Avantra includes object code from AntiSamy, Apache Commons, cglib, ehcache, flexjson, HtmlUnit, iCal4j, iText 2.1.7, JDOM, Jetty, JFreeChart, jtds, Apache Log4j, Lucene, MyBatis, Netty, opencsv, SLF4J, user-agent-utils, Xerces, ZK CE, Font Awesome, Roboto, Roboto Mono, Base64Image Plugin for CKEditor, ImageResize Plugin for CKEditor, Paste image as base64 Plugin for CKEditor, Java Apple Push Notification Service Library, ASM, Bouncy Castle Crypto package, BeanShell, Disruptor Framework, Echo Web Framework API, Apache FreeMarker, Apache HttpComponents, Jcommander, JFreeSVG, Java Native Access, Joda Time, JSON In Java, jsoup, Kryo, Liquibase, Metrics, Apache OLTU, PostgreSQL JDBC Driver, SnakeYAML, Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server, XStream, XML Pull Parser, OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer, Spring Framework, JOpt Simple, Apache XmlSchema, Sigar, SAP JCo, jConnect for JDBC, Oracle Database 11g Release 2 JDBC Drivers, SAP HANA - Java Driver.

For licensing and distribution see the files in /syslink/xangui/work/webapp/licenses on Unix-like operating systems or %ProgramFiles%\xangui\work\webapp\licenses on Microsoft Windows operating systems).

Avantra makes use of the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS), copyright © 1995-2009 by its contributors, and available at

The Avantra Agent contains Runtime Modules of IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ Version 4.0 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007. All Rights Reserved.

The Avantra Database runs on top of PostgreSQL Database Server (on Unix-like operating systems) or Microsoft SQL Server (on Microsoft Windows operating systems).

Avantra is shipped together with a compiled version of the PostgreSQL 9.6.4 Database Server (on Unix-like operating systems). See /syslink/xandriadb/COPYRIGHT.

This compiled version includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( See /syslink/xandriadb/openssl.LICENSE.TXT.