Release 20.5.10

Published on 2022-06-24

This release is for the Agent only. This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.


  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022

Release 20.5.9

Published on 2021-12-21


  • XAN-2593 - [Agent, Server] Update Log4j to 2.17.0 to mitigate against [CVE-2021-45105]

Release 20.5.8

Published on 2021-12-16


Release 20.5.6

Published on 2020-10-15

New features

  • XAN-1201 - Provide fallback to use rc.agent script for start/stop even if systemd is configured


  • XAN-1193 - Support custom attributes for SAP Business Objects and Cloud Services

  • XAN-1184 - AD integration: option to use sAMAccountName instead of UserPrincipalName as unique user identifier

  • XAN-1133 - [Server] Avoid request from service database postgres - connection to service DB not allowed


  • XAN-1211 - NPE causes automation engine to stop

  • XAN-1209 - Resend option does not work when status changes from confirmed to unconfirmed

  • XAN-1208 - [Agent] Parameter JavaStackMonitor causes Java Stack not to be monitored anymore

  • XAN-1207 - Fix link to open AWS console

  • XAN-1191 - Automation Job Export/Import set a wrong schedule

Release 20.5.5

Published on 2020-09-21


  • XAN-1121 - [Agent] JavaJobStat causes cycle timeouts

  • XAN-1102 - [Agent] Agents installed according to Enterprise Deployment Guide can’t be updated

  • XAN-1074 - [Transports] Improve performance of /SYSLINK/CL_CLASSINFO_GET

  • XAN-1008 - [Server] Download Avantra Log Files fails for master and UI on separated hosts


  • XAN-1109 - [Server] Fetching data from the GraphQL service causes fatal error in app & Avantra UI

  • XAN-1083 - DB deadlocks on MS SQL, causing Master Status: NOT_RUNNING

  • XAN-1082 - Windows service name for MSSQL service not correctly detected for SAP System databases

  • XAN-1073 - DB2 Tablespace: report BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS as OK

  • XAN-1060 - WebService CLI: Errors when the CSV files start with a Byte-Order-Mark

  • XAN-1059 - [Server] WebService CLI: Database import does not support custom attributes

  • XAN-1058 - WebService: Wrong alias mapping "DBName" → "DBName"

  • XAN-1056 - Business Service Node Dashlet: override Title and Subtitle do not work

  • XAN-1054 - Database queries in RUN_JS checks on Java systems don’t work

  • XAN-1032 - [Internal Services] Upload of custom attributes file can add malformed entries making UI unusable

  • XAN-1020 - Automation Execution Detail View: icon is not updated when automation is finished

  • XAN-994 - RTM check history not updated anymore after disabling/enabling checks

Release 20.5.4

Published on 2020-08-20

New features

  • XAN-1011 - [Agent] Make DBM feature available in RUN_JS


  • XAN-1050 - [Transports] Add "SUSR_USER_AUTH_FOR_OBJ_GET" to role for Avantra (ZAVANTRA)

  • XAN-1049 - [Transports] Add "OCS_GET_INSTALLED_COMPS" to role for Avantra (ZAVANTRA)

  • XAN-986 - [Server] Notifier: SOAP Output Channel shows user/password data in log

  • XAN-963 - Provide option to allow self signed certificates for cloud services

  • XAN-937 - Improve error reporting when sending configuration to Agent

  • XAN-840 - [Mobile] Avantra Mobile App: Do not show Start/Stop actions for on premise servers


  • XAN-1037 - [Agent] DIALOGPERF check shows "Error calling SWNC_GET_WORKLOAD_STATISTIC return code 2"

  • XAN-1034 - Automation: only first action was executed in case of an error

  • XAN-1030 - [Server] Notifier: SOAP Channel could not load WSDL anymore after SonarLint refactoring

  • XAN-1029 - [Server] RUN_JS custom checks turn to unknown every two hours

  • XAN-1027 - JavaJobs: Exception during SOAP call on method getJobs1

  • XAN-1026 - [Transports] Incorrect parameters send to ABAP class /SYSLINK/CL_JOBS_GET

  • XAN-1023 - [Mobile] Push Notification Android

  • XAN-1021 - RUN_JS: performance values are written to SAP Instance and NOT SAP System

  • XAN-1019 - BO: Pending sessions from Avantra monitoring

  • XAN-1018 - [Agent] Wrong date format from Transports Overview in check TMS_Import[Stat]

  • XAN-1016 - SLR Job List: SLR template not shown in list

  • XAN-1014 - [Server] MediumCheck still present on various systems

  • XAN-1012 - doesn’t work anymore with Avantra 20.5

  • XAN-1006 - [Agent] RFC Checks not working after Upgrade to 20.5.3

  • XAN-984 - Send To Agent/Execute Now don’t work with Cloud Service Object and Checks

  • XAN-966 - Notifications do not work with Cloud Service Objects

  • XAN-957 - MII_Connect appears for MII System as OK and for Instance as UNKNOWN

  • XAN-926 - [Server] Delete Check-Selector doesn’t verify usage in Notifications

  • XAN-890 - Custom Check "RUN_JS" does not execute on SAP Java Systems

  • XAN-860 - Custom checks running on a daily basis on cloud services do not work

Release 20.5.3

Published on 2020-08-06

New features

  • XAN-972 - [Agent] Add monitoring parameter that forces JSON compatibility mode in ABAP

  • XAN-969 - [Transports] Add possibility to force JSON compatibility mode

  • XAN-698 - [Agent] SLT: show installed product versions


  • XAN-960 - Execute post installation steps after first login also when login is done with a SAML user

  • XAN-929 - Sybase Log size is missing in SLA report (xml)

  • XAN-903 - Start/Stop of DB - Oracle produces error 'For input string "or"' but continues successfully after using skip

  • XAN-898 - Make sure that Help on menu item goes to the corresponding documentation release

  • XAN-881 - Workaround for "Exception during SOAP call: Invalid XML character" errors

  • XAN-865 - Support of self signed certificates in HTTP Response Custom Check

  • XAN-793 - Thread deadlocks in the ibatis connection pool

  • XAN-777 - Improved ORACLE_HOME detection; consider oratab & handle symlink folders

  • XAN-730 - [Server] Option to define a second proxy for activation


  • XAN-991 - [Server] WebService: Server DNS alias field not populated

  • XAN-976 - [Agent] Exception during collection:SHORTDUMPSSTAT

  • XAN-975 - Exception during collection:TRANSPORT_INFO

  • XAN-967 - [Agent] Monxan5 collector throws NumberFormatException

  • XAN-961 - DB2_TABLESPACES check: improve Warning state selection (value "0" will now be treated as OK for TBSSTATE)

  • XAN-954 - MediumCheck is UNKNOWN on various systems

  • XAN-950 - Custom Monitoring Parameters don’t work for Databases

  • XAN-946 - [Server] "Checksum verification failed" seen on Master related to cloned/duplicated Agents

  • XAN-940 - Improve timeout handling of unresponsivnes SAP systems for RFCCONNECT check

  • XAN-927 - NPE in Master

  • XAN-915 - [Agent] Settings in file ../agent/cfg/jvm.options gets overwritten during agent update

  • XAN-911 - Sybase backup false alerts even if excluded from SYSBackupStatExclude

  • XAN-905 - ADA_Backup - Moni Parameter BackupAgrCrit can not be configured directly on the check

  • XAN-901 - Custom Daily Checks cannot be selected on Multiple System Overview Dashlet

  • XAN-899 - [Server] After the upgrade to 20.5.1 SLR reports fail due to availability data

  • XAN-891 - [Server] Start/Stop/Restart of SAP Systems: option to select HANA is selectable for non HANA system

  • XAN-889 - Automation: option to disable check database status before starting SAP system (R3trans)

  • XAN-887 - [Mobile] Mobile App - Android - Confirm action doesn’t show a confirm message

  • XAN-882 - [Server] Avantra transports info is not collected for all SAP Systems

  • XAN-878 - [Server] BO detection on VCS still not working

  • XAN-858 - Notification - [Test] Daily check details doesn’t show Custom-Check

  • XAN-857 - Notification - Mail Output Channel - Recipient type not saved

  • XAN-848 - Check ORA_FSLOGARCH remains INITIAL after upgrade

  • XAN-830 - Possibly UI bugs in Notifications [Customer] section

  • XAN-639 - [Agent] Daily custom checks for SAP instances like SAP_R3SYSLOG run only on one instance

  • XAN-602 - [Agent, Transports] JOBSTATS turn to CRITICAL during DST switch

Release 20.5.2

Published on 2020-06-26

New features

  • XAN-842 - Show activation data history within customer installation as well

  • XAN-825 - [Transports] Add functionality to show imported transports in Avantra

  • XAN-678 - Show transport version in Avantra

  • XAN-499 - [Server] MeteringService for GCP

  • XAN-417 - [Agent, Server] Deployment Guide for Avantra on Google Cloud Platform


  • XAN-850 - RUN_JS: http calls, implement option to set a timeout

  • XAN-817 - Display customer lists sorted alphabetically by default

  • XAN-806 - [Server] Option to delete red alert message in UI

  • XAN-798 - [Agent] Improve error message of ABAP interface when /SYSLINK/MONXAN5 throws an authorisation error


  • XAN-838 - [Mobile] Missing user when start/stop execution is triggered by the MobileApp

  • XAN-835 - Business Service: record availabilities option fails with database locks

  • XAN-828 - MSSQL Service not recognised if not default instance

  • XAN-815 - [Agent] Company certificates rejected on https web services of SAP systems

  • XAN-805 - Avantra Server must be restarted after license installation when running in AWS cloud

  • XAN-803 - System Selector: NOT search criterias select also null values

  • XAN-797 - RUN_JS: new API functions to create multiple http requests

  • XAN-785 - [Agent] Log Adapter - Issues parsing square brackets

  • XAN-733 - BO_CMSConnect: https support with self-signed or company certificates

  • XAN-729 - [Server] AgentConnect cycle time is 0 for some servers

  • XAN-267 - Sybase: database exclude doesn’t work properly

Release 20.5.1

Published on 2020-06-15


  • XAN-807 - [Server] Notifier: Rename XanMobile Notification Channel to Avantra MobileApp Notification Channel

  • XAN-724 - [Agent] BO_Processes: Monitoring Parameter to ignore orphan processes

  • XAN-667 - JavaServerNodes: Ignore nodes with status DISABLED

  • XAN-665 - [Agent, Server] Monitoring parameter - default value should be release dependent

  • XAN-661 - User Management: new user button deactivated if filter is set

  • XAN-641 - [Agent] SAP Detection via SAPControl: Timeout too long

  • XAN-619 - SLA Names are not unique


  • XAN-770 - Check BO_Servers fails: For input string: "-"

  • XAN-383 - Solution Documents are not correctly linked

  • XAN-369 - Wrong check cycle by the function Execute now for Daily Checks Detail

  • XAN-328 - Notification "Each nth" doesn’t work

  • XAN-325 - Dashlet for RTM check doesn’t take Composite Check as source

Release 20.5.0

Published on 2020-06-03

New features

  • XAN-784 - [Mobile] All new mobile Avantra app for iOS and Android

  • XAN-774 - [Transports] Add parameter include Report Data of Type R

  • XAN-711 - Provide monitoring parameter to include reports into ABAP Top Transaktions ie Report Data of Type R

  • XAN-710 - Add other types of SAP ABAP response times types to XML output of SLR

  • XAN-709 - Add new data of SAP components (description, patch short text, patch implementation date) to UI

  • XAN-707 - Documentation for Avantra ServiceNow integration

  • XAN-706 - Provide ServiceNow update set for customers

  • XAN-692 - Add SAP components implementation date, descriptions and short text to SLR XML output

  • XAN-677 - New Custom Check SAP_CONTROL_ALERTS

  • XAN-530 - Make Custom Attributes configurable via web service

  • XAN-521 - Encrypt credentials of cloud integrations (AWS, Azure, GCP etc)

  • XAN-507 - [Server] Provide daily check overview as configurable dashlet

  • XAN-456 - ServiceNow integration UI

  • XAN-454 - New Check for DialogResponseTime

  • XAN-437 - Detect CI for ServiceNow

  • XAN-436 - CI management interface

  • XAN-434 - Event sending interface for ServiceNow

  • XAN-430 - Create ServiceNow Update Set for CI Classes

  • XAN-428 - Create Avantra ServiceNow module

  • XAN-413 - Support of SAP MII

  • XAN-408 - Make Avantra available on Google Cloud Marketplace as Kubernetes containerised application

  • XAN-393 - Improve password hashing algorithm of Avantra users

  • XAN-391 - [Server] Change UI to allow to setup SAP remote monitoring (i. e. to create SAP instances manually) without knowledge of SAP control user

  • XAN-334 - [Agent] Extend PI monitoring: Add performance data for PI_AEMessages check

  • XAN-323 - [Agent] Support of SAP remote monitoring for ABAP instances without knowledge of SAP control user

  • XAN-309 - Add Check for long running Threads in Sap Application Server Java

  • XAN-99 - New Monitoring Parameter MSSBackupExclude

  • XAN-53 - Export / Import monitoring parameter sets


  • XAN-773 - Add support for fixed A5 listener port to Avantra UI

  • XAN-741 - [Mobile] No filter for checks.

  • XAN-738 - [Mobile] Would it be possible to have sort options next to the filter options? (By Check Status, by name, …​)

  • XAN-736 - [Mobile] Turning monitoring on or off apparently requires many attempts. At least until the switch reflects the action. This happens for both, on and off.

  • XAN-735 - [Mobile] The see related checks button in the system overview has no function.

  • XAN-725 - Agentless Monitoring: Handle FQDN as instance host name correctly

  • XAN-720 - Notification SOAP Output Channel: Support multiple schema documents in WSDL

  • XAN-693 - Enable HTTPS for Master / UI communication

  • XAN-680 - Oracle 19c: TNS Error due to Agent DB connects

  • XAN-659 - [Agent] Improved documentation on required permission to monitor SAP Netweaver Java systems

  • XAN-648 - Add digest/checksum verification to file/attachment service

  • XAN-647 - [Agent] UUID verification for new Agent config

  • XAN-624 - Encrypt database password and user name in /syslink/.xandria/database.cfg

  • XAN-574 - Enforce uniqueness of dashboard names

  • XAN-559 - Set Avantra UI Cookies to SameSite=Strict for compatibility with newer Chrome versions

  • XAN-558 - USER_PROFILES: SAP* user not found, improve wildcard handling

  • XAN-547 - Improved USER_PROFILES custom check type to allow to set the check status when no user with profile is found

  • XAN-532 - Custom moni param type PercentKMGB fails


  • XAN-772 - [Transports] SAP_JOB should use correct field for start time selection (Avantra Agent V20.5.0 required)

  • XAN-734 - BO detection on VCS fails

  • XAN-731 - AgentUpdate fails with "remote repository unavailable" when using cascaded gateways

  • XAN-728 - USER_PWD_AUDIT has illegal type in SAP 7.31 Patch Level >= 15

  • XAN-722 - [Transports] New ABAP Transport for 7.40 / Fix to /SYSLINK/CL_AUDITLOG_GET remove CL_SAL_HELPER

  • XAN-662 - [Transports] ZAVANTRA Rolle - missing permissions RFC_NO_AUTHORITY

  • XAN-645 - [Server] Automation - Shutdown of VM continue despite the fact that SAP/DB couldn’t be stopped.

  • XAN-607 - [Agent, Server] Unexpected exception during collection:ASCS_MSGSRV

  • XAN-601 - [Server] Availability Records edit button enabled without permission to edit

  • XAN-597 - [Server] NPE in CredentialsComposer

  • XAN-595 - [Server] Automation: DB name missing in automation log details

  • XAN-585 - Short check confirmation (6 minutes) shows negative confirmation time

  • XAN-575 - Private dashboard must not be visible to other users

  • XAN-568 - System Selector: Administrator selector criteria has no effect

  • XAN-462 - [Server] Confirmed check flag still active after status change

  • XAN-377 - SAP Job start time selection not working

  • XAN-227 - Improve cloud detection: check only at agent startup

  • XAN-90 - Business Service: referenced checks are lost when checks are set to inactive and activated again

  • XAN-79 - DB2_TABLESPACES return an empty STATE for TS, and should turn to W/C in case of non NORMAL

  • XAN-7 - PI_IEMessagesStat returns Cannot convert field CODE or type CHAR to char