Release 20.5.3

Published on 2020-08-06

Unfortunately a fix with a JSON library introduced in 20.5.3 release of the Avantra Agent breaks the RFC Destination custom check. Customers making use of this custom check are advised to not use the 20.5.3 Agent. We will release an 20.5.4 update next Thursday, August 20.

New features

  • XAN-972 - [Agent] Add monitoring parameter that forces JSON compatibility mode in ABAP

  • XAN-969 - [Transports] Add possibility to force JSON compatibility mode

  • XAN-698 - [Agent] SLT: show installed product versions


  • XAN-960 - Execute post installation steps after first login also when login is done with a SAML user

  • XAN-929 - Sybase Log size is missing in SLA report (xml)

  • XAN-903 - Start/Stop of DB - Oracle produces error 'For input string "or"' but continues successfully after using skip

  • XAN-898 - Make sure that Help on menu item goes to the corresponding documentation release

  • XAN-881 - Workaround for "Exception during SOAP call: Invalid XML character" errors

  • XAN-865 - Support of self signed certificates in HTTP Response Custom Check

  • XAN-793 - Thread deadlocks in the ibatis connection pool

  • XAN-777 - Improved ORACLE_HOME detection; consider oratab & handle symlink folders

  • XAN-730 - [Server] Option to define a second proxy for activation


  • XAN-991 - [Server] WebService: Server DNS alias field not populated

  • XAN-976 - [Agent] Exception during collection:SHORTDUMPSSTAT

  • XAN-975 - Exception during collection:TRANSPORT_INFO

  • XAN-967 - [Agent] Monxan5 collector throws NumberFormatException

  • XAN-961 - DB2_TABLESPACES check: improve Warning state selection (value "0" will now be treated as OK for TBSSTATE)

  • XAN-954 - MediumCheck is UNKNOWN on various systems

  • XAN-950 - Custom Monitoring Parameters don’t work for Databases

  • XAN-946 - [Server] "Checksum verification failed" seen on Master related to cloned/duplicated Agents

  • XAN-940 - Improve timeout handling of unresponsivnes SAP systems for RFCCONNECT check

  • XAN-927 - NPE in Master

  • XAN-915 - [Agent] Settings in file ../agent/cfg/jvm.options gets overwritten during agent update

  • XAN-911 - Sybase backup false alerts even if excluded from SYSBackupStatExclude

  • XAN-905 - ADA_Backup - Moni Parameter BackupAgrCrit can not be configured directly on the check

  • XAN-901 - Custom Daily Checks cannot be selected on Multiple System Overview Dashlet

  • XAN-899 - [Server] After the upgrade to 20.5.1 SLR reports fail due to availability data

  • XAN-891 - [Server] Start/Stop/Restart of SAP Systems: option to select HANA is selectable for non HANA system

  • XAN-889 - Automation: option to disable check database status before starting SAP system (R3trans)

  • XAN-887 - [Mobile] Mobile App - Android - Confirm action doesn’t show a confirm message

  • XAN-882 - [Server] Avantra transports info is not collected for all SAP Systems

  • XAN-878 - [Server] BO detection on VCS still not working

  • XAN-858 - Notification - [Test] Daily check details doesn’t show Custom-Check

  • XAN-857 - Notification - Mail Output Channel - Recipient type not saved

  • XAN-848 - Check ORA_FSLOGARCH remains INITIAL after upgrade

  • XAN-830 - Possibly UI bugs in Notifications [Customer] section

  • XAN-639 - [Agent] Daily custom checks for SAP instances like SAP_R3SYSLOG run only on one instance

  • XAN-602 - [Agent, Transports] JOBSTATS turn to CRITICAL during DST switch

Release 20.5.2

Published on 2020-06-26

New features

  • XAN-842 - Show activation data history within customer installation as well

  • XAN-825 - [Transports] Add functionality to show imported transports in Avantra

  • XAN-678 - Show transport version in Avantra

  • XAN-499 - [Server] MeteringService for GCP

  • XAN-417 - [Agent, Server] Deployment Guide for Avantra on Google Cloud Platform


  • XAN-850 - RUN_JS: http calls, implement option to set a timeout

  • XAN-817 - Display customer lists sorted alphabetically by default

  • XAN-806 - [Server] Option to delete red alert message in UI

  • XAN-798 - [Agent] Improve error message of ABAP interface when /SYSLINK/MONXAN5 throws an authorisation error


  • XAN-838 - [Mobile] Missing user when start/stop execution is triggered by the MobileApp

  • XAN-835 - Business Service: record availabilities option fails with database locks

  • XAN-828 - MSSQL Service not recognised if not default instance

  • XAN-815 - [Agent] Company certificates rejected on https web services of SAP systems

  • XAN-805 - Avantra Server must be restarted after license installation when running in AWS cloud

  • XAN-803 - System Selector: NOT search criterias select also null values

  • XAN-797 - RUN_JS: new API functions to create multiple http requests

  • XAN-785 - [Agent] Log Adapter - Issues parsing square brackets

  • XAN-733 - BO_CMSConnect: https support with self-signed or company certificates

  • XAN-729 - [Server] AgentConnect cycle time is 0 for some servers

  • XAN-267 - Sybase: database exclude doesn’t work properly

Release 20.5.1

Published on 2020-06-15


  • XAN-807 - [Server] Notifier: Rename XanMobile Notification Channel to Avantra MobileApp Notification Channel

  • XAN-791 - NFS4 file systems are not correctly recognized as remote file systems

  • XAN-724 - [Agent] BO_Processes: Monitoring Parameter to ignore orphan processes

  • XAN-667 - JavaServerNodes: Ignore nodes with status DISABLED

  • XAN-665 - [Agent, Server] Monitoring parameter - default value should be release dependent

  • XAN-661 - User Management: new user button deactivated if filter is set

  • XAN-641 - [Agent] SAP Detection via SAPControl: Timeout too long

  • XAN-619 - SLA Names are not unique


  • XAN-770 - Check BO_Servers fails: For input string: "-"

  • XAN-383 - Solution Documents are not correctly linked

  • XAN-369 - Wrong check cycle by the function Execute now for Daily Checks Detail

  • XAN-328 - Notification "Each nth" doesn’t work

  • XAN-325 - Dashlet for RTM check doesn’t take Composite Check as source

Release 20.5.0

Published on 2020-06-03

New features

  • XAN-784 - [Mobile] All new mobile Avantra app for iOS and Android

  • XAN-774 - [Transports] Add parameter include Report Data of Type R

  • XAN-711 - Provide monitoring parameter to include reports into ABAP Top Transaktions ie Report Data of Type R

  • XAN-710 - Add other types of SAP ABAP response times types to XML output of SLR

  • XAN-709 - Add new data of SAP components (description, patch short text, patch implementation date) to UI

  • XAN-707 - Documentation for Avantra ServiceNow integration

  • XAN-706 - Provide ServiceNow update set for customers

  • XAN-692 - Add SAP components implementation date, descriptions and short text to SLR XML output

  • XAN-677 - New Custom Check SAP_CONTROL_ALERTS

  • XAN-530 - Make Custom Attributes configurable via web service

  • XAN-521 - Encrypt credentials of cloud integrations (AWS, Azure, GCP etc)

  • XAN-507 - [Server] Provide daily check overview as configurable dashlet

  • XAN-456 - ServiceNow integration UI

  • XAN-454 - New Check for DialogResponseTime

  • XAN-437 - Detect CI for ServiceNow

  • XAN-436 - CI management interface

  • XAN-434 - Event sending interface for ServiceNow

  • XAN-430 - Create ServiceNow Update Set for CI Classes

  • XAN-428 - Create Avantra ServiceNow module

  • XAN-413 - Support of SAP MII

  • XAN-408 - Make Avantra available on Google Cloud Marketplace as Kubernetes containerised application

  • XAN-393 - Improve password hashing algorithm of Avantra users

  • XAN-391 - [Server] Change UI to allow to setup SAP remote monitoring (i. e. to create SAP instances manually) without knowledge of SAP control user

  • XAN-334 - [Agent] Extend PI monitoring: Add performance data for PI_AEMessages check

  • XAN-323 - [Agent] Support of SAP remote monitoring for ABAP instances without knowledge of SAP control user

  • XAN-309 - Add Check for long running Threads in Sap Application Server Java

  • XAN-99 - New Monitoring Parameter MSSBackupExclude

  • XAN-53 - Export / Import monitoring parameter sets


  • XAN-773 - Add support for fixed A5 listener port to Avantra UI

  • XAN-741 - [Mobile] No filter for checks.

  • XAN-738 - [Mobile] Would it be possible to have sort options next to the filter options? (By Check Status, by name, …​)

  • XAN-736 - [Mobile] Turning monitoring on or off apparently requires many attempts. At least until the switch reflects the action. This happens for both, on and off.

  • XAN-735 - [Mobile] The see related checks button in the system overview has no function.

  • XAN-725 - Agentless Monitoring: Handle FQDN as instance host name correctly

  • XAN-720 - Notification SOAP Output Channel: Support multiple schema documents in WSDL

  • XAN-693 - Enable HTTPS for Master / UI communication

  • XAN-680 - Oracle 19c: TNS Error due to Agent DB connects

  • XAN-659 - [Agent] Improved documentation on required permission to monitor SAP Netweaver Java systems

  • XAN-648 - Add digest/checksum verification to file/attachment service

  • XAN-647 - [Agent] UUID verification for new Agent config

  • XAN-624 - Encrypt database password and user name in /syslink/.xandria/database.cfg

  • XAN-574 - Enforce uniqueness of dashboard names

  • XAN-559 - Set Avantra UI Cookies to SameSite=Strict for compatibility with newer Chrome versions

  • XAN-558 - USER_PROFILES: SAP* user not found, improve wildcard handling

  • XAN-547 - Improved USER_PROFILES custom check type to allow to set the check status when no user with profile is found

  • XAN-532 - Custom moni param type PercentKMGB fails


  • XAN-772 - [Transports] SAP_JOB should use correct field for start time selection (Avantra Agent V20.5.0 required)

  • XAN-734 - BO detection on VCS fails

  • XAN-731 - AgentUpdate fails with "remote repository unavailable" when using cascaded gateways

  • XAN-728 - USER_PWD_AUDIT has illegal type in SAP 7.31 Patch Level >= 15

  • XAN-722 - [Transports] New ABAP Transport for 7.40 / Fix to /SYSLINK/CL_AUDITLOG_GET remove CL_SAL_HELPER

  • XAN-662 - [Transports] ZAVANTRA Rolle - missing permissions RFC_NO_AUTHORITY

  • XAN-645 - [Server] Automation - Shutdown of VM continue despite the fact that SAP/DB couldn’t be stopped.

  • XAN-607 - [Agent, Server] Unexpected exception during collection:ASCS_MSGSRV

  • XAN-601 - [Server] Availability Records edit button enabled without permission to edit

  • XAN-597 - [Server] NPE in CredentialsComposer

  • XAN-595 - [Server] Automation: DB name missing in automation log details

  • XAN-585 - Short check confirmation (6 minutes) shows negative confirmation time

  • XAN-575 - Private dashboard must not be visible to other users

  • XAN-568 - System Selector: Administrator selector criteria has no effect

  • XAN-462 - [Server] Confirmed check flag still active after status change

  • XAN-377 - SAP Job start time selection not working

  • XAN-227 - Improve cloud detection: check only at agent startup

  • XAN-90 - Business Service: referenced checks are lost when checks are set to inactive and activated again

  • XAN-79 - DB2_TABLESPACES return an empty STATE for TS, and should turn to W/C in case of non NORMAL

  • XAN-7 - PI_IEMessagesStat returns Cannot convert field CODE or type CHAR to char