check for SAP system-wide Work Process Overview (SM66)

  • XAN-2784 - New RTM custom check for monitoring BW process chains

  • FEA-1901 - Hide the left hand navigation menu when navigating to a new page

  • FEA-1881 - [Dashboard] New dashboard sharing popover

  • FEA-1854 - [MOM] Support SAP HANA System DB selection in SAP HANA standalone databases

  • FEA-1849 - [Dashboard] Dashboard search

  • FEA-1846 - [MOM] Minor fixes for managed objects table, navigation and error layout fixes

  • FEA-1828 - Show last data refresh in table refresh action

  • FEA-1814 - New refresh action for all tables in next-gen UI

  • FEA-1813 - New 'Export to CSV' action for all tables in next-gen UI

  • FEA-1798 - [Dashboard] Update unsaved changes popups during dashlet creation

  • FEA-1796 - [Dashboard] Switch all dropdowns to searchable comboboxes in dashboards

  • FEA-1794 - [MOM] Add 'Prevent Automatic Updates' flag to SAP System properties

  • FEA-1549 - [Dashboard] Charts dashlet design update


  • XAN-5304 - Make the password policy for known weak passwords case insensitive

  • XAN-5280 - Update org.postgresql:postgresql to mitigate CVE-2024-1597

  • XAN-5013 - Add 12hr time interval for “Disable Notifications” function

  • XAN-4636 - Increase strict-transport-security header value to secure https connection

  • XAN-4598 - Update org.eclipse.jgit to mitigate CVE-2023-4759

  • FEA-1866 - [Dashboard] Minor explanation text copy changes

  • FEA-1831 - [MOM] Rename navigation from 'monitored' to 'managed' objects

  • FEA-1759 - [Dashboard] Add new page for the case when user has no dashboards


  • XAN-5263 - [Automation] Workflows with multiple variants are not exporting with error duplicate key

  • XAN-5234 - Start/Stop of AWS instances not functioning after change in EC2

  • XAN-5216 - E2E custom checks should not be editable as a traditional custom check

  • XAN-5210 - Upgrading to 24.x with specific older data in server JAVA version fails database migration

  • XAN-5206 - Reload of daily checks could not complete in specific circumstances

  • XAN-5194 - System refresh: ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO text should be limited to 74 characters

  • XAN-5146 - Check help links point to incorrect documentation pages

  • XAN-5145 - Credentials for the notifications mail server are not migrated during upgrade

  • XAN-5138 - Mail server configuration cannot be scrolled in UI

  • XAN-5129 - Large numbers of SAP notes found in a daily check cause performance issues on the Avantra Server

  • XAN-5107 - Inspecting details of an historic daily check throws an exception

  • XAN-5103 - [Server – UI/UX] Searching with an asterisk/wildcard search term returns incorrect results

  • XAN-5101 - Long timeout when SAP HANA database unreachable

  • XAN-5088 - Open database monitoring server button is not visible on some browsers

  • XAN-5062 - Opening some dashboards in the new UI with duplicate dashlets cause a "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error to be displayed

  • XAN-5057 - HTTP_RESPONSE with evaluate JavaScript feature enabled doesn’t produce consistent results

  • XAN-5054 - Icons missing in performance data configuration in some scenarios

  • XAN-5035 - Enhance permission handling of default 'RTM Control Center' dashboard in new UI

  • XAN-5030 - SAPPSECertificates: The year for some certificates is read incorrectly

  • XAN-5024 - CIFS File systems are not reachable with 24.0

  • XAN-5015 - [Server – UI/UX] Rapidly changing list search filters doesn’t always update the list results

  • XAN-5008 - Dashboards: Predictive dashlet with server resource type and an SAP system selector causes an exception

  • XAN-5002 - Avantra server installer on Linux includes a confusing warning log message

  • XAN-4997 - Defining administrator/deputy for composite check scope throws an exception

  • XAN-4873 - [Transports] DIALOGPERF daily check gives non-specific error message if no data found

  • XAN-4871 - [Notifier] End to End Web service checks do not appear in the list of custom checks for notifier check selector

  • XAN-4868 - Using the 'show assigned' checkbox while editing managed object credentials disables the apply button

  • XAN-4848 - Detected WebDispatcher version may be incorrect if different instance versions are installed on the same server

  • XAN-4837 - [Server – UI/UX] Searching with a hyphen in the search term returns incorrect results

  • XAN-4834 - Moving columns in SAP License table moves only the header

  • XAN-4807 - An exception is thrown if there is no RelayState sent during a SAML login

  • XAN-4782 - [Server – UI/UX] The check result from a Composite check is not formatted correctly

  • XAN-4756 - SCS_MSGSRV turns to UNKNOWN when AGENTALIVE shows a WARNING which does not work during a cluster switch

  • XAN-4748 - Server cannot be deleted when there is a database on the server still assigned to a BOBJ system

  • XAN-4662 - Kernel Upgrade: Ignore unicode check for igs* files

  • XAN-4585 - Migrating remote system between monitoring servers causes duplicate not seen instances

  • XAN-4570 - Availabilities of SAP Instances flipping from OK to UNKNOWN on VMware systems

  • XAN-4303 - Log Adapter checks fail when a previously read file is rotated to a location the agent cannot access

  • XAN-3988 - [Server] Improve SAP HotNews CSV export to include all items in columns

  • XAN-3787 - Adding more than one composite check to a monitoring parameter set results in an error

  • FEA-1900 - [Dashboard] Chart block takes the whole dashlet height when multiple charts should be shown

  • FEA-1848 - [MOM] Managed object details inventory table is not working correctly if no searchable data

  • FEA-1835 - [MOM] Managed object performance charts not functional

Release 24.0.7

Published on 2024-03-21

New features

  • XAN-5150 - Provide an option to disable collection of specific information from the agent


  • XAN-5280 - Update org.postgresql:postgresql to mitigate CVE-2024-1597


  • XAN-5367 - Security vulnerability fix for dashboards

  • XAN-4756 - SCS_MSGSRV turns to UNKNOWN when AGENTALIVE shows a WARNING which does not work during a cluster switch

Release 24.0.6

Published on 2024-01-24

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-5159 - Check list dashlet shows data when logged in user doesn’t have correct authorisations

  • XAN-5158 - Chart dashlet shows data when logged in user doesn’t have correct authorisations

  • XAN-5149 - Systems from customers where the user doesn’t have permission are accessible in the mobile app/graphQL API

Release 24.0.5

Published on 2024-01-22

Avantra Server release only

New features

  • XAN-4987 - Include installed product versions in ServiceNow Service Graph synchronization


  • XAN-5126 - [Notifier] Duplicate notifications sent due to rounding of last change date on MSSQL based Avantra Server

  • XAN-5109 - Missing Java 17 startup options for Avantra Server on Windows cause exceptions in some scenarios

  • XAN-4637 - Avantra - ServiceNow CMDB Integration: Value missing for SAP System field sapsystem_centralInstanceKernelVersion

Release 24.0.4

Published on 2023-12-20

New features

  • XAN-5040 - [Server – UI/UX] Reduce Avantra server memory consumption for the daily check list

  • XAN-5034 - [Agent] TMS_Imports: Limit display to only the first 100 not imported transports in check result


  • XAN-5050 - [Server – UI/UX] Avantra UI memory not released after search index creation

Release 24.0.3

Published on 2023-12-18

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-5029 - [Server – UI/UX] Check index size growing on file system

  • XAN-5027 - [Server – UI/UX] Fix for XAN-4882 breaks list header layout

  • XAN-5025 - [Server – UI/UX] GraphQL API: Notification messages - not all types are implemented

  • XAN-5009 - [Notifier] Notifier confirms checks even when the output channel is aborted or blocked

  • XAN-4991 - Add-in library calls fails when proxy requires a password

Release 24.0.2

Published on 2023-12-08


  • XAN-5005 - [Agent] Agent self registration doesn’t function with 24.0 agent

  • XAN-4998 - [Agent] Database RUN_JS custom check fails when upgrading agent to 24.0.0

  • XAN-4996 - [Agent] Update org.htmlunit:htmlunit to mitigate CVE-2023-49093

  • XAN-4984 - "Mold default not found in zul.sel.Option" after 24.0.0 upgrade

  • XAN-4882 - Last line of tables is sometimes cut-off in UI

Release 24.0.1

Published on 2023-12-05

Avantra Server release only


  • XAN-4986 - Unreachable Add-in library API calls may block UI

  • XAN-4975 - Upgrade to Avantra 24 fails on MSSQL databases

Release 24.0

Published on 2023-11-30

New features

  • XAN-4842 - [Automation] Support filtering and summary of executed steps for workflows

  • XAN-4825 - Add the Customer field to the SAP Instance list

  • XAN-4824 - Support customer specific Parameter Sets

  • XAN-4786 - SLR Report: customizable performance charts for history and forecast

  • XAN-4774 - Support RUN_JS custom checks for ASCS type instances

  • XAN-4772 - New welcome page in classic UI

  • XAN-4759 - Enhanced new UI integration to the classic UI for dashboards

  • XAN-4752 - PI_IntegrationDirectory: Limit execution to only systems with ESR

  • XAN-4743 - [Automation] New SAP Control API: getEnvironment(..)

  • XAN-4699 - Implement enhanced logging for BusinessObjects collectors to help diagnose connection errors

  • XAN-4694 - Kernel Upgrade: New option to ignore version compatibility

  • XAN-4692 - Improve DB session performance/handling of Avantra server services

  • XAN-4678 - Improve performance and usability of the workflow execution list

  • XAN-4674 - Distribute global functions through add-in library

  • XAN-4661 - Improve performance on the changes table

  • XAN-4657 - New Add-in Library to browse/install/update available add-ins

  • XAN-4617 - Force Select All feature for Java and Agent Update

  • XAN-4517 - [Automation] Implement SAP HotNews through a workflow

  • XAN-4488 - Support disabling check notifications for a set time

  • XAN-4438 - Collect postgres bloat in Avantra Server Log file package

  • XAN-4409 - New self registration silent installer options for Agent on Windows

  • XAN-4350 - New monitoring parameter JavaLongRunningThreadsCountWarn

  • XAN-4306 - New monitoring parameter to enable/disable OS code execution per server

  • XAN-4305 - Support of certificate based authentication to HANA databases

  • XAN-4295 - New dedicated permission for editing the Avantra License

  • XAN-4284 - Support collection of data for PowerPC architectures with modern libraries

  • XAN-4280 - Reworked USER_AUTHORIZATIONS custom check to support grouped authorisation object values

  • XAN-4217 - Send custom attributes and cloud server information to ServiceNow Service Graph CMDB

  • XAN-4165 - Start the server of the System DB when starting the SAP+DB+SystemDB+Server

  • XAN-4140 - Send customer ID and name to ServiceNow ServiceGraph CMDB

  • XAN-4130 - Allow start/stop for non cloud servers

  • XAN-4067 - New theme for Classic UI

  • XAN-4051 - [Automation] Reworked Credentials input type to support ad-hoc entries or credential purposes

  • XAN-3397 - Remove deprecated ServiceNow outbound synchronization

  • XAN-3366 - Require Java 17 for the Avantra Server

  • XAN-2413 - Support different file encoding for Log Adapter custom checks

  • XAN-2189 - Upgrade SAP Java Connector (JCo) to 3.1.8

  • XAN-1655 - Encrypt the Avantra database sensitive fields with a unique customer key on install/upgrade


  • XAN-4852 - SAP System Parameters are marked with "last collected"

  • XAN-4801 - Update org.eclipse.jetty:jetty-http to mitigate CVE-2023-36478

  • XAN-4778 - SLR Report: add criteria to insert changes

  • XAN-4653 - Update new user welcome email texts

  • XAN-4589 - Update H2 to mitigate CVE-2022-45868

  • XAN-4574 - Increase USER_TITLE field to accept 128 characters

  • XAN-4425 - Update Hazelcast libraries to mitigate CVE-2023-33264

  • XAN-4376 - API rate limiting is now active by default

  • XAN-4155 - Add order to Service Graph navigation item

  • XAN-4154 - Kernel Upgrade: Verify the current permissions when compressing the archives

  • XAN-4115 - RUN_PROG: Remove field "Program executable name"

  • XAN-4014 - SAP Client input field: limit to 3 digit, only digit allowed


  • XAN-4948 - ASCS instances remain unknown in Automation Edition

  • XAN-4938 - Exception when unable to read SAPVERSION table

  • XAN-4908 - WD_Connect: UNKNOWN after Maintenance Window

  • XAN-4905 - Exception when opening chart filters tab in Performance Data

  • XAN-4888 - Increase maximum length of SAP_WEB_SERVICE_MONITOR search patterns

  • XAN-4874 - Show a maximum of 30 next executions for a schedule if there are too many

  • XAN-4841 - [Automation] On Failure behavior of loop steps behaves incorrectly

  • XAN-4811 - [Server – UI/UX] Exception while testing output channels for server events (License Expiry)

  • XAN-4806 - Instance detection: certain sapservices files are not parsed correctly

  • XAN-4791 - [Automation] Empty system selectors cause exceptions when executing workflows

  • XAN-4790 - Dashboard GraphQL function dashboardValues does not check user permissions for dashlets

  • XAN-4767 - Error when creating AWS Mail Server

  • XAN-4746 - Scheduled start of a workflow with system selector does not select systems with monitoring off

  • XAN-4740 - HANA SAP Control detector blocks collection

  • XAN-4734 - Kernel Upgrade: Prerequisites doesn’t report missing sudo correctly

  • XAN-4731 - [Automation] Workflow sequential loop executions hang when a system in system selector is offline

  • XAN-4730 - [Notifier] Error on Channel creation for Customer Notifications

  • XAN-4729 - Check SAPPSECertificates can not find sapgenpse.exe

  • XAN-4722 - SAPPSECertificates: Improved logging to catch invalid certificate date responses

  • XAN-4720 - Automation workflow step bcSAPDocumentationEdit fails with Authorization Error

  • XAN-4713 - HDB_TenantMemoryPeak collector runs into numeric overflow in some configurations

  • XAN-4706 - [Automation] Exception while opening previous workflow executions

  • XAN-4703 - SAPPSECertificates: Exception thrown when no message is returned

  • XAN-4695 - SAP HotNews sorting with Status column doesn’t work

  • XAN-4689 - Exception in UI check cache load occurs in some cases

  • XAN-4681 - Unable to save channel in Notification (Customer)

  • XAN-4680 - Warning about setting HTTP header 'Content-Type: application/json' is constantly written in notifier.log

  • XAN-4679 - [Server] External checks do not (always) update "Last Checked"

  • XAN-4676 - [Automation] Sequential workflow loops terminate unexpectedly when looping through a large system selector

  • XAN-4675 - [Automation] Import of workflow with loop step fails

  • XAN-4672 - Attachment deletion causes an exception

  • XAN-4666 - Exception when AWS SMS notifications are configured without recipients

  • XAN-4656 - Navigation to DB Monitoring Server from SAP System not possible without edit permissions

  • XAN-4655 - During BOBJ stop automation the DB is stopped before BOBJ

  • XAN-4654 - Performance Dashlet does not show PI messages

  • XAN-4634 - Option 'Run Custom Check on DB Host' not used when using 'Execute Test Run' button

  • XAN-4633 - SLT_SrcTrgt check should not report Critical status on unsupported configuration

  • XAN-4632 - Search problem in monitoring parameter

  • XAN-4631 - Exception when adding server without version to a route

  • XAN-4630 - Exception when importing check selector into a system selector

  • XAN-4624 - "Certificate Chain must be set" when adding private key for SSH access

  • XAN-4587 - DialogResponseTimes for dialog instances not shown

  • XAN-4583 - HDB_MemoryPeak - Internal error: invalid key PEAK_USED_MEMORY_KB of record 1

  • XAN-4527 - Exception for Maintenance Window when underlying monitored system cannot be found

  • XAN-4525 - [Automation] Old workflow executions cannot be opened

  • XAN-4513 - Daily Check UPDATERECERR throws exception in some circumstances

  • XAN-4511 - Disabling a custom check by schedule causes similar custom checks to be disabled also

  • XAN-4491 - [Automation] Duplicate workflow parameter names causes an exception

  • XAN-4484 - [Automation] Workflow executions don’t check inputs from output channels

  • XAN-4482 - [Automation] Workflows cannot begin with a number

  • XAN-4446 - Row color in email notification doesn’t match UI for SQL check output

  • XAN-4434 - UpdateRecErrStat shows incorrect sub results and message

  • XAN-4422 - Java MTE not found if the case doesn’t match

  • XAN-4420 - [Notifier] ServiceNow Incidents not created and custom attributes not set with automatic incident lifecycle enabled

  • XAN-4356 - [Server – UI/UX] SAP HotNews: Cannot change status of SAP note from Implemented

  • XAN-4335 - Starting/Stopping an ASE DB with certain special characters in the password fails

  • XAN-4318 - Unable to monitor NFS shared drives

  • XAN-4300 - Notification hotlinks redirect to an error when logging through SAML

  • XAN-4299 - SCC_TopTimeConsumers check details bar displays incorrect colors

  • XAN-4249 - BO_Jobstat, BO_Jobs and BO_Servers show exceptions in some circumstances

  • XAN-4216 - ServiceNow CMDB synchronisation causes a timeout when synchronising a large numbers of systems

  • XAN-4132 - SAPNotes check is missing linked monitoring parameters in UI

  • XAN-4121 - SECURITY_AUDIT_LOG should only work on ABAP based SAP Systems

  • XAN-4090 - Leaving some parameter types blank while testing a step causes an exception

  • XAN-3953 - Results between UPDATERECERR and UPDATERECERRSTAT don’t match

  • XAN-3948 - Test execution of RUN_JS checks on Cloud Services doesn’t work

  • XAN-3777 - Resize check selectors on Define RTM and Daily Check Selection screen

  • XAN-3500 - Custom check switched from Daily to RTM is not deployed as RTM

  • XAN-3403 - Unable to create a favorite on a Custom Checks View

  • XAN-3175 - SAP HotNews calculation reports 'Strange Java component' on some systems