Release 20.11.14

Published on 2022-06-24

This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.


  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022

Release 20.11.13

Published on 2022-03-10


  • XAN-2609 - Update Log4j to 2.17.1 to mitigate against [CVE-2021-44832]

Release 20.11.12

Published on 2021-12-20 This release is based on Release 20.11.11 and supports the Avantra 20.11.7 transport version only.


  • XAN-2593 - [Agent, Server] Update Log4j to 2.17.0 to mitigate against [CVE-2021-45105]

Release 20.11.11

Published on 2021-12-15

This release is based on Release 20.11.10 and supports the Avantra 20.11.7 transport version only.


Release 20.11.10

Published on 2021-12-12

This release was for the Agent only to allow customers to quickly roll out an automatic mitigation for the Log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228.

This release was superseded by Release 20.11.11 for Agent and Server.


  • XAN-2570 - [Agent] Update Log4j to 2.15.0 to mitigate against CVE-2021-44228

Release 20.11.9

Published on 2021-12-07


  • XAN-2515 - Duplicate SAP instances appear causing false alerts

  • XAN-2370 - Avantra Server updater should not replace Java VM path in rc script

Release 20.11.8

Published on 2021-11-25

New features

  • XAN-2384 - [Server] New Notifier JavaScript Resolver API: getServerStatusByFQDN(String fullyQualifieddomainName) → Server Status (Number)


  • XAN-2428 - Agentless monitoring does not allow the same instance number on different hosts

  • XAN-2386 - Number Range Check raises a CONVT_NO_NUMBER shortdump on older systems when non-numeric ranges are used

  • XAN-2182 - JavaJobStat Check throws a SAXParseException in some scenarios

  • XAN-2009 - Agent update issue when mixed startup mode is used

  • XAN-1678 - Check Selector saved although window closed without save

Release 20.11.704

Published on 2022-06-24

This release is for the Agent only and based on Release 20.11.703 and supports the Avantra 20.11.2 to 20.11.7 transport versions. This version contains the updated certificate (XAN-3088) which facilitates secured communications between server and agent. Refer to this advisory.


  • XAN-3088 - New Avantra Server <→ Agent certificate to support connectivity beyond 2-Oct-2022

Release 20.11.703

Published on 2021-12-20

This release is based on Release 20.11.702 and supports the Avantra 20.11.2 to 20.11.7 transport versions only.


  • XAN-2593 - [Agent, Server] Update Log4j to 2.17.0 to mitigate against [CVE-2021-45105]

Release 20.11.702

Published on 2021-12-16

This release is based on Release 20.11.701 and supports the Avantra 20.11.2 to 20.11.7 transport versions only.


Release 20.11.701

Published on 2021-12-13

This release is based on Release 20.11.7 and supports the Avantra 20.11.2 to 20.11.7 transport versions only.


Release 20.11.7

Published on 2021-10-25

New features

  • XAN-2283 - Proxy settings should be ignored for localhost /

  • XAN-2250 - J2EEConnectUrlQuery default value disables the ignore value (-) for J2EEConnectUrlSuffix

  • XAN-2245 - Performance improvement to reduce table scans on moni_params_ex1

  • XAN-2244 - Collect postgresql statistics in master log file export for support

  • XAN-2203 - Option to disable remote code execution when agent runs as root

  • XAN-2194 - Support more styles of FQDN when creating new servers

  • XAN-2184 - [Server] SAML Support: Support X-Forwarded-Port and ports in X-Forwared-Host HTTP header

  • XAN-2138 - Custom moni params: support postgres and mysql in drop down selection

  • XAN-2129 - avantra.jar user-create to add user with directory (SAML)

  • XAN-1859 - Improve setting tls-minimal-server-protocol with a default of TLS1.2

  • XAN-1488 - Improve HDB_TableAllocationUse Query


  • XAN-2333 - [Server] ServiceNow Service Graph sync doesn’t work with incomplete DB data

  • XAN-2327 - Avantra SOAP API Limitation of 40 Characters for FQDN

  • XAN-2318 - BOBJ: Exception while reading thread in BO_Processes check

  • XAN-2280 - Testing an Automation action fails if action was not saved (master did not respond)

  • XAN-2272 - Exception in JAVASSLCertificatesValidity check

  • XAN-2243 - Error in schedule synchronization: schedule from overdue SLR jobs cannot be deleted

  • XAN-2204 - Number Ranges Check Exception: component "FRO" is missing in object "NRIV_WA"

  • XAN-2199 - Automation permissions are not working

  • XAN-2193 - Option "availabilites.downtimewindow" controls availabilities, while SystemAlive uses default 10 minutes

  • XAN-2186 - GCP cluster/load balancing: Cluster switches all the time

  • XAN-2185 - BOBJ: java.lang.NullPointerException in BO_Processes

  • XAN-2183 - [Server – UI/UX] Not possible to change system selector for Service Graph

  • XAN-2181 - Start/Stop ASE: if DB cannot be stopped, then stop execution of automation

  • XAN-2175 - Credentials cannot be copied in the UI

  • XAN-2166 - SAP Kernel Upgrade fails for JAVA only systems

  • XAN-2153 - [Server] Timeout on SOAP WebService API while updating maintenance windows

  • XAN-2107 - Wrong Oracle Full Version shown after Oracle 18

  • XAN-2066 - Notifier Email Channel: Default timeout setting (-1) from mail request not handled correctly

  • XAN-2061 - Last entry on some drop down lists missing

  • XAN-1982 - [Server – UI/UX] Database is not deleted if assigned to business object

  • XAN-1867 - Avantra does not display yellow alerts in the daily checks with the SSL certificates filter

  • XAN-1860 - Expired certificates in SSLCertificatesValidity check incorrectly ignored. Use SSLCertificatesValidityIgnore

  • XAN-1741 - Incorrectly displayed OS Long Name on some OS versions

  • XAN-1740 - HDB_Landscape: HDBLandscapeSeverity doesn’t control the overall status in case of no active host found

Release 20.11.6

Published on 2021-07-28

New features

  • XAN-2075 - Improve logging for Notification output channel

  • XAN-1916 - [Mobile] New Release of iOS and Android Avantra Mobile App

  • XAN-1907 - Add composite check type to "Wait for check status" automation action

  • XAN-1893 - ServiceNow ServiceGraph Connector for Avantra

  • XAN-1684 - Remove Java memory settings from Avantra Server Linux Installation


  • XAN-1879 - [Transports] Performance improvement in /SYSLINK/CL_CLASSINFO_GET

  • XAN-1677 - BOBJ: Increase timeout for CMS Connect


  • XAN-2137 - Reading SOAP response might not return and generates high CPU load

  • XAN-2136 - Checks confirmation does not work as expected

  • XAN-2117 - Kernel-Upgrade - Windows SAPService stopped after Upgrade

  • XAN-2113 - NumberRanges not working on SAP Systems running on multiple hosts

  • XAN-2100 - Improve custom check synchronizer performance

  • XAN-2068 - SAP System MII (Java) does not have correct Kernel Release and Kernel Level set

  • XAN-2060 - [Server – UI/UX] SLR: xml file opened with doubled .xml extension

  • XAN-2057 - SAP Kernel Upgrade fails for JAVA only systems

  • XAN-2056 - SystemAlive on SAP System should not be evaluated when server is not operational

  • XAN-2046 - Delete outdated CCMS checks correctly

  • XAN-2040 - Kernel Upgrade not working for distributed SAP instances

  • XAN-2034 - [Server] RTM Check Cache Inconsistency

  • XAN-2033 - SXMB_Messages should also be available for CENTRAL_XMB

  • XAN-2027 - Notification test for Daily Check ends with errors

  • XAN-2019 - [Server] Daily Check Detail cache errors lead to erroneous alerts/messages sent

  • XAN-2013 - [Agent, Transports] Number ranges check is not working correctly

  • XAN-2003 - [Agent] Sybase Connection Error after upgrade to agent 20.11.5

  • XAN-1999 - [Agent] Setting an invalid monitoring parameter causes an error

  • XAN-1954 - [Server – UI/UX] SLR job uses wrong format for email attachment

  • XAN-1951 - SLT_IUCJobs: Parameter values are incorrectly considered in calculation

  • XAN-1949 - Syntax errors in notifier.log

  • XAN-1921 - [Server – UI/UX] Fix exception when renaming a Service Level Report

  • XAN-1887 - [Server – UI/UX] Fix exception for unapplied changes in Automations

  • XAN-1836 - Compare Profiles - Wrong SAPJVM_VERSION until restart

  • XAN-1821 - Fix for "Exception during SOAP call: Invalid XML character" errors

  • XAN-1815 - BOBJ: BOCmsFeature Disconnect EOFException

  • XAN-1783 - Agentconnect Check alternates between blue and green

  • XAN-1616 - [Server – UI/UX] Prevent 'Ad-Hoc' check selector from saving automatically

  • XAN-1589 - Exception while writing SAP J2EE component version

  • XAN-1572 - DSR_DATA (SIX files) are missing sometimes

  • XAN-1535 - Improve stability and logging of unknown Availability Records

Release 20.11.5

Published on 2021-06-02

New features

  • XAN-1901 - Add notification interpolation '${check.resultFullPlain}' to the interpolation dialog

  • XAN-1874 - [Server – UI/UX] Add "Delete After End" option in maintenance window schedule and set as active by default

  • XAN-1857 - Improve logging of failed notification channels in case there are multiple channels

  • XAN-1827 - RUN_JS: implement new setting to execute database update statements

  • XAN-1794 - Trigger a Factory Reset in case of server deletion

  • XAN-1784 - [Agent, Transports] Prevent SSLCertificatesValidity from causing an error on 7.40 SP0-4 as this check requires 7.40 SP5+

  • XAN-1782 - Remote code execution can now be disabled if not needed to improve system security (notification channel, notification resolver)

  • XAN-1770 - Remote code execution can now be disabled if not needed to improve system security (automation actions)

  • XAN-1769 - Remote code execution can now be disabled if not needed to improve system security (custom checks)

  • XAN-1764 - Notifications: Add a configurable limit for the number of generated resend attempts

  • XAN-1761 - Automation: increase process wait time to 25 hours

  • XAN-1714 - [Server – UI/UX] System setting to control default maintenance window monitoring behaviour

  • XAN-1681 - [Agent] New check SLT_SrcTrgt_* to compare source and target table records of SAP SLT

  • XAN-1479 - Improve SLT_UnprocRecs to filter on configuration name and mt_id

  • XAN-1338 - Improve SLT_IUCJobs to filter on jobs

  • XAN-1316 - [Agent, Transports] Improve SLT status check to filter on configuration name and mt_id


  • XAN-1804 - [Server] Security Issue - logon page reveals information about users

  • XAN-1697 - Interpolation ${check.documentationUrl} could not be resolved in Notifier


  • XAN-1909 - Import Automation Job fails in some instances because of database foreign key violation

  • XAN-1897 - Dashboard: PI Messages Performance Data not available

  • XAN-1896 - Notifier Output Channel doesn’t use the TLS SMTP servers

  • XAN-1889 - Availabilities are not correctly collected if basic cycle is higher than 5 minutes

  • XAN-1863 - [Server] Some notification emails are not sent anymore after upgrade to 20.11.4

  • XAN-1834 - SybaseIQ: updated JDBC driver to support more charsets

  • XAN-1832 - Agent sometimes sends a critical event even if check disabled

  • XAN-1826 - Automation "RUN_JS Script" supports use of "System Selector"

  • XAN-1825 - Kernel update is not working with 20.11.4 in Windows

  • XAN-1816 - Custom Check RUN_PROG error in Windows using 20.11.4

  • XAN-1814 - BOBJ: BO_Processes check results in java.lang.NullPointerException

  • XAN-1805 - Support print() function in Automation RUN_JS Script

  • XAN-1795 - Not operational date for Monitored Systems not always correctly set

  • XAN-1773 - No error message when trying to delete a database that is still referenced to by a SAP system

  • XAN-1771 - [Agent] Agent installer: improve Java memory usage

  • XAN-1747 - [Server – UI/UX] Cannot create automation when user is assigned to only a single customer

  • XAN-1737 - ABAP components could not be read on SAP system version 4.6C and 6.40

  • XAN-1726 - Disabled Daily Check Detail should not be displayed in the system check list

  • XAN-1642 - [Transports] Number range check not accurately reporting range if range is full in some situations [TR]

Release 20.11.4

Published on 2021-04-08

New features

  • XAN-1766 - Security improvement: do not show full email address in forgot password dialog

  • XAN-1765 - Security improvement: do not show stack with error details UI in case of error

  • XAN-1753 - SAP_REPORT custom check: report check as OK status when status is not present in first line

  • XAN-1722 - Automation: history tab, option to sort by "start date"

  • XAN-1718 - Automation: option to increase number of processes which can run simultaneously

  • XAN-1709 - Option to restrict Avantra UI to listen on one specific IP-Address only (bind address)

  • XAN-1644 - Kernel-Upgrade: option to define order of packages

  • XAN-1625 - Automation: support custom checks in 'Wait for Check Status' function

  • XAN-1498 - Automation: new automation function to set monitoring switch of systems

  • XAN-1259 - New function 'Factory Reset' to reset an Avantra Agent

  • XAN-1258 - New Agent command to reset an agent (e.g. ./rc.agent reset)

  • XAN-435 - Provide ServiceNow Events output channel


  • XAN-1781 - SAP Clients, Software Change und Namespace Change not written to DB

  • XAN-1780 - No performance values reported from SAP Java RUN_JS custom checks

  • XAN-1762 - Notifier status shows disabled when it is actually enabled

  • XAN-1757 - Kernel Upgrade - improve version check of disp+work

  • XAN-1738 - Automation: Users can see credentials without PASSWORD_VIEW permission

  • XAN-1732 - Automation: OS commands:improve parsing of command line calls

  • XAN-1707 - [Server] Automation: copying uploaded sar from UI to master runs into timeout

  • XAN-1704 - Avantra doesn’t send notifications anymore for Daily Checks/Daily check details

  • XAN-1696 - User assigned to credentials cannot be deleted

  • XAN-1691 - User assigned to automation execution cannot be deleted (Automations executions)

  • XAN-1688 - Automation: ssh connection from agent to agent must not use IP which is locally valid

  • XAN-1687 - SAML based authorization with Active Directory based authentication did not work

  • XAN-1675 - Fix workaround to disable checksum verification (Sles 11 instances not monitored with agent 7.3.8)

  • XAN-1669 - Flapping check history DISABLED-UNKNOWN

  • XAN-1668 - [Agent] Agent sends critical even if check disabled

  • XAN-1664 - Oracle detection failed on incompletely configured databases

  • XAN-1661 - SXMB_MessagesStat could not be evaluated if two SAP systems where running on one host

  • XAN-1659 - Selfcheck WARNING: Timeout trying to lock table

  • XAN-1658 - JAVA only systems: Basis release missing

  • XAN-1651 - [Agent] JavaSSLCertificates check doesn’t verify all certificates

  • XAN-1614 - [Agent] Agent tries to access directory of blacklisted instance

  • XAN-1613 - [Server] PSQLException: ERROR: null value in column "offline_backup_state" violates not-null constraint

  • XAN-1612 - HDB_SystemReplication - inactive nodes checked

  • XAN-1571 - Installation and System No not available on SAP License

  • XAN-1565 - DB2_TABLESPACES unknown status 2048 turns result to WARNING

  • XAN-1531 - Database error: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "system_parameters_pk"

  • XAN-1174 - [Server] Automation: support database queries in automation scripts (RUN_JS)

Release 20.11.3

Published on 2021-02-18

New features

  • XAN-1666 - [Server] Significant performance improvements especially for large scale environments with many thousands of agents

  • XAN-1596 - Custom attributes for BO Systems now available in the lists of BO Systems

  • XAN-1590 - [Server] Add the ServiceNow URL as an optional field during configuration

  • XAN-1543 - Start/Stop of Windows Services: dependent services must be started and stopped too


  • XAN-1609 - Server "FQDN or IP Address" field doesn’t accept FQDN with non-standard TLD

  • XAN-1523 - [Agent] Performance: ORA_BACKUP Daily Check Detail Check Result needs ~52MB


  • XAN-1653 - CCMS_MONSET: instance checks are not created

  • XAN-1645 - Check selector saved without clicking "Save & Close"

  • XAN-1641 - FILESYSTEMS check shows "Too many open files"

  • XAN-1634 - [Server] Notifier UI Test: Check result is not filled with the latest result if the "check result" text field is left empty

  • XAN-1633 - Monitoring Parameter "BackupAgeCrit" not available for HANA SystemDB

  • XAN-1630 - UI MessageCenter: Long lock wait times upon heavy load

  • XAN-1629 - [Server] RTM Checks: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!

  • XAN-1615 - Creation of incident over SOAP failed because of empty BO fields

  • XAN-1611 - [Agent] Function module auth check doesn’t work on old systems

  • XAN-1599 - [Automation] SAP WebDispatcher (standalone) cannot be managed: no agent found

  • XAN-1593 - [Server] Daily check details timestamp is not set

  • XAN-1588 - [Agent] Can’t parse numeric values with leading zeros

  • XAN-1587 - [Server, Server – UI/UX] "Execute selected steps only" executes ALL active steps

  • XAN-1554 - Exclude NumRangesRollingIntervals from monitoring

  • XAN-1553 - AutoChangeDetectionIgnore not working anymore

  • XAN-1539 - SLR reporting doesn’t include subcustomers in XML

  • XAN-1528 - Parameter RelevantDailyCheckDetails for Databases not found

  • XAN-1518 - Fix AD User and SAML integration

  • XAN-1509 - Agent Crash on Windows 2016 because of Sigar Library

  • XAN-1507 - Cannot delete user when user is owner of an automation job

  • XAN-1505 - Setting service hour of advanced filter fails (NPE)

  • XAN-1504 - Removing Filter from Notifications [Customer] fails

  • XAN-1472 - SAP System missing parts of SAP License Information

  • XAN-1468 - Start & Stop Automation in Avantra – SAP System turns to "monitor on" too early

  • XAN-1439 - QRFC_OUT_ERRQUEUE check is disabled, but collector still collects data

  • XAN-1370 - RunDailyCheckOnWE param doesn’t work for database checks

  • XAN-1336 - [Server] SPAM Patch level doesn’t trigger any change when the value has been modified

Release 20.11.2

Published on 2021-01-21

New features

  • XAN-1432 - Check authority for rfc function module call

  • XAN-1384 - [Transports] Detect ABAP class version in code

  • XAN-684 - [Server] Support PostgreSQL 12 for Avantra Server


  • XAN-1515 - Limit number of checks in dashlets displaying checks to 100 (configurable)

  • XAN-1467 - [Server] Performance optimisations in master / core

  • XAN-1461 - HDB_TableAllocationUse does not work for HANA 2.0 SP2 and older

  • XAN-1451 - [Server, Server – UI/UX] Support interpolation for "DNS Domain" in notification channels

  • XAN-1448 - Change default settings of event worker and DB connection pool

  • XAN-1446 - SAP Kernel Upgrade: support kernel upgrades on Windows

  • XAN-1440 - RUN_JS: writePerformanceValue also accepts text variables representing a number

  • XAN-1416 - [Server] Harmonize and improve IP address validation in Avantra UI and Avantra CLI

  • XAN-1398 - Notifier - SOAP and REST Output Channel: automatically escape Interpolations

  • XAN-1382 - [Server – UI/UX] Implement Double Warning when a Cloud server is stopped but an SAP System is running

  • XAN-1380 - Extend SAP Kernel-Upgrade error handling: check ASCS and PAS log files

  • XAN-1365 - Notifier: Add missing interpolations for SAP Business Objects and Cloud Services

  • XAN-1251 - [Agent] OS name not correctly detected for servers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

  • XAN-1124 - SAP System J2EE Kernel Release and J2EE Kernel Level not always correctly displayed

  • XAN-787 - LOG_ADAPTER Custom Check ignores unreadable files

  • XAN-689 - Possibility to define serveral different IP adresses for the AD connection


  • XAN-1527 - Monthly ABAP top N transaction response times not collected when PerfDataCollectABAPTimeRange monitoring parameter is set

  • XAN-1474 - DailyChecks sent with a delay from Agent to Master

  • XAN-1438 - [Agent] Fix monitoring parameter DailyCheckSendTimeRange

  • XAN-1423 - [Agent] SAP_RFC_DEST turns to CRITICAL if check is OK

  • XAN-1415 - CHGDATA fails due to null value in parameter

  • XAN-1402 - SAP_IQ monitoring may fail when two SAP_IQ DBs are not monitored from same host

  • XAN-1357 - Custom Check SAP_JOBS: agent cannot parse a null date

  • XAN-1329 - Master doesn’t consider the value of moni parameter ClusterSwitchMsgDisplayDuration

  • XAN-1234 - Memory details are missing in the performance graph

  • XAN-1233 - [Server, Server – UI/UX] Not possible to save raw recipients of output channels

  • XAN-1210 - Disabling custom checks could generate a duplicate key violation error on database

  • XAN-1069 - [Transports] TRFC_IN/_OUT shows wrong time

  • XAN-936 - Improve check result message for SAP_QRFC_IN_QUEUE when Transport is not available

Release 20.11.1

Published on 2020-12-08

New features

  • XAN-1291 - Collect system parameters for SAP IQ database and report changes

  • XAN-470 - [Mobile] Avantra Mobile App UI: Notification Screens


  • XAN-1409 - [Server] Notifier: Add custom attribute interpolations for all monitored systems

  • XAN-1286 - After adding a monitoring parameter to a specific check all monitoring parameters for the system is shown instead of only the relevant parameters

  • XAN-1257 - Collect used database size for HANA DB

  • XAN-1236 - Adding timeout to the connection attempt when opening Avantra Mobile App

  • XAN-1199 - Support for ERS2 instances

  • XAN-1013 - Show System Role in check lists


  • XAN-1410 - Reset of Monitoring Off with time limit failed

  • XAN-1403 - Service Level Reports: performance charts cannot be rendered for HANA Databases

  • XAN-1390 - SAP/MSSQL : DBConnect fails

  • XAN-1389 - ActiveDirectory Integration: improve test login function

  • XAN-1386 - Custom Checks: Missing custom check ID when created in the cache for the first time

  • XAN-1385 - Improve selection of checks for RelevantDailyCheckDetails monitoring parameter

  • XAN-1377 - Cloud Server Information not correctly saved in Avantra DB

  • XAN-1371 - Daily Check is critical due to non relevant daily check details

  • XAN-1369 - [Server] Notifier: JavaScript Resolver API - getServerStatus(String serverName) → Server Status (Number)

  • XAN-1367 - Notifier: Daily Check Query compares wrong timestamp field

  • XAN-1362 - Windows installer failed on a fresh installation

  • XAN-1359 - [Agent] RFC_DEST cannot parse json

  • XAN-1354 - "Prevent Automatic Updates" of DB Properties not working

  • XAN-1341 - Version and release information not always reflected in Avantra for monitored SAP systems

  • XAN-1340 - [Server] Custom Check: Improved alert list handling to not create custom check records

  • XAN-1339 - [Agent, Server] / monoff.bat not working anymore

  • XAN-1310 - Changes: Error 500 thrown in case of missing permissions for Approval Required selection

  • XAN-1304 - Route Editor: Cannot change "Lanes" parameter of existing Tunnel specification.

  • XAN-1299 - Notifier: Action validation shows a warning in case there is no global mail host setting defined

  • XAN-1292 - [Agent] MalformedJsonException in JOBS and JOBSTAT check

  • XAN-1287 - Improve error handling for "SQL_QUERY" custom check for invalid SQL queries

  • XAN-1271 - Delete Service Hours with dependency to notification actions causes HTTP status 500

  • XAN-1269 - [Agent] RFCConnect w/o Transport: RFC function '/SYSLINK/MONXAN4' unknown!

  • XAN-1268 - Automation: start/stop of database reported inaccurate result message

  • XAN-1260 - JAVA systems running on Sybase: Java components not collected

  • XAN-1252 - [Agent] Checksum error on downloads with gateway agents

  • XAN-1245 - [Server] SystemAlive is flapping when instances are orphaned but db monitoring agent still provides data

  • XAN-1189 - Pending UNKNOWN checks after DB change on the system

  • XAN-1001 - UI: Error when opening connectivity tab

  • XAN-995 - [Agent] Agentless SAP Systems: Oracle connection fails

  • XAN-993 - Multiple Automation Dashlets in one Dashboard not possible

  • XAN-683 - [Agent] Improve error handling for Windows agent installer running in silent mode

  • XAN-681 - [Agent] Windows agent installer apparently does not use default port in silent mode

  • XAN-313 - [Server] Notifier: Improve UI in case the system selector is not available

Release 20.11.0

Published on 2020-11-18

New features

  • XAN-1249 - Implement HANA Check HDB_License

  • XAN-1248 - Implement HANA Check HDB_TableAllocationUse

  • XAN-1247 - Implement HANA Check HDB_TableRowCount

  • XAN-1243 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_Threads

  • XAN-1242 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_LongTransactions

  • XAN-1241 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_OperationsWaiting

  • XAN-1240 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_TempCache

  • XAN-1239 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_CatalogCache

  • XAN-1238 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_MainCache

  • XAN-1237 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_Connections

  • XAN-1223 - Implement HANA Check HDB_SystemUser

  • XAN-1221 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_Backup

  • XAN-1220 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_DataFiles

  • XAN-1219 - Implement SAP IQ Check SIQ_DataSpaces

  • XAN-1152 - RUN_JS custom check: database queries can handle multiple result sets

  • XAN-1120 - SAP Cloud Connector Check: SCC_TopTimeConsumers

  • XAN-1119 - SAP Cloud Connector Check: SCC_PerformanceMonitor

  • XAN-1118 - SAP Cloud Connector Check: SCC_OpenConnections

  • XAN-1116 - SAP Cloud Connector Check: SCC_SubaccountsTunnelState

  • XAN-1114 - SAP Cloud Connector Check: SCC_HealthCheck

  • XAN-1113 - SAP Cloud Platform Integration Check: SCPI_KeystoreExpiration

  • XAN-1112 - SAP Cloud Platform Integration Check: SCPI_CertificateUserMappingExpiration

  • XAN-1111 - SAP Cloud Platform Integration Check: SCPI_MessageLogs

  • XAN-1110 - Build infrastructure (database etc) to support multiple SAML identity providers

  • XAN-1106 - Service Level Report: show cloud server information

  • XAN-1105 - Service Level Report: add server CPU & memory information

  • XAN-1098 - Check messages from SXMB_MONI on all systems providing it, not only PI (ie. check PI_IEMessagesStat / PI_IEMessages)

  • XAN-1048 - [Server] Make Administrator and Administrator Deputy settings available for standalone databases

  • XAN-1044 - Provide API Integration for new Cloud Service SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • XAN-1042 - [Agent] New Check Type HDB_Admission for HANA 2.0 and above

  • XAN-978 - [Server] Sync description of ABAP Software Component to ServiceNow

  • XAN-953 - Provide API Integration for new Cloud Service SAP Cloud Connector

  • XAN-943 - [Mobile] Avantra Mobile App: Improve Customer screen so user can drill down into customer’s servers, systems, checks

  • XAN-780 - [Agent, Server] New check to monitor the SLT Jobs

  • XAN-761 - Add option to set environment variables to the RUN_PROG custom check type

  • XAN-699 - Show Service Level Agreement in SAP Business Objects and Cloud Services lists

  • XAN-628 - [Server] Extend System Selector to "DB Full Release" to select on 4 Digit Product Information (SAP System and stand-alone DB)

  • XAN-611 - [Server] Provide import of VMs from Google Cloud

  • XAN-567 - Support multiple SAML identity providers (Login and link to user)

  • XAN-513 - Support Sybase IQ as database type

  • XAN-492 - [Server] Provide new Notification Resolver as JavaScript

  • XAN-427 - [Agent, Server] Automation: SAP Kernel Upgrade

  • XAN-418 - Full Replacement of MasterWorker

  • XAN-339 - [Server] Add interpolation system.sla to display/write SLA in notification messages

  • XAN-335 - Add monitoring capabilities for SAP SLT

  • XAN-217 - Notification: new interpolation for change implementation log

  • XAN-187 - [Server] Provide import of VMs from Azure

  • XAN-108 - Improve HDB_ExpSQL check: provide exclude parameter

  • XAN-31 - [Server] Provide new SAP performance counters "Number of update errors"


  • XAN-1294 - Avantra UI: User Management, new column for user source

  • XAN-1283 - Remove MasterWorker executable from mw service

  • XAN-1273 - Increase cache refresh time from 1 min to 5 min for monitoredsystem cache and checks cache

  • XAN-1179 - Make perfomance data metric "Number of Concurrent Users" for SAP system available in the SLR report

  • XAN-1161 - User List: add user description column (hidden by default)

  • XAN-1159 - HTTP_RESPONSE Custom Check: option to trust self signed certificates

  • XAN-1150 - [Transports] Optimize ABAP SQL statement for IDOCs reading

  • XAN-1128 - Enhance the plain text message of the check result in notifications: make HTML table content generically availalbe as freemarker macro

  • XAN-1096 - [Server] Show the database full release version (digits Only)

  • XAN-1086 - Do not show outdated daily checks in system check details

  • XAN-1038 - RUN_JS custom check: option to use proxy for HTTP(S) connections to cloud

  • XAN-964 - Provide option to upload a root certificate for cloud service objects to make sure SSL works without accepting any certificate

  • XAN-904 - Automation - SAP Control SOAP call times out due to using an IP address where it is not bound to

  • XAN-875 - "Run Custom Check on DB Host of SAP System" option for Custom Check RUN_JS

  • XAN-762 - Add macro %%PROG_PATH%% and %%PROG_NAME%% which resolves to the uploaded program directly

  • XAN-230 - Start/Stop of SAP Business Objects


  • XAN-1314 - [Mobile] Mobile App: Fix Goto buttons on customer screen

  • XAN-1312 - Top N Steps/Time performance data: transaction name containing < or > generates an error

  • XAN-1277 - Error Message AGENTALIVE from Cluster system

  • XAN-1256 - Daily Check Detail do not trigger a notification message

  • XAN-1253 - Increase maximal database name length to 255 characters

  • XAN-1181 - Daily Checks not shown for RUN_JS checks

  • XAN-1167 - SAP_JOB shows wildcard warning if there is a list of job names without wildcard

  • XAN-1160 - HTTP_RESPONSE Custom Check: improve ssl certificate check condition

  • XAN-1135 - AVANTRA Agent does not run with JAVA Version 11 (LTS)

  • XAN-1122 - Composite Checks - allow daily checks as input

  • XAN-1025 - In "ABAP Software Components" tab some version information is missing

  • XAN-944 - SLT checks don’t turn critical on collector error

  • XAN-791 - NFS4 file systems are not correctly recognized as remote file systems