Emergency Maintenance

Failover procedure

Avantra for AWS automatically recovers from application, instance, and Availability Zone failures.

Failover to a different region

The failover scenario for Avantra for AWS probably is heavily influenced by the failover scenario you have in place for the systems managed by Avantra. If you are unsure about the best recovery strategy, please contact the Support.

We suggest to failover to a different AWS Region by implementing a Backup/Restore scenario. Make sure you have implemented cross-region copies as described in Cross-Region Copies.

To restore Avantra for AWS in a different region, perform the following steps:

  1. In the new AWS Region request a new certificate with the same data as described in SSL Certificate.

  2. In the new AWS Region, create an SSH Key Pair.

  3. Launch the AWS Cloud​Formation template in the new AWS Region as described in Launching the CloudFormation Stack using the same parameter values except:

    • Fill in the Instance Profile ARN from the Outputs tab of the original stack

    • Do not fill in a Route 53 Hosted Zone

    • For the DB Snapshot Identifier, use the name of the latest snapshot copied to the new AWS Region.

  4. After launching the stack, change your DNS record to point to the newly created load balancers.

For security reasons, this procedure will also set a new password for the admin user. It is the instance ID displayed in the Events tab, so please follow Changing the Administrator Password to change it.
For all following changes to the stack using the AWS Cloud​Formation template, retain the DB Snapshot Identifier. Otherwise AWS Cloud​Formation will remove the database and install an empty one!

You probably have to do some manual work to re-enable communication between all the Avantra Agents of your managed systems and the newly created Avantra Server.