Release 20.2.0

Published on 2020-02-19

New features

  • XAN-344 - USER_PROFILES/SAP System - add selection user type

  • XAN-343 - Stop of Azure VM: deallocate the VM (not stop only)

  • XAN-342 - Function to create HANA SYSTEMDB

  • XAN-341 - AWS EC2 server sync: allow to set host name by EC2 attribute

  • XAN-270 - MultiRTMStatusDashlet with additional System Selection option

  • XAN-263 - Automation: new action restart

  • XAN-261 - Improve output text of MEMORY check

  • XAN-253 - Add a function to do a BAPI_XMI_LOGON in RUN_JS for scriptable SAP Job Management

  • XAN-251 - Add direct support for SAP Cloud Neo (UI)

  • XAN-250 - Add direct support for SAP Cloud Neo (Checks)

  • XAN-249 - Dashboard: option to set a global system selector on dashboard level

  • XAN-248 - [Server] Check Selector: new function to copy a check selector

  • XAN-245 - Scheduler Dialog: option to use dialog without an end date and without a duration

  • XAN-243 - [Server] New Monitoring Parameter: SAP Router String

  • XAN-241 - [Server] Add OAuth Client Credentials support for SAP Cloud

  • XAN-231 - [Agent, Server] New Automation Action "Raise SAP Background Processing Event"

  • XAN-229 - Enhance the web service (SOAP) to start-/stop of SAP systems and instances with specification of the tier

  • XAN-226 - BO checks, review and detail implementation

  • XAN-225 - Extend System Selector for HANA

  • XAN-224 - [Server] Use symmetric encryption with asymmetric key exchange for agent config encryption

  • XAN-207 - Integration Cloud Services into RUN_JS Doc.

  • XAN-193 - [Server] Upgrade to 20.2 enters the new permissions to Administrator / Super Administrator Role

  • XAN-191 - [Server] Add new background pictures of Zurich and Bern

  • XAN-183 - Add automation workflow job management to web service

  • XAN-176 - Integration Cloud Services into RUN_JS

  • XAN-155 - [Server] Submit AMI to Marketplace

  • XAN-146 - [Server] Change Productname in UI

  • XAN-138 - [Agent, Server] New Monitoring Object Type: Cloud Services Object

  • XAN-136 - Workflow Based Automation

  • XAN-134 - [Server] Xandria Deployment via AWS Marketplace AMI and CloudFormation Templates

  • XAN-133 - Provide pre-delivered monitoring parameter set templates

  • XAN-130 - Provide configure options for "SAP System overview" dashlet

  • XAN-128 - New Dashlet "Number of Systems"

  • XAN-122 - Multiple System Overview Dashlet "Show Systems of System Selector"

  • XAN-119 - Syncronisation of AWS EC2 instances to Xandria servers

  • XAN-118 - Create an AWS authentication based on EC2 instance profile/ECS role

  • XAN-117 - [Server] Dashlet for Start/Stop of Systems or Landscapes

  • XAN-112 - [Agent] Simplify agent configuration for reverse tunnels

  • XAN-111 - Migrate user’s guide to Web

  • XAN-104 - [Server] Replace of MasterWorker Part 1: recode of alert list processing

  • XAN-101 - Change size of URL field in Website Dashlet

  • XAN-96 - New custom check: SAP Application Log

  • XAN-94 - New check to monitor job in Java Engine

  • XAN-92 - [Server] OS name retrieval now supported on Amazon Linux 2 instances

  • XAN-58 - Provide pre-delivered Notification Action Templates

  • XAN-54 - [Agent, Server] BOBJ native integration into Xandria

  • XAN-38 - Handle HANA SystemDB as special Standalone DB which does not consume a license

  • XAN-36 - BOBJ support backend

  • XAN-30 - [Server] Provide new performance counters "Number of shortdumps"

  • XAN-27 - [Agent, Server] Start/Stop function for databases


  • XAN-276 - WebService: CLI Support for JVM > 1.8

  • XAN-238 - [Server] Fix condition with missing cust ID when MW inserts instances

  • XAN-233 - [Server] Improve help to customers when Xandria server database connection does not work

  • XAN-214 - Automation scheduling: allow one time scheduling as well

  • XAN-197 - Change product name in Agent RPM

  • XAN-196 - Change product name in AWS AMI

  • XAN-148 - Rename Product in Documentation

  • XAN-147 - [Agent, Server] Rename Product Installer Packages

  • XAN-37 - Migrate ABAP Code based on /SYSLINK/MONXAN4 to /SYSLINK/MONXAN5 ( No SAP job cc)


  • XAN-351 - XANGUI 500 - Syntax Check - Filter List

  • XAN-350 - Database Setup does not show correct version number

  • XAN-349 - ChartsDashlet: database size chart not shown for HANA DBs and HANA SAP Systems

  • XAN-347 - GUI session persistent tabs

  • XAN-346 - Error on Master: Task failed unexpectedly: Performance.generateCrossSystemPerformance

  • XAN-345 - E2E Check: wrong configuration view

  • XAN-340 - Calculated "used memory percentage" not accurate on SLES15

  • XAN-312 - User without view system permission is able to see system via RTM Overview

  • XAN-293 - MasterWorker does not write daily check details for custom checks which run in 'rtm AND daily' execution mode

  • XAN-271 - [Agent] Deactivated daily check detail is still executed

  • XAN-252 - ORA_ALERTLOG: limit size of check result

  • XAN-246 - [Server] License expiration event doesn’t raise in case of partial expiration

  • XAN-240 - [Agent] Instance detection on AIX fails with message 'Word too long'

  • XAN-232 - [Server] Daily Check Detail of custom checks not visible

  • XAN-220 - Multiple HTTP Response Checks are not updated when one of them has an invalid URL

  • XAN-218 - [Server] Xangui - Error 500 by empty field (Administration settings)

  • XAN-188 - [Server] AWS API calls: use proxy if defined

  • XAN-91 - JavaServerNodes doesn’t work properly

  • XAN-89 - Testing sending email produces java stack trace

  • XAN-85 - Custom Check HTTP_RESPONSE - missing validation of parameters

  • XAN-84 - AWS authentication test fails if user has only minimum permissions for start/stop instances

  • XAN-82 - Modify default values for ORAAlertLogExprCrit and Warn

  • XAN-81 - J2EEConnect UNKNOWN after changes in SAP Java Archives

  • XAN-12 - Performance dashlets "Top N transaction" are showing empty

  • XAN-4 - FileSystemCollector collects the same file system multiple times

  • XAN-3 - [Agent] SelfCheck shows detection messages of instances that don’t exist anymore

Release 20.2.1

Published on 2020-03-13

New features

  • XAN-384 - Provide customizable local address and port range for outgoing connections

  • XAN-376 - Sap System List: administrator and deputy not show in list

  • XAN-123 - Implement AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) Output Channel and Automation Action

  • XAN-14 - Number Of Transports Perf Data: Read Daily/Monthly from SAP System


  • XAN-403 - SAP Systems stopped with an automation are set too late into maintenance mode

  • XAN-402 - Status einer Cloud VM


  • XAN-500 - Master stalls on SQL queries

  • XAN-476 - MailServer cannot be created

  • XAN-442 - Enabling Check Notification throws SQL Error

  • XAN-406 - NullPointerException in J2EEClusterNodeCollector

  • XAN-405 - Automations - user who started the automation not always set

  • XAN-401 - HANA SystemDB not set to 'monitoring off' when stopped with an automation

  • XAN-399 - Avantra initial DB installer does not use localhost

  • XAN-397 - Old Syslink programs not removed in Windows Installed Programs

  • XAN-389 - Daily and monthly values of 'Number of transports', 'Number of Shortdumps' and 'Number of update errors' not correctly aggregated

  • XAN-321 - Copying an automation jobs does not copy the schedule

  • XAN-10 - SSLCertificatesValidity: self signed certificates are now evaluated as well

Release 20.2.2

Published on 2020-04-09

New features

  • XAN-548 - Include custom attributes in Service Level Reports (XML only)

  • XAN-449 - Support custom attributes for notification output channels


  • XAN-603 - Include real SAP SID in XML Service Level Report

  • XAN-536 - Check ERS_Connect doesn’t use ENSA2 after upgrade to ABAP platform 1809 or newer


  • XAN-599 - USER_PWD_AUDIT has illegal type in 7.31: Replace SA1K900151 by SA1K900161

  • XAN-594 - Instance detection fails for instances on Windows with instance name = sid (for example D01)

  • XAN-589 - RTM Notifications with expiry time (Confirmation Auto Reset) are not working

  • XAN-545 - Tunnel connections / NAT traversals sometimes fail with ClosedChannelException

  • XAN-541 - PiAbapDetector does not yet support /SYSLINK/MONXAN5

  • XAN-540 - ProfilesDbCompCollector does not yet support /SYSLINK/MONXAN5

  • XAN-534 - Monitoring Parameter "BoSystemRootDirectory" not working

  • XAN-506 - Selfcheck is CRITICAL and reports: For input string: "-"

  • XAN-504 - Error while creating an E2E Point

  • XAN-502 - NAT Traversal: Configured routes not considered for TNL file

  • XAN-477 - ServiceNow: attributes urgency and comments not always correctly set in ServiceNow created incident

  • XAN-375 - 2-gateway backup routings cause 100% CPU usage on communication failures

Release 20.2.3

Published on 2020-05-06

New features

  • XAN-654 - Support keyboard-interactive method for ssh login (for automation)

  • XAN-629 - [Agent, Server] Use checksums to verify communication packet integrity

  • XAN-593 - [Agent] Implementation SAP_Gateway check to indicate more critical scenarios

  • XAN-560 - Limit ABAP performance collection to certain time range

  • XAN-555 - SLR Job: option to copy generated reports to a folder


  • XAN-668 - SOAP-Output Channel doesn’t deliver all data

  • XAN-663 - [Server] Master: "SQLServerException: Cannot insert duplicate key row" when initial PI checks are sent

  • XAN-646 - JOBS, JOBSTAT, Custom JOB Checks critical after upgrade

  • XAN-644 - Build numbers are not visible anymore in Agent Info

  • XAN-643 - [Agent, Server] DIALOGPERF fails on empty data

  • XAN-635 - [Agent] USR_PWD_AUDIT not compatible to all patch levels

  • XAN-631 - [Agent] Start/Stop JAVA only: R3trans -d does not work on Java only systems

  • XAN-626 - Copying a messaging service entry fails

  • XAN-622 - SOAP notifcation channel responds Null pointer

  • XAN-537 - TRFCOutStat fails on SAP 7.00 SP10 systems and below

  • XAN-535 - Start/Stop of SAP database might fail on Windows

  • XAN-86 - Notification - Details not shown if Custom Check start with slash

Release 20.2.4

May not be released officially.

New features

  • XAN-728 - USER_PWD_AUDIT has illegal type in SAP 7.31 Patch Level >= 15


  • XAN-720 - Notification SOAP Output Channel: Support multiple schema documents in WSDL


  • XAN-722 - [Transports] New ABAP Transport for 7.40 / Fix to /SYSLINK/CL_AUDITLOG_GET remove CL_SAL_HELPER

  • XAN-662 - [Transports] ZAVANTRA Rolle - missing permissions RFC_NO_AUTHORITY