Connecting Avantra Agents via AWS Private Link

Connecting systems via AWS PrivateLink consists of three steps:

Creating a System Selector

In the Avantra UI, create a System Selector with all Servers (i.e. EC2 instances) that connect via AWS PrivateLink, or more exactly, that connect using the same VPC endpoint:

  1. Select Systems  System Selectors from the top-level menu and push the New button.

  2. Fill in a Name, e.g. Servers connected via Private Link and choose the System Type Servers.

  3. Choose a Customer, if desired. In case you select one, only system of this customer are considered.

    If you leave this field empty, systems of all customers can be selected, given you have the required permissions.

  4. Push the New button in the pop-up window.

  5. Fill in a Description, if desired.

  6. If you want the selection to contain all servers (or all servers of the chosen customer), push the Save & Close button.

    Otherwise set the flag next to Criteria. You can choose several criteria and select appropriate values for each of the criteria.

    Criteria can be either defined as must match, or as must NOT match. The latter ones are used to exclude systems from the selection.

  7. Push the Test System Selector button to verify the selection criteria matches all EC2 instances connected to the VPC Endpoint in question.

    If you are satisfied with the result, press the Save & Close button.

Creating a Parameter Set

In the Avantra UI, define a Parameter Set with the MasterHost Monitoring Parameter set to the VPC endpoint defined in Creating the Endpoint, and use the the System Selector defined above.

  1. Select Configuration  Parameter Sets from the top-level menu. Push the New button.

  2. Fill in a Name, e.g. All EC2 instances behind Endpoint, select Server for System Type, and push the New button in the pop up-window.

  3. Switch to the Properties tab of the newly created record.

  4. Leave the box Allow Parameter Substitution per System unchecked.

  5. Choose the systems the Parameter Set is applied to: set the flag next to Select a Pre-Defined System Selector and choose the System Selector you created in hte previous step.

  6. Switch to the Parameters tab and choose Monitoring from the left hand side.

  7. Push the New button, select the parameter MasterHost from the list, and push Ok.

  8. In the Value field fill in the DNS name of the Endpoint created as described in Creating the Endpoint, and push the Apply.

  9. Push Activate button.

  10. In the Parameter Set list, right-click the recently created Parameter Set, and from the context menu choose menu:[Move 1 up] to give the new Parameter Set a higher Priority than the already existing All Servers MasterHost. You can skip this test if there is no other Parameter Set.

ui parameter set list

For each EC2 Instance set up NAT Traversal

For each Server covered in the above System Selector, set the flag NAT Traversal, download the tunnel configuration file, and copy it to the corresponding EC2 instance into the /opt/avantra/agent/cfg directory.

In the Avantra UI, choose Systems  System Selector, select the System Selector defined above, and push the Play button to list all servers included. For each of the server perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Server record, set the flag next to NAT Traversal, push the Download button next to TNL to download the tunnel configuration file, and push the Apply button.

  2. Copy the downloaded file to the EC2 instance into /opt/avantra/agent/cfg by using e.g. scp.