SAP Business Object

A SAP Business Object in Avantra corresponds to a SAP Business Objects BI Installation. It must be linked to a standalone Database in Avantra which is set up to monitor the CMS database

Business Service

A Business Service is a cross-System (and even a cross-Customer) Composite Check. In other words, while the input Checks of a Composite Check have to be executed on the System the Composite Check is defined for, a Business Service can have arbitrary input Checks.

And although every Business Service is “owned” by a Customer it may have input Checks from other Customers as well. The input Checks for a Business Service can be: a built-in Check, a Custom Check, a Composite Check, a System Status, or another Business Service. Business Services also record Availability Data.

An example for a Business Service would be e.g. to correlate all SystemAlive Checks of all productive SAP Systems. A Business Service is a Managed Object as well as a Check. Therefore you can apply e.g. Maintenance Windows to it, and of course a Business Service has a Check Status.