Health Checks

Unfortunately, no monitoring solution is able to completely monitor itself. There are a few things you need to rely on other tools or the operating system. However, it is a good starting point to install an Avantra Agent on both the Avantra Server and the Avantra Database hosts.

Application fault

Avantra Server

You may use some third-party solution to monitor ports 8443 (for the Avantra UI) and 9050 (for the Avantra Master). You can also monitor the corresponding processes using the systemctl status avantra-master and systemctl status avantra-ui commands. However, if you have configured systemd to restart the services on failure, this does not give you much extra information.

Avantra Database

You may create a PROCESS custom check for the Avantra Agent installed on the Avantra Database host. This custom check should verify the postgres process is running at least once:

custom check process postgres

Storage Capacity

You may want to use the FILESYSTEMS check for the Avantra Agent installed on the Avantra Server and Avantra Database host to track storage usage.

Security certificate expiration

You may create an HTTP_RESPONSE custom check to verify the certificate expiration of the SSL certificate you have deployed with your reverse proxy (see also the section Security):

custom check http response